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Can Domestic Violence Be A Felony?

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Can Domestic Violence Be A Felony?

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  1. Can Domestic Violence Be A Crime

  2. Patrick Mulligan & Associates There are numerous cases of domestic violence taking place every day around the globe. The United States is no exception and there are grievances of both wives and husbands suffering at the hands of their partners. The reasons could be numerous but domestic violence cannot be validated on any count. To become violent with your spouse means the total failure of the mutual value and devotion to a good marriage. Furthermore, those with children put up a pitiful image before them and influence the habits of their little ones too. The youngsters will probably think that it's fine to hit the opposite person that is not in agreement with your feelings, activities or words.

  3. Patrick Mulligan & Associates However the query that a Cincinnati Criminal Lawyer for instance usually is questioned is whether or will domestic violence be a crime? According to competent and experienced law firms such as Ohio Legal Help, any behavior of domestic violence qualifies to become a felony only if the criminal had been found guilty before for just about any domestic violence he or she may have committed. The previous conviction is not restricted to just violence.

  4. Patrick Mulligan & Associates It can also include any neglectful assault, robbery, and criminal mischief, behavior which endangers life, aggravated trespassing or any kind of act that might jeopardize the life of kids. In each of these instances, if the person was a family member in the act of the crime, then the person doing any domestic violence eventually may be charged with criminal offence.

  5. Patrick Mulligan & Associates Law firms even opine that any individual that has had 3 convictions of domestic violence in a period of 7 years come under the aggravated domestic violence felony category. Domestic violence is deemed to have been perpetrated by an individual on the other individual who should they be residing jointly, is couple or maybe room mates. Also partners of the identical gender residing together in one place will come under this act of domestic violence.

  6. Patrick Mulligan & Associates In case you are found guilty of this kind of crime, the punishment can vary. It could range from Four months to a year behind bars of probation or you may even get imprisoned from six months to 2.5 years in prison. This all depends on the level or kind of injuries triggered to the person. It is intriguing to note here the injury do not need to be an incredibly serious one. Even if it is a scratch or bruise, you may get the punishment. Among the alternative you have to protect yourself against this type of offense is the act of self defense. If you possibly can prove to the law enforcing experts that the injuries occurred as you were acting in self-defense, you might get away punishment.

  7. Patrick Mulligan & Associates However, this is something you need to prove since the law enforcement officials are likely to work depending on whatever they see. If they see someone bleeding or with obvious injuries, they will quickly arrest the other person and won't hear any explanation at that point in time.

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