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May 12, 2011

GBCA 2.0. The next decade. Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance Strategic Plan 2012. May 12, 2011. GBCA’S CORE VALUES. Arts and culture are key to the vitality of the Greater Baltimore region.

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May 12, 2011

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  1. GBCA 2.0 The next decade. Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance Strategic Plan 2012 May 12, 2011

  2. GBCA’S CORE VALUES Arts and culture are key to the vitality of the Greater Baltimore region. The cultural community is stronger together than apart. GBCA will operate as an inclusive, grass roots, nimble, and independent organization.

  3. BACKGROUND & LEADERSHIP Conceived in 1997 by artists and arts administrators and incorporated in 2001, GBCA was led by Founding Executive Director Nancy Haragan. It is currently under the leadership of Jeannie Howe, Executive Director, and Paul Meecham, Board Chair and President and CEO of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

  4. VISION In its second decade, the GBCA will become the authoritative collective voice of the cultural, creative community. It will earn a seat at the table alongside leaders of industry, academia, and government as a key constituent in the development and growth of the Greater Baltimore region. It will establish and promote regular, highly anticipated events that create value,not only for its members, but demonstrate the case for the significance and importance of the cultural community within the regional eco-system. As members, individual artists, colleges, and cultural organizations small and large will consider the GBCA an indispensable advocate for the contributions, needs, and interests of the regional cultural community. At the core of its programs, the GBCA will lead the engagement of the cultural community in expansion of its relevance to a broader, younger, more diverse audience.

  5. GBCA MISSION The Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance (GBCA) nurtures and promotes a vibrant, diverse, and sustainable arts and cultural community embraced by all as accessible, relevant, and essential to the region’s quality of life. GBCA connects artists and groups to one another, brokersrelationships inside and outside the arts and culture sector, leads in addressing strategic issues facing the cultural community, and advocates for the continued visibility and financial strength of the sector.

  6. ROLE 1: CONNECTOR GBCA connects members to each other, organizations to resources and information, artists and organizations, and the cultural sector to the wider community. Goals Include: 1. Serve as the catalyst for a triennial, region-wide arts and culture themed event. 2. Reach out to new and emerging artists and organizations to develop greater diversity in the sector.

  7. ROLE 2: BROKER GBCA brokers internal and external resources and relationships for its members. Goals include: 1. Compile industry-wide data, research best practices, exchange information, and negotiate for shared services, such as health care for artists and small organizations, or member discounts at area businesses. 2. Foster the cooperative exchange of institutional assets such as space, information, and expertise, among members.

  8. ROLE 3: THOUGHT LEADER GBCA articulates the issues facing the field, and leads the development of regional strategies for the arts and cultural community. Goals include: 1. Offer forums, large and small, to establish consensus on regional strategies. 2. Create dialogue on relevant issues among diverse participants.

  9. ROLE 4: ADVOCATE GBCA advocates for the contributions, needs, and interests of the regional cultural community. Goals include: 1. Develop a clear message about the value and impact of the arts and culture sector, and keep that message persistently on the radar of the broader community. 2. Develop the tools needed for effective advocacy—research, publications, efficient communication systems, and a grass roots network.

  10. GOVERNANCE The GBCA Board is composed of individuals deeply invested in the cultural community, whether they are artists, administrators, board leaders, or community members. In additional to the four established, internally focused committees (Executive, Development, Finance, and Governance), GBCA has created three additional standing committees to focus on the four newly defined roles. The new committees are populated with both Board and adjunct members, extending the organization’s reach into the community and utilizing the best thinking of the sector.

  11. NEW COMMITTEES Programming Committee ensures GBCA offers effective and meaningful programming. Communications and Membership Committee refines the GBCA brand and communicates the value of membership to the sector, as well as promotes GBCA’s importance to the greater public. It aids in growing and sustaining membership. Advocacy Committee oversees the advocacy efforts of GBCA, and the grass roots advocacy network developed by GBCA.

  12. EXISTING COMMITTEES Executive Committee is composed of the officers of the Board and the chairs of each standing committee. Governance Committee focuses on board recruitment and engagement. Development Committee determines and drives the organization’s fund raising strategy. Finance Committee develops and pursues the financial strategy for GBCA, and monitors its financial health.


  14. RESOURCES Because GBCA focuses on value-added programs and services for its members, it will derive half of its revenue from member dues. The remainder will be raised from grants and contributions as well as from earned income, such as fees for services provided. It will be expected that 100% of Board members will make a personal gift to help the organization achieve its contributed income goals.

  15. PROGRAMS GBCA will continue to provide many of the programs it has become known for, including JobsPlus, BaltimoreFunGuide, and sector-wide convenings, while developing new and innovative programs funded in part through The Nancy Haragan Program Fund at GBCA. GBCA committees continue to evaluate all current programs, as well as envision and develop new initiatives for the organization so that it may better serve its membership, and continue to have a distinctive impact on the community.

  16. WHAT DOES SUCCESS LOOK LIKE? • GBCA’s success will be measured by the growth in membership, the demand for its programs, its effectiveness as an advocate and grass roots organizer, the strength of its executive leadership and Board, and its financial stability. • Each committee has developed a set of measures and goals for progress. The various committee’s progress and aims will be monitored and assessed by the executive committee and the full Board. At each annual meeting of the Board, the goals and priorities of each committee will be tracked against the previous year’s goals, and new priorities will be outlined.

  17. GBCA has several strategic partners including The William G. Baker, Jr. Memorial Fund for whom GBCA administers and manages the Baker Artists Awards. Other key partners include but are not limited to Baltimore Collegetown, Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts, the Maryland State Arts Council, Maryland Institute College of Art, and Maryland Citizens for the Arts.

  18. SUMMARY After nearly a decade of tremendous growth and the establishment of GBCA as an important champion for arts and culture in the region, GBCA has reaffirmed its role as a connector and convener of the cultural community, and as a broker of information and resources. In the second decade of its existence, GBCA will assert its presence as a thought leader in the community for defining regional strategy, and as a powerful advocate for the financial vitality and visibility of arts and culture in the region by developing an extensive grass roots network. The organization will deeply engage both Board and community in its efforts, and bring greater value to member organizations, while still having a distinctive impact on the wider community. GBCA will continue to strengthen internally, ensuring its lasting endurance in the cultural community. Among many significant issues and challenges identified are the ongoing need to foster a truly diverse and inclusive sector, to raise the visibility and demonstrate the value of arts and culture to the wider community, and to aid organizations and individuals in using available resources, including new technologies, to strengthen their organizations so they may better achieve their individual missions.

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