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3 Places to See Before You Die

3 Places to See Before You Die

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3 Places to See Before You Die

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  1. 3 Places to See Before You Die By: Brenden Haney

  2. Hong Kong Latitude/Longitude (Hong Kong Island) � 15' N, 114� 10' E Almost all the available land in Hong Kong is quite hilly. There are very steep mountains that drop into the sea, with some exceeding 2,500 ft. (764 m). The land is lower on the northern edges of Hong Kong Island, and in the north along the border with China. The only major river is the Sham Chun.

  3. Hotel Information Hotel name: Harbour Grand Hong Kong Hotel Duration: March 1, 2012 to March 29, 2012 $300.61 per night Total cost: $8,417.03

  4. Food When it comes to Chinese food, there certainly is a good variety to choose from. If you're a seafood lover, it is plentiful in Hong Kong. Countless restaurants have fish tanks outside (and in) displaying the goods, which not only includes fish, shrimps, crabs, lobsters, and eels, you might even see stingrays and creatures unnamed.

  5. Entertainment/Daily Activities Disneyland, Hong kong As of 2005, Hong Kong now has its very own Disneyland, complete with all the traditional Disney rides and attractions (sans the Haunted Mansion). The 126-hectare park is located on Lantau Island, overlooking Penny’s Bay. Total:HKD 27,032.50 Splash Hong Kong Scuba diving Hong Kong has some surprisingly worthwhile diving spots, particularly in the far northeast, and there is certainly no shortage of courses. Dive Trips in and around Hong Kong waters. Diving in Hong Kong is both challenging and rewarding. If you have never dived in Hong Kong there is an article we wrote on diving on Hong Kong called "Something Fishy" which will give some idea of what to expect. Trips vary in price from $480 to $780 depending on how far a field we are going out (fuel costs) which includes 2 tanks., weight belts and lunch. Additional gear hire is $150 per set. Hong kong sunset cruise plus dinner at the jumbo floating restaurant: Price per person minimum of 1 adult required:$120.57 Total cost:$361.71 Departs: 5:35 pm

  6. Galapagos islands Latitude/Longitude (Absolute Locations) Puerto Baquerizo Moreno: (capital city) 0° 54' S, 89° 36' W Puerto Ayora: 0° 45' S, 90° 19' W Puerto Villamil: 0° 57' S, 91° 0' W

  7. Hotel Information • Hotel Casa Natura Galapagos • 1 Room: Triple Room - Breakfast Plan • 27 Nights: Mar/30/2012 - Apr/26/2012 • Mandatory Hotel Fees: Collected by hotel • avg./night • Room 1: 3 Adults • $225.00 • $49.51 • Total: $7,189 • Triple Room - Breakfast Plan= 3 single Cotton linens. 45 square meters. Windows open to view of the city, garden, and pool. Television with cable channels and free movie channels. Ensuite bathroom with shower. Complimentary toiletries. Air conditioning. Hair dryer available on request. And Free Wireless Internet Breakfast Buffet

  8. Food Specially prepared fish dish with coconut milk and accompanied with green banana and corn.

  9. Entertainment/Daily Activities GALAPAGOS SNORKELING: For those of you not ready to emerge themselves 30 meters in the sea, snorkeling in the Galapagos islands is an amazing adventure activity. You'll see everything from sharks and turtles to penguins and boobies flopping around the water. You can spend hours in the water enjoying the show! GALAPAGOS SCUBA DIVING: Listed as one of the top diving spots in the world, diving in The Galapagos is an adventure come true. Whale Sharks, White Tips, Hammerheads, Garden Eels, Sea Lions, whales, schools of colorful fish, corals, and crystal clear water characterize a typical adventure day diving in the islands. Go with the best -- Scuba Iguana will send you with top Galapagos adventure divers to the best diving spots around the Galapagos islands. For more advanced divers, Scuba Iguana also does adventure live aboard charters to Darwin and Wolf (there you'll dive to great depths to see the most mystifying animals of the oceans!) GALAPAGOS HIKING: Few to no places are open to free hiking in the Galapagos, though you can find a few adventure trails on San Cristobol and Santa Cruz. We recommend, though, for all hikes, to go with a Galapagos adventure guide. The Galapagos guides can point out the fascinating details of the islands, turning a beautiful activity hike into an encylopedic experience. Take good walking shoes, lots of water, and don't wander off! It's easier to get lost on these islands than you think.

  10. Brazil Latitude/Longitude (Absolute Locations) Brasília: (capital city) 15° 46' S, 47° 55' W Fortaleza: 3° 43' S, 38° 32' W Manaus: 3° 6' S, 60° 1' W Porto Alegre: 30° 1' S, 51° 13' W Salvador: 12° 58' S, 38° 30' W

  11. Hotel Information Deluxe room Includes: Free Wireless Internet $435 a day 27 Nights: Apr/28/2012 - May/25/2012 1 king 2 twin Pillowtop mattress with premium bedding including Egyptian cotton linens and down duvet. Windows open to view of the city, mountains, and garden. Desk. LCD television with premium cable channels and free movie channels. Complimentary wireless Internet access. In-room safe. Refrigerator and minibar. Ensuite bathroom with shower/tub combination. Bath amenities include hair dryer, makeup/shaving mirror, and complimentary toiletries. Bathrobes and slippers. Air conditioning. Total cost:

  12. Food: Choices of Brazil popular foods are eaten throughout the country of Brazil and include pine nuts, yams, acai, cassava, hog plum, okra, peanuts, cheese bread, tapioca, and chourico, which is essentially a spicy sausage.The national dish of Brazil is called feijoada. It's a hearty meat stew made from pork and black beans. Traditional side dishes served with feijoada are kale, ground manioc, orange salad, and arroz. The Northern region of Brazil includes Tocantins, Rondonia, Acre, Amapa, Roraima, Para, and Amazonas. The people who live here are a mix of Portuguese and Indian. You will find foods like manioc, a root vegetable, peanuts, fish, peanuts, and tropical fruits eaten in this region. • Vatapá - a spicy, delicious mixture of bread, shrimp, red pepper, ginger, peanuts, coconut milk, palm oil and onions. • Tacacá - a popular soup made from jambú, a type of paracress (Brazilian herb), dried shrimp, yellow pepper and tucupi, a broth made of manioc root. • Maniçoba - a dish made with the leaves of the manioc plant that is often eaten during religious festivals. Leaves are ground to a pulp and then boiled for a week, and added to dried, salted or smoked meats and served with rice and farinha or cassava meal, which is also known as manioc root or macaxeira. • Pato no Tucup or Duck in Tucupi Stew, a stew made of duck boiled in manioc root broth. • Caruru is a Brazilian condiment that is made with okra, onions and shrimp, palm oil, and toasted cashews or peanuts. It is frequently enjoyed with acarajé, which is deep fried black eyed peas.

  13. Entertainment/Daily Activities Explore the Amazon: The world's largest rainforest contains one-third of all the living species on earth and is crossed by 10 of the world's 20 largest rivers, including the Amazon River. The usual base for trips is Manaus. Iguaçu Waterfalls: Go rafting beneath the awe-inspiring Iguaçu Waterfalls. Set amid rain forest in southern Brazil, these majestic falls are one of the great wonders of the Americas, with 275 individual falls encompassing a vast area. The highest fall, the Garganta do Diabo (Devil's Throat) reaches 70m (230ft), which is one and a half times the height of Niagara Falls. Pantanal: Wander the cobblestone streets of Paraty, a charming coastal town that was once a major port for the export of gold, and can easily be reached from Rio. Its wealth is reflected in the beautiful colonial buildings, such as Santa Rita Church, built by freed slaves.

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  15. Total Amount Spent Total for the Galapagos islands: About $20,000USD Total for Brazil: $37,830.20 Total for Gong Kong: $41,341.69USD Total for whole trip: About 101,000