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  2. PEEP at Our Future Survival Information & Consequenceswith the Mathematical & Behavioral Sciences ? With Dynamic MemoriesPutting in Practice Rational Beliefs, Likelihoods, and Actions upFront to Avoid Future BehavioralDegradations and Inconsistencies,and to Overcoming Threats, ThusCollectively Achieving Mutual BenefitsWith Tool-Box Renewals The People, their Education, their Economy,their Politics, and theirGeneral Welfarepatterns from a Knowledge & Survival Benefits (KSB) Tool BoxApplying Induction Cases on Complexity, Predicting, and Using Effective Societal Self-Governance Information Perpetuallyin Pure Democratic Processes Promoting Useful Cycles of Lives by Pres Cutter

  3. Improve Logic & Math Foundations With Redefined Measuresof Subjective & Objective Effectivenessand Logical Equivalences. Societal The State of Being of Workforces of Living Beings as Intended by Natureand Modified by Ones’ Kinds to Extend Survival. Dynamic Memories Knowledge & General Welfare Abilities to Look Back, Look Around, and Look ForwardRealizing Rational Realizations Mutually.Public Good Among Beings, Guided by Memories Wrapped in Cooperative Rational Behaviors, Sustained Without Suppressing Individual Self-Interests. Self vs. Dictoral Behavioral Control Sciences The Wise Ones Welcome Rationally As Logically Precise.Very Few, With Great-Wisdom Knowledge, KnowDegenerative Emotionalism Breeds Irrational Imperfectness Universally. Relationships:Interdependency vs. Dependency vs. Independencyin Social Survival InterrelationsUp Front and Personnel with the People by Pres Cutter

  4. Measuring Causes & Effects,and the Multi-Directional Rates of Change of the Multi-Variables,of Linked Societal Knowledge and Dynamic General WelfareFrequently Like Us, If You Know You Don’t Know, We Welcome You to Assist the Solution of These Recurrent ProblemsThat Continually, Over the Centuries, to Sit On Our Door Steps? Lets PEEP Beyond Traditional Linear, Fixed Visions! Work by Pres by Pres by Pres Cutter Email: or

  5. Why Do The Perceived Simple ThingsBecome More Complex? “Complexity tends to increase as functions and modifications are added to a system to break through limitations: handle exceptional circumstances or, adapt to a world itself more complex. This applies, if you think about it, not just to technologies and biological organisms but to ... legal systems, tax codes, scientific theories, even successive releases of software programs. Where forces exists to weed out useless functions, increasing complexity delivers a smooth, efficient machine. Where they do not, it merely encumbers. ... But when we seek it as an end or allow it to go unchecked, it merely hampers, It is then that we need to discover new modes, the bold strokes, that bring fresh simplicity to our organizations, our technology, our government, our lives.” by W. Brian Arthur, page 144, SCIENTIFIC AMERICANMay 1993 by Pres Cutter

  6. This Presentation Is About Effectively PuttingOur SocietyIn A Sustainable Condition To Face Our FutureConfronting: The Evolving Environment, Ecology and Ourselves Perturbating Total Effectiveness in Our General Welfare Distributions High Quality in Concert with Optimum Use of Livable Spaces Efficient Utilization of Resources, Energy & Spaces Respect of Ethics, Morality & Cultures And, Gleeful Hugs Among Interdependent PeopleUsing Honored, Multi-Fancied Knowledge Transfer Processes by Pres Cutter

  7. Make Our Mission Real! We,The People of the United States, In Order to 1. FormaMore Perfect Union, 2. Establish Justice, 3. InsureTranquility, 4. Provide forCommon Defense, 5. PromoteThe General Welfare, and, 6.Secure theBlessings of Liberty to Ourselves and Our Posterity, 7. Do Ordain and Establish this Constitution for The United States of America. The Preamble to the Constitution of the United States Approved 1787-1789 by Pres Cutter

  8. People SafetyLaws, Codes and Regulations Note: A Revision to NY State Building Codes was Due for Publication in 2006! For R&D of Existing and New Commercial Facilites Life Safety CodeHandbookTH9445.P8 L5 2003 Building Codeof New York StateKFN5035.A25 2002 The Codes Guide Book for InteriorsFK5701.H37 2001 Occupational Safety & Health NY State Agency Rules and Building Materials Evaluation Handbook TA410.W49 1984Structural Design for Fire Safety (with Worked Problems) TH1065.B89 2001 Also Refer to Federal Register Vol. 68, No. 124 Friday, June 27 2003 Notice ofOffice of Management and BudgetCompliance Assistance Resources & Points of Contact Available to Small Businessesat And Where IsCharles E. Johnson? the past CFO at EPA, the author ofUseful Life Financing of Environmental by Pres Cutter

  9. GreenNew and Renewal Construction ofIndustrial and Commercial Properties (and the Operational Functions) also refer toNew York StateGreen Building ImprovementandEnergy Smart Loan Do Web Search Concerning theComprehensive Standards RequirementsLEEDLeadership in Energy and Environmental Design and Building ProgramsThe National Building Standards Effective 2007 and Thereafter byU. S. Green Building Council by Pres Cutter

  10. How To See InterdependentQuality of Life of Viable Operations TheUniversalQoL Measuresof A Management’s Vision of an Investment Useful Life Resources ThreatsHuman BehaviorBacteriaCatastrophes Obsolescence Utilization Safety of Human Lives & their Facilities Performance Public Epistemological DemandsApplication of Public Philosophical Knowledge Managing Events Directions & Rates of Change Residue Events Causes & Effectiveness Payoffs Spinoffs AcceptableReturns on Capital Investments Communal Benefits Over Long-Term Future Times ... With Variable Horizons! by Pres Cutter

  11. The Ten-Step Phase I Performance-Based, Operations Research & Feasibility,Study Process 1. IntegrateStandard & Unique O&M Goals 2. DevelopO&MObjectives 3. FinalizeO&M Criteria A Prior Merge Strategic Findings of Feasible Alternatives Research Tasks NationalLife Safety Codes Local Codes, Laws, & Regulations Major MarcoCriteria 6. DevelopQuality Mgm'tAssumptionsOccupancySOM ScenarioLife CharacteristicsLCW Benefits & CostsLegal Issues 7. RefineSafety Factors,& VerificationMethods &Functional Requirements Specifications 4. DevelopAesthetics &Utilization 5. ProposeFunctionalDesign Concepts Many Micro Elements Alternatives Feedback 9. CorrectConceptual DifferencesIn-Among Alternatives 8. Accept 10. Proceed with Assembling Details ofThe Functional Requirements Specifications, with Detail Design-and-Build-to-Cost Bid Package O&M … Operations & Maintenance SOM … Safety, Operations, Maintenance LCW … Life Cycle WAG (Wild Ass Guess) by Pres Cutter

  12. And the Key – Population Function, Form & Fit ... An Example:How-When A Local Economy Has Recovered?Assumed 4-Year Intervals Timeline:The Local Economy Improves Positively and Socially Equally, And, The Bleeding of the Local Population Has Been Healed.If the Trend Does Not Turn Up, It Stabilizes or Continue Downwards. We Are Here at 2008 The Vision – Our Posterior Benefits’ Horizon! Fiscal Outcomes Mileposts Economic Objectives This is an incremented 4-year scale, starting in 1940 running out to years 2064, and beyond to 2xyz Roots of the trendline equation, at the top of the chart, provide locations for scheduling critical milestones. The Question Is ... How Can Acceptable, Connected, Growth PatternsBe Generated and Sustained Over Very Long PeriodsWithin Fundamental Bounds of Our Constitutional Principles? Assessment Tools: Project, Office, VB StudioThink You Bill by Pres Cutter

  13. And ... A Life-Cycle Example:How-When Will The Program Recover?Not With Standing The Trade-Off Alternative Selected. A PredictiveMeasure of AggregateTrends of Causes-Effects O&M Recovery Start R&D Investments ±Areas Under Trendline Are Equal WhenLife-Cycle Effects Breakeven(or Total Payback)is at 25th Interval Turn Around & O&M Phase-In by Pres Cutter

  14. An Example Utilization Planning MatrixFunction Designations and Groupings Are Problem Dependent.Apply Any Cell Value, Row Sum, Column Sum or Group SumAs Applicable to the Discussion. by Pres Cutter

  15. An Overviewof Minimums of theGood-Things-in-Life Public Enjoyment Quality of Useful Life Benefits Quality of Utilization Quality of Employment Quality of Tax Payments Quality of Responsibility to Survival Obligations by Pres Cutter

  16. Universal Measures of Natural and Manmade EventsThe Success or Failure of Causes and Effects Probability (Success) = p(t,n) ... where 0 is less than p(t,n) is less than 1. Probability (Failure) = 1 – p(t,n) = q(t,n) = Probability (Accumulated Incipient Causes of Hazards at Past Times t – n Exceeds Failure Threshold at Present Time t). Probability (At time t, Event n is a Success) = Prob(En) = Prob(p(t,n)), = p(t,n) {Sum(q(0,0) + q(1,1) + q(2,2) + ... + q(t,n) + ... Infinity)}, = p(t,n) / (1 – q(t,n), in its expanded power series format, and its condensed geometric form.It can be shown there exists simple, direct relationships between the above forms and that obtained with the Bayesian Cumulative Recursion method, and what ever System Effectiveness measures may be used. by Pres Cutter

  17. Useful Quality-of-Life Out-LookCauses-Effects of Hazards and Incipient Failures There are Predictive & AuditableMeasures of Beneficial Effectiveness. Given Sets ofLive Perpetual-Motion, Self-OrganizingLocal Societal Ensembles, Our Interests are: • Mission Effectiveness in the Present of Noise, Uncertainty (Entropy) and Order • Probability of Not FailingBefore Future Time tm, • Probability of Failure in a Future Time Interval tm to tm+1 , • Probability of Surviving Beyond Future Time tn , and ... • Given Survival Up to tn , the Propensity to Fail in Next Interval tn to tn+1. • Availability of Resources Before, During a Future & Out Past the Horizon tn+1. • Availability of Effective and TimelyPreventive,and Corrective, Actions. • Given All the Above, Are the Ensembles of Local Societies Enjoying Life, and Assurances of Well Being with Beneficial Solutions to Societal Problems?. Quality Properties2 – 7 Are Ignoredby Experts &Politicians. They Are Not Equippedto HandleVery Large PredictiveData Sets The Problem ... Nobody Wont to Get into Predicting Factual Reliability of Our Lives & Their Events Except Actuaries and Some Quality Assurance Engineers! The Former Wont Talk, and the Latter are Misdirected. by Pres Cutter

  18. Reliability Prediction of FailuresandRelated Quality of Life Parameters Apply the Operations Research specialistsskills of the following disciplines; Actuaries ... the life realities of live things, Quality Assurance Reliability Engineers ... the life realities of physical things, to every day and future problem solving, then the absolute values and rates of changes, of total effects of operational failures depicted on the previous slide, can be predicted with at least 60% confidence and measured within even a higher minimum level to drastically reduce chance of failureand level of poor quality. by Pres Cutter

  19. Uncomplicated SimulationOutcome of Useful Life of Assets Let Beginning of Maturity = The Program Breakeven Payoff, and End of Life = the Horizon 2xyz Years,then End of Maturity is theBeginning of a Non-Recoverable Downturn. Given the Beginning of Maturity & End of Life Adjust End of Maturity Useful Life Effectiveness 80% = Relative Effectiveness Sum 80% Which Must Be In the Range of Utilization Intersects 65-87%. Note the Age Differences Are Balanced at 24-72-24 Yrs for Long-Term Planning Horizon at 129 Yrs. by Pres Cutter

  20. Fit in the Thick of Things ... Our Society We The People & Our Posterior They All Are Linked Functions Our Safety & Health Our Education System Our Industries & Commerce And What Does It All Mean? Our Economy InPerpetualMotion Our Collective-Behaviors & Justice Our Defense All Linked Together with Our Self-Governance ... To Industrially Promote Continued EducationThus Enhancing Our Economy & Ourselves by Pres Cutter

  21. The Human Species Biomass a Graphical-Venn NetworkWith Dynamically Linked Categorized Workplace Nodes There are No Independent Agents in this Biomass 0. DynamicallyDistributedPeople with Mutually Interdependent Behaviors Rank1-6 Rank6-12 Here Are 13 Societal Workplaces Coevolving Energetically Linked In Time, andLogically In Polynomial, Boolean, Bayesian, Markovan, Social and Threat Inoculated Networks. The General Welfare of this Biomass is Equal to the Total Effectiveness of Survival of All Elements.For Local & Global Visualization of Intervening Causes & Effects Look at All Work ProcessesOut in the Future Beyond The People’s Vision by Pres Cutter

  22. Super Set of Intersections (€), with Their Complements (1 – €),Graphical-Venn Network Biomass Categories Unified Under a Common Dynamic Mission for Survival PEEP = Power Series Expansion of βEα / (1 – βEα) in S Over Time Out to Horizonand βEα is the Super Product of the Effectiveness of One & All Workplace Categories Totally Interlocked Categories;A Super Set =Product (βEα)i for i = 0, 1, 2, ..., 12 PeopleDifferent SkillsEverywhereDifferent SituationsDifferent Times.PEEP = Total MissionEffectiveness= Emission =Function (S, βEα) One forAll All for One S, α and β are Space Shape with Form and Fit Parameters by Pres Cutter

  23. a PriorData Dependency Ranked Inaccordance with Survival LikelihoodPatterns EColumns The InterdependentPattern Elements:SequentialBayesian Predictionson K (1 -12)Producing a Distribution, of Relative Contributions,of RankedCategorical Outcomes Not EComplementColumns Wow ...Refer toPreviousSlide.Is Not the Intersection of All 13 Venn-NetFunctionsthe SameProduct βEα? Here, Recurrent People’s Self-Governance Gain = 9.78%. Objectively Distribute Criterion (0, + or – ) Gain Down Link. Receive New Data Setand Repeat. The Super ProductβEα of Prior Ratios (E, 1-E), Produced From Same Prior and Likelihood Causes Is Identical to the Bayesian Prediction of Posterior Total Effectiveness. Bayesian Predicted Total Effectiveness and the Super Product βEαAre Identical Results. by Pres Cutter

  24. Examples of Interdependent General WelfareBayesian Future Tine & Rank PatternsThe Construct of Cause-Effect Of Class Status for Analysis of Patterns One Pass (1x) Analyses1.One Bayesian Pass with Raw Categorical Data As Depicted on Previous Slide2. Verify Expected Posterior Outcome per Slide #22 When Nearly EqualityPrior Likelihoods 1 to 12 are Also in the Range Multiple Passes Analyses3. Change Individual Likelihoods to Prior One-at-a-Time In Ranked Place (12x) 4. Change All Posterior Likelihoods to Prior Likelihoods in Ranked Place (?x)5. Repeat Step 3 with Sorted Middle Likelihood Categories 1 – 11 (2x)6. As the a Prior, Let Government, and Middle Categories, Dictate People Lives. Switch Categories 0 and 12 Prior Ranking and RepeatAny or All of Steps 3, 4 and 5 (?x) by Pres Cutter

  25. The Pure Democratic General-Welfare Practices By their very evolving nature, relationships and influencesin feedback structured systems are highly variable.Therefore, the transit statesof living beings in measurable societal domains,and ranges (greater than zero but less than unity),with one- or- many-to-none, one-to-one, one-to-many,many-to-many and many-to-one directional changes,and time rate of changes, in interrelationshipsthat are direct functions of their interdependences.The real Societal domains, and ranges, are all thoseplaces and states of being at times where the livingexist in the recurrent birth, life and death processesunder natural and self imposed conditions. by Pres Cutter

  26. The Pure Democratic General-Welfare,Cloaked in Arrow-of-Time Fluid Patterns with Multi-Channel Feedforward & Feedback Control ofOur Posterior’s Survival Densely Mixed Joint Distribution Functions Are Universal In Life! Space Biosphere Surface Entropy CulturalInterdependency Loop Accept Criterion Past Time Look-Far-Ahead,Birth – Life - Death Processes (tn) Future Time Prior (tn-1) Posterior (tn+1) WorkTransit State Loop Residue Resources Quality of LifeFailures Corrections (tn)& Entropy Multi-Nodes &InformationLinks Natural & Self ImposedEnvironmental-Conditions Domain(Interdependent Functions, Arbitrary Form, Universal Fit) Energy by Pres Cutter Heat

  27. Measure Density-Growth-Decline, of Societal Lives Dynamic Changes and Perpetual Turnovers,of Self-Organizing Beings The Normalized Domain of Societal Ranges of Life Infused DynamicallyWithin Four of Six Regions I – VI with Densities Decreasing Outwardly.Highly Interdependent Variables In Positive Correlated Distributions. SphericalFuzzy BoundariesWhy This Fuzziness?Because of theAggregateCauses-Effects Uncertainties of a Multitude of Uncertainties of Current Events!.The Prolate Spherical VolumeIs 4/3πab2 Utilization Survival General WelfareAvailable Managing Future Realizations ½, 1 1, 1 0, 1 Weak Interdependences Strong Interdependences I Fluctuations, Ride Real Trajectories,in and betweenFuzzy RegionsDepending onTheir TimeChanges in,and the LaggingQuality Control of, Total Effectiveness (E). CW Turnovers StrongInterdependences II VI The Ideal,Study State,Total Effectiveness (E)Trendlinewith & withQuality Control 0, ½ 1, ½ . Not E III CCW Turnovers V WeakInterdependences IV Entropy a Function of E and Not E (Uncertainty) Disaster General Welfare NotAvailable Region The 50-50Flip-Flop, MaximumUncertainty Point by Pres Cutter 0,0 ½, 0 1, 0

  28. The Dynamic, Evolving and Rotated,Lemniscate-of-Bernoulli Field Solution Trace OverlayCapitalist’s Globalization of Economic Categorical Densities Upper Region The Major,Variable Radial (R),Vector Traces Out The Solution BoundaryMeasured in0 to nArbitrary Units (U)In The 1st and 3rdSegregatedQuarter-Sectors. Maximum,100%, Radial lengthis reached at45 deg and 225 degangles. Middle RegionCenteredAround the50-50Unstable Point Rmax = U Lower Region Total Areaof Both Loops = 2 U2plus that of the Ellipse= π aba = lengthb = width Rmax = U For 0 to 360 in 10 (or 5) degree steps, Radial Vector equals Square-Root (n U2 times Sin(2 π/ 180)). by Pres Cutter

  29. The Eternal Blossom SeedA 3-D ( x-y-z ) Octal-Unit Cube of the Societal Normalized Space Abstract Topology & Geometry and the Real Space“Space is the universal form of the properties of existence, ..., consequently, when the problem of the properties of space is raised, no domain of facts can be separated artificially.” Refer toMathematicsVolume IIIIts Contents, Methods, and MeaningsbyAleksandrov, KolmogorovandLavrent’evMIT Press 1963 L – Logistic Support Resourcescentered at 50-50-50 point R – Reliability M – Maintainability E – Total Effectiveness =f (Utilization, Performance,Enjoyment) From this Octal Unit Cube Volume (2E)(2R)(2M), and with reference to the middle plane of intersections with 50-50-50 center, we explode out the surface:S = K [ L / (1 – (1 – E)(1 – R)( 1 – M))]0 ≤ E ≤ 1 0 ≤ R ≤ 1 0 ≤ M ≤ 1 0 ≤ L ≤ 1 0 < K < ∞ The Complement of E Translates into {R, M, L} Resources by Pres Cutter

  30. The Societal Eternal BlossomSprouted From Utilization, Reliability and Logistic Resources Seed Measures There are two asynchronous oscillating points on this forward edge; one at ⅓(0,1) and the other at ½ (0, ± Inf.) by Pres Cutter

  31. Causes and Effects of Faults InUrban Adaptive Economic Policies 1. Policies should issues insight of the Entropy, Growth and Decline potentials of the population. It all starts with Population and Land Use Capacities. Followed with societal benefits, and then capital realizations. 2. There is no such thing as a stable population; only changes and variations. Thus, there are many situated patterns of dispersion. 3. There is no clearly defined use of our investments in human capital. There is still an overly constricted use of “just jobs or labor” whose connotations are not appealing to even the youngest of the youths, nor to the small business people. Politicos and the elite are not in concert with the public system which they try to control as their whipping boy. 4. Practical changes in governmental and their agents structures, polices and practices must be forthcoming forthwith. Evolution advances much faster when future successful paths are noted and concentrations are pointed towards solutions to causes of failures and their effects beforehand. by Pres Cutter

  32. One Aspect:Migration Effects, or Why Do The People Leave? It is not the number of jobs. It’s the number of Quality jobs: dummies.There is no plan to use Diversified, Home Grown, Knowable People! The Complicated Variable: Maximum CapacitySupporting the People’s Desired Quality of Life Entropy(Uncertainty) Pop Growth & Inflow 50%-50%The HighlyUnstable Point People Can’t Survive So They Flee & Pop Decline Growth-DeclineRate of Change is Highly Depended on ResourcesAvailability. Ideal Range ofUtilization72% - 86% Not E Effectiveness E Utilization by Pres Cutter

  33. Strive forEfficient, Maximized Public UtilizationTo Make Society The Most Cool CommunityforALL Groups and ALL Individuals Assuring Each One Carry-on At A Workplace Full-Scope Vision of Future QoL! Compatibility! Responsibility! Accountability! SeriousKnowledgeableFriendliness DesirableEnjoyableFun Ensuring Low Rates of Smooth Pop Turnovers. by Pres Cutter

  34. Think About It! Society’sQuality Management Green-Team Changing the Way We Think About the Linkage of Nodes and Communities ...Strategically, Integrated Operations Criterion Established by the Top Sextet. Developing Strategic ScenariosIs ADynamical Art with Drama.PrepareforGrowths &Declines. PrepareforSpinoffs. Detailed Technical Processes with Quality Controls areDetermined and Managed Collectively by theGeneral Manger the Lower Quartet Functions. by Pres Cutter

  35. What Ever Your Specialty, Think About It! Society’sIntegratedDetailed Design and Development Network As Necessary,Prepare for Replications by Pres Cutter

  36. Strategic Work Planning ...Quality Effectiveness Evaluation Criterion Use The Common Life, Business and Facility Planning Tool Information Network Theory With Multi-Users, Multi-Channels & Multi-Terminals Feedback Recurrent Information Transfer During All Program Management Phases1. Research Feasibility of Vision2. Detail Design & Prototype Test & Evaluation3. Full Scale Development4. Useful Life Utilization & Effectiveness4.1 Operations 4.2 Maintenance4.3 Logistics by Pres Cutter

  37. Strategic Work Planning ... (cont)Quality Effectiveness Evaluation Criterion • Safe General Arrangement of Life Functions • Effective Benefits & Cost of Ownership Realizable at Recovery, Breakeven & Horizon Boundaries • Green Operations with Minimum Efficient Energy Use • Stability of Utilization with Changes toConfront Changing Future Conditions • Optimum Quality of All Recurrent Operations • Maximized Cumulative Effectiveness of Operating Modes, Preventive and Corrective Maintenance, Availability and Performance • Before-Fact Predictive & After-Fact Auditing Aidsfor Decision Making • Easily Upgradeable Access to Prevailing Modes of Information Changes by Pres Cutter

  38. Advanced Life & Business Educational Societal (LBES) Research Center Transferring Societal Quality of Life (QoL) Knowledge... a PEEP at Survival Criterion ... • The Mission – Realize Biodynamical General Welfare Systems • Optimize Social & Business Enterprises • Cultivate Interactive Societal Capitalist System • Investigate Aggregate Behaviors in QoL Distributions • Balance Competition, Inflation and Fluctuations • Investigate Utilization and Profit-Loss Distributions • Seek, Measure and Calibrate Uncertainty Benefits • Identify Predictive and Auditing Measurements and Tools by Pres Cutter

  39. Start Now Applying Available Knowledge to Assure The Future HasA MeasurableViable General Welfare Infrastructure Apply Pre-Analysis WAGs to Visions,then Verify Values,and then Validate Values Continuously.For Example;Start Up-Front, Predicting Usefulness and Effectiveness of: End of Life: 120 years or better Elusive, Moving Horizon Safety:Essentially 99.9% Free of Undesirable Noise and Threats Reliability: 0.002% or Less Chance of Operation or Maintenance Failures Availability: 99.995% Chance of Being in Desired Useable States of Being Ease of Improvement Modification or Overhaul: OvercomingWearout and Obsolescence within the Availability Window And, Maximized Societal Real Survival Insurances With Prior Predictive Proofs of Behavioral Likelihoods by Pres Cutter

  40. Universality of AppliedQuantitative & Qualitative Quality Irrelative of their kind, density, or environment,all systems change some faster than others; therefore their probabilitiesof being in any state do not remain constant.There is a persistence of evolving perpetual motion. “From the view of quality control, however, it is desirable that the process conform to the Bernoulli scheme, and it is an important discovery that, production can be made to behave in this way.The purpose of continuous control is then to discover at an early stage flagrant departures from the ideal scheme and to use them as an indication of impending trouble.”by William FellerAn Introduction to Probability Theory and Its ApplicationsVolume IQA 273.F37 1950, 1957 by Pres Cutter

  41. Universality of AppliedQuantitative & Qualitative Qualitycontinued These were Pre WWI Military Requirements, but Liked the Knowledge Skills.A WWII Military Secret Invention that deals with these Material Quality situations vested in proven skills related to: Operations Research– The systematic reduction of seemingly complexoperations and maintenance events into integrated methodologiesfor ease and assurance of effective future practices. Quality Assurance – The independent verification of success-failure properties of integrated future criterion, practices, procedures and resources. Quality Control– The validation that actual criterion and recurrent practices are resulting in the planned outcomes. by Pres Cutter

  42. Useful Life An Example:Normalized, Effective Yearly Economic Valueof Alternative Spaces Enter InformationIn White Cells and Outcomes Fallout Yearly Rate $271 Adjusted to Find Breakeven,Minimum, Rateto Build Decision Upon The Comparative Expense & Qualitative Benefits of Each AlternativeMust Be Weighed and Laid In with the Economic Income Indices by Pres Cutter

  43. An Example:Useful Life Utilization Maximize Public Utilizationof an Operations and Maintenance Durableto Behavioral, Environmental and Threat Conditions Long-Term Visions Must Be Made With Benefits ofPredicted Assumptions:1. Major Societal Threats; 2. Catastrophe Events;3. Operations & Maintenance Abilities to Address Wear Outand Obsolescence Turnovers Effectively and Timely;4. Reasonable, Effective, Economic, Societal Envelope is Sustained by the People with their Governments. by Pres Cutter

  44. Determine Feasibility for anAdvanced Computing Center PEEP integrated workplaces horizonal studies ? eventually at an independentSocietal Information and Practice Institute managed by technically & society knowledgeable seniors by Pres Cutter

  45. Invest to Perform Phase I Future Life andOperations Research Feasibility Study 1. IntegrateStandard & Unique O&M Goals 2. DevelopO&MObjectives 3. FinalizeO&M Criteria A Prior Merge Strategic Findings of Feasible Alternatives Research Tasks NationalLife Safety Codes Local Codes, Laws, & Regulations Major MarcoCriteria 6. DevelopQuality Mgm'tAssumptionsOccupancySOM ScenarioLife CharacteristicsLCW Benefits & CostsLegal Issues 7. RefineSafety Factors,VerificationMethods &Functional Requirements Specifications 4. DevelopAesthetics &Utilization 5. ProposeFunctional Design Concepts Many Micro Elements Alternatives Feedback 9. CorrectConceptual DifferencesIn-Among Alternatives 8. Accept 10. Proceed with Assembling Details ofThe Functional Requirements Specifications, with Detail Design- and- Build-to-Cost Bid Package O&M … Operations & Maintenance SOM … Safety, Operations, Maintenance LCW … Life Cycle WAG (Wild Ass Guess) Feasibility Study Investment: $ XXX,XXX by Pres Cutter