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Graphic Socmuno review & bonus - I was Shocked!


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Graphic Socmuno review & bonus - I was Shocked!

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  1. Graphic Socmuno – How To Create Professional Social Branding Graphics InMinutes • Graphic Socmuno is a brand new DFY 2017 design & video templates that enable you to create your own social media marketing cover, video marketing and promotional banners. • http://crownreviews.com/graphic-socmuno-review-bonus/ • What Is GraphicSocmuno? • Before we get started, let’s take a look at some fact about Social Media and Video Marketing… • Do you know that according to statistic in 2017, there are some increases up to 80% for social mediaused? • And do you know that Video is a powerful way to get highly response from customer? • "But I have aquestions" • How to make good design for your social media account? And how to make good video marketing for your bussiness? Some of you maysaid: • Hire an expensive graphic designer and wait several days just to get the firstdraft • Try to find what you need on Fiver or anothermarketplace. • BUT DO YOUKNOW!! • How much you have to pay for 1 unit productCOMERCIALLY!!

  2. But there is no need to worry, because now you can have professional social branding graphics in minutes without wasting more time or having designskill. Introducing: GraphicSocmuno Graphic Socmuno is a brand new DFY 2017 design & video templates that enable you to create your own social media marketing cover, video marketing and promotional banners. How Does Graphic SocmunoWork?

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RBKK9ErnLk&feature=youtu.be What Will You Get With GraphicSocmuno? MODULE 1: Coffee Shop Social Media Marketing "FacebookCover" "TwitterCover" "G PlusCover"

  4. "YoutubeCover" "Flayer and BussinessCard"

  5. MODULE 2: Music Social MediaMarketing "FacebookCover" "TwitterCover"

  6. "G PlusCover" "YoutubeCover" "Flayer and BussinessCard"

  7. MODULE 3: BarberShop Social MediaMarketing "FacebookCover" "TwitterCover"

  8. "G PlusCover" "YoutubeCover" "Flayer and BussinessCard"

  9. MODULE 4: Heavy Equipment Social MediaMarketing "FacebookCover" "TwitterCover"

  10. "G PlusCover" "YoutubeCover" "Flayer and BussinessCard"

  11. MODULE 5: Resto Social MediaMarketing "FacebookCover" "TwitterCover"

  12. "G PlusCover" "YoutubeCover" "Flayer and BussinessCard"

  13. MODULE 6: Wedding Social MediaMarketing "FacebookCover" "TwitterCover"

  14. "G PlusCover" "YoutubeCover" "Flayer and BussinessCard"

  15. MODULE 7: Laundry Social MediaMarketing "FacebookCover" "TwitterCover"

  16. "G PlusCover" "YoutubeCover" "Flayer and BussinessCard"

  17. MODULE 8: Fashion Social MediaMarketing "FacebookCover" "TwitterCover"

  18. "G PlusCover" "YoutubeCover" "Flayer and BussinessCard"

  19. MODULE 9: Photograph Curriculum Vitae Social MediaMarketing "FacebookCover" "TwitterCover"

  20. "G PlusCover" "YoutubeCover" "Flayer and BussinessCard"

  21. MODULE 10: HomeStay Social MediaMarketing "FacebookCover" "TwitterCover"

  22. "G PlusCover" "YoutubeCover" "Flayer and BussinessCard"

  23. MODULE 11: Explainer VideoTemplates

  24. MODULE 12: MascotCharacter

  25. MODULE 13: 500 Premium Stock FootageVideo

  26. MODULE 14: 1000 StockImage

  27. EXTRAMODUL Instagram PromoTemplates

  28. EXTRA MODUL PART2 40 DFY Design FaceBook and TwitterHeader

  29. EXTRA MODUL PART3 Chef White Board AnimatedCharacter

  30. EXTRA MODUL PART4 Man White Board AnimatedCharacter

  31. EXTRA MODUL PART5 Work White Board AnimatedCharacter

  32. EXTRA MODUL PART6 Man Laundry White Board AnimatedCharacter

  33. EXTRA MODUL PART7 Man Laundry White Board AnimatedCharacter

  34. EXTRA MODUL PART8 15 animatedBackgrounds

  35. EXTRA MODUL PART9 50 animated iconsymbol EXTRA MODUL PART10 6 Pack OF BrandingKit

  36. How ItWorks: Step 1: Choose from their proventemplates Step 2: Edit with drag and drop styke to change text, color and some logo to yourstyle Step 3: Save and profesional design done in minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KPdyapokmk&feature=youtu.be And now after revealing all the features inside Graphic Socmuno, they are not about to stop there. They are including a very valuable bonus, designed to enhance your result with GraphicSocmuno. Exclusive Bonuses From GraphicSocmuno BONUS 1: DFY Graphic Pack!

  37. BONUS 2: Man and Female Mascot Creator!

  38. BONUS3

  39. "Create your own professional videos in a snap"

  40. "Easy way to Create Professional MobileWebsites" BONUS 4: 200 DFY MASCOTCHARACTER



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