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Globalizing SFC

Globalizing SFC

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Globalizing SFC

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  1. Globalizing SFC Monica Nagashima Shintaro Kiba Asuka Ichikawa Keisuke Ohsaki

  2. Globalization and the World • Merging of cultures, ideas, economies • Increased international political interactions

  3. Globalization and SFC Allowing domestic and international students to mingle, so they can exchange • culture • language • ideas • experience • fun

  4. YES! to SFC Globalization We aim to create a PORT where: The Japanese students The international acquire the skills students can necessary to face comfortably the globalizing world enter the Japanese society

  5. And therefore, we DON’T want to replace the Japanese culture at SFC with foreign ones BUT RATHER add international ideas to the Japanese culture

  6. What International students can gain at SFC: • Experience the Japanese culture and customs, so they can bring some of it back to their homes • Japan is the best place to learn Japanese • Higher chances of working in Japan – the third largest economy in the world

  7. Globalizationof SFC? Why should the Japanese students care about the

  8. Japan cannot survive in isolation from the outside world • Japan is dependent on international trade “Natural resources: negligible mineral resources, fish note: with virtually no energy natural resources, Japan is the world's largest importer of coal and liquefied natural gas, as well as the second largest importer of oil” - index • Many firms are export oriented: cars, electronics… • Lots of technological, medical, agricultural, etc. progress comes from international cooperation

  9. Many companies are adjusting to the situation Among 351 companies in Japan, 33.9% of them are willing employ graduates from foreign universities WHY? Because foreign students tend to know more languages (especially English) and are better at cross cultural communication Note: for this same reason, they also tend to hire more returnees

  10. How can we get the Japanese students ready to meet this demand? Working adults are starting tolearn Englishwith extra expenses. SFC students have the opportunity to learn it nowthrough fun interactions with foreign students! Develop aglobal outlookby learning and experiencing other cultures from foreign students → Gain the confidenceto interact with foreigners. Acquiretechnical vocabulary through participation in classes conducted in English!

  11. So, wouldn’t it be nice to have moreforeign students?

  12. However, the current situation is…

  13. Comparison with other universities in Japan Ratio of Foreign Students to the Total Number of Students

  14. Conclusion: few international students

  15. Reasons: What problems do the international students face at SFC? Language Barrier • Forms (attendance) • Web mail • Websites • Posters Number of Classes offered in English is too small

  16. Reasons: What problems do the international students face at SFC? Lack of On-Campus Housing • Finding housing in Japanese • Many other universities have on-campus housing - Great way to make friends! • Transportation - Where to go? - Where to buy commuter pass?

  17. Possible reasons why few foreign students apply to SFC Image of Introvert Japanese Society • Japanese students are timid to interact with foreign students (language and culture barrier) • If foreign students wish to interact → lack of support: - no unified website for clubs, circles - no help with part time job finding - no student tutors

  18. Other concerns of international students • No international lounge, or place where internationals can mingle • Cost of education - Most frequently asked questions to the office are about tuition and scholarships

  19. Action Plan: Short Term

  20. Combining English and Japanese classes • Classes that require little verbal communication - PE, creative workshops • Helps break the language and culture barrier

  21. Students who can help other students • Staff who can help with getting used to life in Japan - Masters students’ problems… personal life - behavior tips - places to chill, etc! • Tutors who can help with classes - not only languages but other classes as well

  22. Signs around Campus • Make them both in English and Japanese - GIGA students are not required to know Japanese. So how should they get around?

  23. Action Plan: Long Term

  24. A bigger variety of classes conducted in English • SFC can attract more students with a wider scope of interests

  25. On-Campus housing • For both international and Japanese students • Allow them to live together to facilitate cultural and linguistic exchange • Practice Japanese or English outside of class • Go out and have fun!

  26. Unified Website • For all information - link to class pages - link to clubs and circles • Also offered in English

  27. Scholarships • More scholarships for international students and Japanese students who have lived abroad

  28. Recap Our group proposes the policies to fix the current problems international students face, to be able to enroll more international students to SFC. This, in turn, will help the Japanese students interact more with internationals, giving them skills and courage to further develop Japan in this globalized world.

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