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  1. SHOW ME THE MONEY Fund-amentals: Andrea Corson Brenna LeClair UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-LA CROSSE

  2. Ice Breaker • Break into groups

  3. What is Fundraising? • Definition: the organized activity of raising funds (Merriam-Webster) • Fundraisers can be a great way to bring a group together and work towards a single cause • Creates involvement for members and if there are prizes involved it can be fun and competitive as well

  4. Purposes of Fundraising • To obtain more income • Fundraising is about building relationships as well as raising money. With a good fundraising program your organization will also enjoy: • Increased visibility • A stronger sense of organizational identity • Better relations among your board, your staff and with the community you serve • And of course, with the money you raise, you will be able to offer: • Better programs and services • More programs and services • More effective programs and services Source:

  5. Plan a Fundraiser • Register your event with the university, if necessary • Plan the publicity campaign: Design signs (talk to graphic design professors for student talent--part of coursework?), Chalk sidewalks, Post on your website and your chapter’s myGK group, Campus news bulletins/newspapers (online and/or paper) • Get the whole organization involved • Delegate tasks and form committees (food, equipment, reservations, tickets, publicity, etc.) • Get progress reports for the tasks, responsibilities, etc.

  6. Popular Fundraising Ideas • Bake sales • Not a big money maker, but it can be fun! • Have a baking party to make all the goodies • Remember to advertise 2 days prior • Raffles • Potentially a big money maker • Good places to start for donations: hotels, chain restaurants, coffee houses, clothing stores, dental and chiropractic offices • <10 donations: tickets $1 each • >10 donations: tickets $2 each or 3 for $5 • Set a small goal first: 75 tickets sold for a prize (after goal is reached multiply by 5)

  7. Popular Fundraising Ideas • Working at sporting events or music events • Call local establishments and inquire about having a group of GK members work on a specific night to fundraise (try university and city establishments) • Waiting lists are common • Lambeau Field Concessions (non-profit orgs) • earning potential is $10,000-$20,000 per season • Grocery Bagging • Many grocery stores will let you bag groceries as a fundraiser • Usually a one-day thing • The more people that participate, the more money you can make • Put out cans for shoppers to drop in their loose change

  8. What We’ve Done at UW-L • Put the coin in the shot glass in the aquarium • Guess the number of condoms in a jar • Beanie Babies raffle • Student government grants • Rotary lights

  9. Rotary Lights Highlight • What have we done? • Collaborated • Painted • Counted cars • Required to attend meetings and annual breakfast • Solder the designs for the lights • Survey on nights at the park • Decorate our tree • What do we get out of it? • Money • Community Recognition • Good will

  10. Brainstorming Activity • Get into your groups • What have you done that has worked in your chapters?

  11. More Fundraising Ideas Car wash. Dunk tank. Guess the number games. Pie auction. Pie Professors. Graduation flower sale. Care packages during finals. Walk-a-thon with pledges. Variety/talent shows. Tournaments--pool, cards, golf, tennis, etc. Fashion show. Carnival. King, Queen, or Calendar contest. Silent or live auction. T-shirt sale. Alumni donations. Movie night and refreshments. Gala event. Telethon. Yard sale. Campus donut sale. PROMOTION/PUBLICITY IS KEY!

  12. Wrap-up • Tips to remember: • Check with your campus regulations on fundraising • Tap into your honorary members • Collect all receipts, reimburse all parties and pay all bills • Thank all contributors and committee members (formal letters, kind note, appreciation dinner) • Update the Chapter Status/Activity Report • Plan for next year!