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Orchestra by jaime-leigh. Brass . strings. percussion. woodwind. Percussion family . Tambourine . Maracas . Triangle .

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  1. Orchestra by jaime-leigh Brass strings percussion woodwind

  2. Percussion family Tambourine Maracas Triangle The percussion family include Membranophones and Idiophones. A membranophone is an instrument that has a stretched membrane or drum head covering a hollow shell. Idiophones are instruments without a membrane that create sound when the instrument is made to vibrate.

  3. Brass family Trombone Bugle Trumpet Tuba The brass family includes Trombones, Tubas, Trumpets and Bugles. Brass instruments are just long metal tubes that are twisted so that they are compact and easier to handle. A Trombone has a slide which is used to change the note. A Trumpet and tuba have valves to change the notes but Bugles don’t have anything they change note by the buzzing of your lips.

  4. Woodwind Recorder Flute Clarinet Bassoon Woodwind instruments include Recorders, Flutes, Clarinet and Bassoon. Wind instruments are blown through which creates the amazing sound the instruments make.

  5. Stringed instruments Harp cello Viola violin Guitar Stringed instruments can be played in all different ways they can be plucked, struck or bowed. Stringed instruments have a resonator which is a hollow structure usually made out of wood or metal it amplifies the sound waves from a vibrating string.

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