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Yale Collections Collaborative PowerPoint Presentation
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Yale Collections Collaborative

Yale Collections Collaborative

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Yale Collections Collaborative

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  1. Yale Collections Collaborative May, 2008

  2. Yale Collections Collaborative • 3-year $409K grant project funded by Mellon Foundation; ends June 30, 2008 • Sponsored by Provost’s Office / Barbara Shailor, Deputy Provost for the Arts • Steering Committee composed of Yale faculty and deans, and representatives from Art Gallery, Center for British Art, Library, and Peabody Museum. • ½ of grant funds spent on 8 re-grant projects • Goal: to enhance access to and useof the museums, galleries, and library special collections across the university.

  3. Enhancing access and use… • development of technical systems to provide integrated access for users to collection holdings across repositories = cross-collection searching

  4. Enhancing access and use… • development of research portals and training programs to improve ability of staff and researchers to discover primary source resources at Yale;

  5. Enhancing access and use… • development of tools and methods for sharing resources across repositories toexpedite the processing and availability of Yale collections;

  6. Enhancing access and use… • development of a sustainable structure through which Yale repositories can discuss issues of common concern, share information, and develop collaborative programs and projects.

  7. Events: Symposium, May 17, 2007:“Mainstreaming Collections Reference” - librarians and curators working together to improve access to primary source materials for teaching and research at Yale.” Ideas for improving access: Method of reporting new accessions of primary source materials More forums and interaction with faculty Redesign of portal and tutorial related to primary sources

  8. Events: Workshop, November 9, 2007:“The Use of Primary Sources in Teaching at Yale” Presentations by librarians/curators/archivists re. efforts underway to integrate primary sources into Yale courses Presentations by faculty members John Faragher, Janice Carlisle, Seth Fein about how they use primary sources in their courses.

  9. Events: Forum, January 24, 2008 : “Natural Collections Description” project Update on a project that creates a "business card" for a collection, providing enough information to identify and locate it. The standard enables the aggregation of collections descriptions from many sources and facilitates resource discovery Forum, February 21, 2008: “The Use of Technology in Teaching with Primary Sources” One outcome: more involvement of archivists/curators in mandatory research education sessions for history majors.

  10. Ongoing activities: • New Collections Task Force: developing a mechanism for disseminating and aggregating updates about new accessions of primary source collections at Yale = RSS feed • Participants: • Kelly Barrick • Emmanuelle Delmas-Glass • Daniel Hartwig • Jennifer Meehan • George Ouellette • Martha Smalley

  11. Ongoing activities: • Primary Sources Task Force: developing a new portal for introducing primary sources at Yale • Participants: • Greg Eow • Pamela Franks • Mike Friscia • Diane Kaplan • Jennifer Pollock • Martha Smalley • Mike Widener


  13. User Survey Project:Assessment of Faculty and Graduate Student Use of Primary Sources and the eXtensible Catalog Phase 2 (University of Rochester) Ongoing activities:

  14. Group Members • Meg Bellinger • Kathleen Bauer • Robert Carlucci • Gregory Eow • Diane Kaplan • Alice Peterson-Hart • Martha Smalley

  15. Workplan: All tapes to U of Rochester for transcription Videos are viewed and discussed by team Nancy Foster returns to Yale June 9-10 4 teams Interviews Analysis Brainstorming U of Rochester Nancy Foster, Principal Investigator Yale University Meg Bellinger, Katie Bauer, Diane Kaplan, Martha Smalley, Gregory Eow, Alice Peterson-Hart Cornell University Ohio State University 25-30 faculty and graduate students in Humanities January February March April May June

  16. Re-grant projects: • Finding Aid Creation Tool • O.C. Marsh / G.R. Wieland Papers digitization • The World War I Experience • Archival Management and the Archivists’ Toolkit • Collections Guides • Coordinating Descriptive Metadata for Print Collections • Cross-collection Search

  17. Finding Aid Creation Tool • Development of a shared and centrally supported tool for the creation of finding aids that follow the Encoded Archival description standard, for Yale archival and manuscript collections. • Primary participants: Michael Rush, Tom Hyry, Bill Landis, Richard Boursy, Jae Rossman, Martha Smalley

  18. Finding Aid Creation Tool • Developed first-ever Yale EAD Encoding Best Practice Guidelines. • Expressed as RelaxNG schema, with embedded documentation. • Allows for validation of EAD files against local best practices. • Available at

  19. FACT: EAD Best Practices

  20. Finding Aid Creation Tool • FACT is based on XMetaL Author. • Allows users to edit native XML in word processor-like interface. • Minimizes need for markup expertise. • Allows for creating local templates. • Provides macros that enable users to edit the hierarchical finding aid structure. • Automates functions such as folder numbering. • Allows users to preview how EAD will display when delivered via the Web.

  21. FACT/XMetaL Interface

  22. FACT Hierarchy Template

  23. FACT Hierarchy Display

  24. FACT Menus

  25. FACT – Web Preview

  26. Digital Imaging O.C. Marsh and G.R. Wieland Archives

  27. World War I: Documenting the First Total War of the 20th Century • Goals: • to identify, select, and digitize a range of pamphlets, broadsides, posters, prints, and sound recordings that provide primary source documentation of the Great War, as a prototype for improving description of and access to non-standard published materials • to develop a research portal for facilitating access to World War I materials at Yale as a model for similar portals on other themes.

  28. Sue Roberts David Walls Jennifer Weintraub George Miles Emmanuelle Delmas-Glass Martha Smalley Matthew Beacom Mike Friscia Kevin Repp Katie Bauer Toby Appel Tatjana Lorkovic Suzanne Boorsch Participants:

  29. Identified WWI material in: • Center for British Art • Art Gallery • Sterling Memorial Library • Manuscripts and Archives • Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library • Mudd Library • Divinity Library • Medical Historical Library • Peabody Museum



  32. Free, open source data mgmt system • Main features • Accessioning & description • Establishing names and subjects • Managing locations • Import/export of EAD • Export of MARCXML, METS, MODS, Dublin Core • Significance – 1st integrated archival data mgmt system

  33. Purpose: Install and test an open source collections management system; examine the feasibility of establishing a Yale way of managing and tracking collections. • Participants: Arts, Divinity, Music, MSSA • Focus - accessioning

  34. Outcomes • Functional Integration • Systems Integration → Standardization & commonality among repositories

  35. Plan of Work (March – May) • Hire project coordinator [completed] • Gather information on current practices/needs of repositories [completed] • Identify modules in AT appropriate for each repository [completed] • Install AT and train staff in use [in progress] • Monitor and follow-up; gather feedback • Write documentation for use by other Yale repositories • Report to AT developers on unmet needs of Yale repositories

  36. Next steps • Introduce to other special collections • Explore additional functionality

  37. Collections Guides Pilot Project Goal: To create illustrated booklets that represent Yale’s primary source material in specific subject areas. • African American Studies: • Chronological organization of primary source materials from various Yale collections, defined by key periods and moments. • Modernism: • Categorical organization by type or medium within Modernism’s timeframe as a historical construct.

  38. African American Studies • Amistad Trials: • Drawings at the Beinecke; papers in Manuscripts & Archives; pamphlets and notebooks in the Law Library Special Collections. • Harlem Renaissance: • Manuscripts, photographs, papers, periodicals, and musical scores at the Beinecke; recordings, papers, and scores in special collections at the Music Library. • Civil Rights Movement: • Films, pamphlets, and ephemera in the Divinity Library Special Collections; papers, photographs, periodicals, and ephemera at the Beinecke; drawings, prints, photographs, and paintings at the Art Gallery.

  39. Modernism • Architecture: • Drawings at the Yale Art Gallery; drawings, diagrams, papers, and photographs and archives at Manuscripts & Archives; prints, drawings, photographs, and posters at the Beinecke. • Buildings, eg. British Art Center and Yale Art Gallery by Louis Kahn, Ezra Stiles College and D.S. Ingalls Hockey Rink by Eero Saarinen. • Music: • Papers, scores, and audio and video recordings in special collections at the Music Library; manuscripts, papers, and scores at the Beinecke.

  40. Coordinating Descriptive Metadata for Print Collections in Libraries and Museums at Yale University

  41. Etching by Thomas Rowlandson after Thomas Gainsborough from a volume of ten.

  42. Participants • Matthew Beacom SML, Metadata Librarian, Catalog Department • Ellen Cordes LWL, Head of Technical Services • Emmanuelle Delmas-Glass YCBA, Collections Catalogue Specialist • Cynthia Roman LWL, Curator of Prints, Drawings, and Paintings • Scott Wilcox YCBA, Curator of Prints and Drawings • Gillian Forrester YCBA, Associate Curator of Prints and Drawings • Melissa Fournier YCBA, Associate Registrar • David Parsell YCBA, TMS Systems Programmer • Suzanne Boorsch YUAG, Curator of Prints and Drawings • John Marciari YUAG, Associate Curator Early Modern European Painting • Ariana French YUAG, Database Administrator • Rebekah Irwin BRBL, Catalog Librarian for Digital Resources • Youn Noh SML, Digital Resources Catalog Librarian • Millette Gaifman Asst. Professor, History of Art & Classics