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People Skills

People Skills. people skills. the Beauty Industry is more than hair, skin and nails. Because…. For All Salon Professionals. Unisex Salons Wash & Wear Styles Precision Cuts. People Skills High-Tech Salons Day Spas More Male Clients. Franchises Liquid Tools Computers

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People Skills

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  1. People Skills

  2. people skills the Beauty Industry is more than hair, skin and nails Because…

  3. For All Salon Professionals

  4. Unisex Salons Wash & Wear Styles Precision Cuts People Skills High-Tech Salons Day Spas More Male Clients Franchises Liquid Tools Computers Full-Service Salons Specialty Licenses Beauty Parlors Beauticians Wash & Set Styles Barber Shops Color Explosion Texture Fusion Health & Wellness What’s Next? INDUSTRY TIMELINE Pre 70’s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000+


  6. people Skills Communication Skills80/20 Principle • 80% of success is communication skills • 20% of success is technical skills

  7. The New People Skills! Part OneRelating with CAREPart TwoServing with CARE

  8. New: Novice, Professional, Master

  9. Novice • Focus is on technical skills; less likely to apply people skills Professional • Have basic technical skills down cold; spend time applying their people skills Master • Highly proficient in creative and technical skill areas as well as with people skills

  10. Rapport Have you ever met anyone and immediately felt like you have known each other for a long time?

  11. Rapport • A close relationship with harmony and agreement • Creates harmony that enables you to get along better with people • Mutual interests • Similarities

  12. Rapport • Is an abstraction • Can’t touch or measure it • Know that it is there • Can sense when it is not

  13. Building Rapport Build Rapport by: • Identifying what gets in the way ? • Overcoming those barriers

  14. 5 BUILDING BLOCKS OF RAPPORT Understanding Yourself 1 Understanding Your Client 2 Understanding the Phases of Service 3 Managing Your Relationships 4 Managing the Phases of Service 5

  15. 5 BARRIERS TO RAPPORT Personality Differences 1 Blame, Judgment, Jealousy, and Righteousness 2 Cultural, Generational, Gender and Sexual-Orientation Differences 3 4 Different Goals and Expectations Technical Problems 5

  16. Building a People Skills Community • Deepen relevance and meaning by having everyone in the facility practice people skills • Needs to include everyone from the front door to the back door…from the janitor to the director

  17. CARE Profile

  18. Feeling and Passive Concerned about people Concerned about feelings Patient Good listeners Not time-oriented Not risk-takers To be accepted To get along To be liked Cooperation Feelings More measured movement COOPERATORS Feeling and Passive Cooperators Are: Cooperators Need:

  19. Thinking and passive Factual Precise Methodical Not risk takers Not fast-paced Security Time to think Facts to rely on ANALYZERS Thinking and Passive Analyzers Are: Analyzers Need:

  20. Independent and assertive Cool and in control Take-charge types Doers To feel things are well-run Challenge To win To use a purpose Reasons without too much detail REGULATORS Thinking and Assertive Regulators Are: Regulators Need:

  21. Expressive and assertive The life of the party Born to convince and inspire others Outgoing and creative Not time structured or goal directed To be admired and appreciated Excitement Change ENERGIZERS Feeling and Assertive Energizers Are: Energizers Need:

  22. 4 PERSONALITY PATTERNS ? Feelings…Must Feel It! COOPERATOR Why? Facts! Details! By the book ??? ANALYZER How? !!! What is it? REGULATOR What? What else can I do? ??? What If? ENERGIZER

  23. Shared Traits

  24. Style Shifting • Shifting your behavior and words to match the person you want to be in rapport with • Adjust the volume, speed, tone and choice of words you use to match their personality style

  25. Elements of Style Shifting • Changing the way you communicate • Changing mannerisms • Thinking different • Apply the law of requisite variety • Experimenting • Risking

  26. Serving with CARE

  27. 6 Phases of Service Greet Assess Agree Deliver Recommend Complete

  28. Students with people skills • Make • the • MOST • CENTS

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