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Real estate investments in Lebanon PowerPoint Presentation
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Real estate investments in Lebanon

Real estate investments in Lebanon

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Real estate investments in Lebanon

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  1. Real estate investments in Lebanon On March 20, 2001, enter the parliament changes and amendments to the law relating to the acquisition of real estate ownership by foreigners in Lebanon, which was proposed by the Council of Ministers on 13 January, 2000.Law No. 296 provides motivation and incentives for foreign investment through two important steps:1 - streamline and ease legal restrictions on foreign ownership of property.2 - To reduce the property registration fee to 5% of the Lebanese and foreign investors alike
  2. Statistics and facts related to the real estate sector in Lebanon Beirut: the real estate market in Lebanon is soaring in connection with investments in the real estate market in Lebanon.These investments come from the Arabs, expatriates and foreign investors.You can take a look at some of the numbers you an idea of the investment opportunities in the Lebanese real estate market.Arab Investment Corporation and the Export Credit Guarantee evaluated Arab investments in Lebanon are as follows:Three and a half billion dollars in 2007, an increase of 48% from $ 2 billion in 2006, and 88 percent, up from 2005
  3. Arab investments hit a record high since 1995, rising 24 percent in 2007, compared with 14% in 2006 and 5% in 2005 and 18% in 2004.Lebanon was the second largest recipient of Arab capital among other Arab countries, and the fact that the real estate market is very flourished in Lebanon, and was the largest recipient of Arab capital in 2003.Lebanon was the second largest recipient the amount of investments in 2007, although some cases of instability in the country.On the other side fell Arab investments in Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, and Yemen.
  4. Arab investments in Lebanon were mainly in the real estate sector, They make up 60 percent of the total investments in the country.Got the real estate sector in Lebanon, the majority of the head of Arab and foreign capital, with a steady increase in demand in connection with the Lebanese real estate sector.Lebanon's real estate market is the main beneficiary of all Arab investments and these account for 80 percent of these investments.
  5. Increased sales transactions in Lebanon in the first five months of 2008, and increased by 20 percent compared with the same period of the previous year 2007.And therefore known as property taxes rise of 55 per cent, to reach 205 billion ll.Also known as the Lebanese Ministry of Finance rise Almzkorglal the past months by 72 percent to two billion dollars. The rise in the real estate market in Lebanon leads to thinking in more investment in Lebanon in the real estate sector.Investments divided between the capital Beirut and elsewhere in Lebanon...................................................................................
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