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By: Abby Haywood

By: Abby Haywood

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By: Abby Haywood

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  1. Literary Elements in “To Kill A Mockingbird” By: Abby Haywood

  2. Symbolism • The burning of Miss Maudie’s house means a new beginning for her. • I think that the author added this part of the book because it shows that even if something bad happens, good can come even if it takes time. • Miss Maudie’s recovery of the fire showed the readers that Miss Maudie has gumption, and she tries to find the good in things.

  3. Imagery • An image that the author described in detail was the snowman that Jem and Scout made, it was said to look like an actual person. • Another thing that the author described in vivid detail was the fire in Miss Maudie’s house. • I think the author described the fire with a lot of detail because the reader will be able to picture the trauma and commotion going on at the time. • The author described Jem and Scout’s snowman in a lot of detail to allow the reader to picture how well the snowman looked, and to show the amount of work Jem and Scout spent on the snowman.

  4. Setting • The setting of chapter 8 in “To Kill A Mockingbird” is mostly centered around Jemand Scout’s neighborhood. • When they are building the snowman its in the afternoon, but when Miss Maudie’s house is on fire it late at light. • The mood mysterious because no one has seen snow in a while and everyone questions it. The mood is tense when the town is trying to stop the fire in Miss Maudie’s house. • I can tell that from the way people acted towards the fire and seeing Jem and Scout’s snowman shows that people in the town care about each other, and have respect for each other.

  5. Theme • The theme of chapter 8 is even after something out of the ordinary happens, something good can happen. • When it was snowing no body knew what to do, then Jem and Scout found a way to have fun by building a snowman. • When Miss Maudie’s house caught on fire she was happy and appreciated that her small house was gone. • I think that that author included this element because it identifies the importance and significance of an event.

  6. Foreshadowing • I think that the author is guiding us to realize that Boo Radley isn’t bad or harmful. • When Boo put the blanket on Scout it showed that he cared about his neighbors and children. • I think the way the author used this element is slowly developing a realization that if something keeps to itself, it isn’t harmless. Mockingbird

  7. Characterization • The most important people in chapter 8 was Scout, Jem, Miss Maudie, and Boo Radley. • Scout: Indirect, protagonist, round, dynamic • Jem: Indirect, confidant, round, dynamic • Miss Maudie: Indirect, confidant, flat, dynamic • Boo Radley: Indirect, round, static • I think the author included this element to show the characteristics and the personalities of the different characters in the story. Scout Finch Jem Finch Miss Maudie Boo Radley