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Healthcare Reform

Healthcare Reform. Iowa compared to the us. Is healthcare a priority or a privilege?. Risks of having people without access to basic care and check up G reat expense from the government. The plan.

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Healthcare Reform

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  1. Healthcare Reform Iowa compared to the us

  2. Is healthcare a priority or a privilege? • Risks of having people without access to basic care and check up • Great expense from the government

  3. The plan • The Obama healthcare reform is a plan to increase the efficiency of Medicaid and also increase the number of people that can access it • It wasn’t widely accepted through the US an and a federation of businesses brought the bill to the Supreme Court • The Court ruled out the bill proposal in its form and modified it; now it’s up to the state to chose the amount of people receiving Medicaid

  4. The us idea vs the iowan idea Obama’s proposal Branstatd’s proposal Medicaid is to cover only the people below the poverty line (around 89,000 Iowans) • Medicaid is to cover all the people in the US below 19,500$ a year. • The payout for the physician will be 75% of normal price

  5. Branstad concerns over obamacare • Iowa not beneficing enough compared to the other state. • Federal government not able to respect the payment in the long run. Obamacarefacts

  6. Problems with Branstad’s reform • It would leave approximately 150,000 Iowans uninsured • It would lose most of the funding of the federal government on healthcare. • With the consequence of loosing jobs created by those funds

  7. Iowa should join the other states that support obamacare

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