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by Peep Laja, ConversionXL

by Peep Laja, ConversionXL. 15 A/B testing mistakes I see all the damn time (and what to do about it). Call to Action Conference 2014. “You should test that!”. “Dude wtf?”. @peeplaja. Typical scenario:

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by Peep Laja, ConversionXL

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  1. by Peep Laja, ConversionXL 15 A/B testing mistakes I see all the damn time(and what to do about it) Call to Action Conference 2014

  2. “You should test that!”

  3. “Dude wtf?”

  4. @peeplaja Typical scenario: A company runs 100 tests / year. After 12 months their conversion rate is still the same.

  5. @peeplaja Testing mistake #1: Precious time wasted on stupid tests

  6. @peeplaja Testing mistake #2: You don’t have a data-driven, learning-oriented hypothesis

  7. @peeplaja Testing mistake #3: You think you know what will work

  8. @peeplaja Testing mistake #4: You run tests when you have no traffic

  9. @peeplaja Testing mistake #5: Your absolute conversions are way too low

  10. @peeplaja You need *at least* 250-400 conversions PER variation. Way more if you want to segment the data

  11. @peeplaja Our "thumb rule" is: 3000-4000 conversions per variation and 3-4 week test duration. That is enough traffic so we can even talk about valid data if we drill down into segments. Testing "sin" nr.1: search in segments for uplifts although you have no statistical validity, e.g. 85 versus 97 conversions. That’s bullshit.

  12. @peeplaja Testing mistake #6: Your tests don’t run long enough

  13. @peeplaja Testing mistake #7: You don’t test full weeks at a time

  14. @peeplaja Testing mistake #8: Test data is not sent to third-party analytics

  15. @peeplaja Pro tip: If you have over 500,000 pageviews / mo, you don’t (necessarily) need to spend $100,000 on GA Premium. Get unsampled data with Analytics Canvas

  16. @peeplaja Testing mistake #9: You give up after your first test for a hypothesis fails.

  17. 79.3% uplift in conversions Full case study: http://conversionxl.com/case-study-how-we-improved-landing-page-conversion/

  18. @peeplaja Testing mistake #11: You’re not aware of validity threats

  19. @peeplaja History effect Instrumentation effect Selection effect

  20. @peeplaja Testing mistake #12: You’re ignoring small gains

  21. @peeplaja 5% monthly increase in your conversion rate will result in 80% uplift for the year. That’s how math works.

  22. @peeplaja Testing mistake #13: You don’t know html/css/jquery - and thus only test the simple stuff

  23. @peeplaja Testing mistake #14: You’re not running tests at all times

  24. @peeplaja Testing mistake #15: You’re late for your lunch break!

  25. @peeplaja Thank you Keep reading ConversionXL! Follow me @peeplaja

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