a case of bronchial asthma n.
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  1. A CASE OF BRONCHIAL ASTHMA By Dr. Jawahar Shah M.D.(Hom)

  2. NOTE: To protect the patient’s identity, we have used a model’s picture or photographs for the purpose of presentation.

  3. A case of bronchial asthma A young girl of 18 years was brought with Bronchial Asthma. She was catholic and family was a strong believer of Jesus. When patient reported she was having very severe Asthma.

  4. Breathlessness worse by Cold drink Cold Water Draft of air Monsoon Getting wet Midnight fear

  5. Better by Dry Climate Warm drink Tea Going out of Mumbai

  6. Anxiety+3 Fear of death Thirst+2 Little water at a time Chilly Joints Cracking & Painful Restlessness+3

  7. Cough with white expectoration Resp: Cold Watery discharges

  8. Generals: Appetite - Normal Cravings –Sweet, Fast food, tea Aversion – Vegetables Bowel – Occasionally Constipated Urine – Normal

  9. Thirst – Increased ++ Sweat - Profuse in summer, underarms Sleep - less because of attacks and thoughts

  10. Dreams – Flying, Water, God

  11. Bath – Warm water Fan - Likes except during attack Sun - aggravates Headache Weather - Prefers mild weather Covering - Covers only in winter

  12. Birth weight: 8 pounds Age of talking: 1 year Age of teething 8 months

  13. Mental State: Studying in First Year of College. In love with a Muslim boy since last 3 years. They meet frequently. She has 2 Brothers and 1 Sister. Sister is studying Medicine.

  14. She is 2nd child in the family, is pampered a lot. She is tall, beautiful and attractive. She can attract anybody easily.

  15. When asked more details, she has physical relation with that boy regularly and she has got pregnant once already and she had aborted the foetus.

  16. She gets very angry and in anger she would break things.

  17. She has marked stage fright and she cannot face the crowd. She can get very nervous when she faces audience. She did OK with the SSC, could only get admission with great difficulty in College.

  18. Repertorisation table for acute totality We arrived at remedy by using the world’s largest database homoeopathic software - Hompath.

  19. Dear Reader, we are happy / it is our pleasure to inform you that Speciality Clinic is powered by the Homeopathic Software with the World’s Largest Database, HOMPATH. The information given in the subsequent slides is to educate the Reader on the intricate working of the Clinic in the treatment of the patient.

  20. The patient was prescribed on basis of acute totality. - Arsenic. album

  21. Constitutional totality: Heavy baby Anger – Violent Contradiction intolerant of Charge to sex3 premarital Guilt Worse by Monsoon, getting wet Better by Dry climate Cracking joints Attractiveness

  22. Lectures of homeopathy J.T Kent- Calc-f

  23. Patient was given Ars Alb, got better and was followed by Calc flour 200 gradually increased it to Calc flour 10m. This cured the patient and is all right till date.

  24. Learning:Prescription should be based on the present totality, within the acute phase considering the acute totality the present state should be treated with acute simillimum and when later the acute attack has subsided considering the chronic totality the constitutional medicine is given.

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