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Army Volunteer Corps Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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Army Volunteer Corps Orientation

Army Volunteer Corps Orientation

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Army Volunteer Corps Orientation

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  1. Army Volunteer Corps Orientation

  2. Orientation Checklist • AVC History & Bill of Rights • Garrison Organizational Chart • Record Keeping • Vicenza Volunteer Opportunities • Types of Volunteers • Volunteer Chain of Command • Agency & Volunteer Expectations • Safety • Grievance Procedures • Privacy Act, Code of Ethics & Confidentiality Requirements • Awards, Evaluation & Training Policies • Volunteer Etiquette

  3. MISSION Promote and strengthen volunteerism by uniting community volunteer efforts, supporting professional management, enhancing volunteer career mobility, and establishing volunteer partnerships to support individual personal growth and life long volunteer commitment. VISION A trained and resourced professional volunteer force supported by Army leadership and prepared to contribute To Army readiness and well-being. EMBLEM/LOGO Army Volunteer Corps History

  4. Army Volunteer CorpsBill of Rights • Loyalty • Duty • Respect • Selfless Service • Honor • Integrity • Personal Courage

  5. Record • Register as a user – Create User Name and Password 2. Register as an AVC Volunteer – Create Profile 3.Search for Opportunities Must be DONE: (Organizations keep on file) DA Form 4162 (online) DD Form 2793 (volunteer agreement form) DA Form 5671 (parental permission if under 18) Back Ground Check (if working with children)

  6. What’s in the Volunteer Files?(The files are maintained by the OPOCs) Volunteer Agreement Form – DD 2793 Volunteer Code of Ethics Confidentiality Statement Gratuitous Service Agreement (for local nationals) Photography Release Parental Permission – DA Form 5671 Copies of Background Checks Copies of Evaluations, Trainings and Certificates Publicity (newspaper clippings) ** Forms are updated annually

  7. Post Volunteer Opportunities…

  8. ExpectationsOrganizational and Personal *Organizational Expectations *Personal Expectations *Local National Expectations *Volunteer Expectations - Unrealistic expectation to expect to get paid for volunteer work -Unrealistic expectation to expect to get a paid position due to volunteer work. If you don’t know…ASK Questions!

  9. Types of Volunteers • Statutory Volunteers – authorized by federal statute in support of certain DoD activities • Private Organization Volunteers – part of non-federal entities authorized to operate on the installation • Gratutious Service Volunteers – Provide services to the installation not covered under the federal statute

  10. Safety • Volunteers should never be in a position where they feel they are not safe • If you see an unsafe situation, report it immediately to you volunteer manager or supervisor

  11. Grievance Procedures for Statutory Volunteers • Investigation Flow Chart • Standard Procedures which involve • Employees • Volunteers • Property Damage • Destruction or loss • Injury or Death • Investigation can be requested

  12. Privacy, Confidentiality & Ethics Requirements • Acknowledge the role of volunteering • Will adhere to confidentiality guidelines • DO NOT disclose any confidential information • Disclosure of personal information can result in TERMINATION of ALL volunteer positions

  13. Trainings and Evaluations Pre-Job Training On-the-Job Training Professional Development Annual Evaluations Instructor Evaluations Awards and Recognition Certificates Thank You’s Luncheon Recognition Ceremonies A “Pat on the Back” Evaluation, Training & Awards Volunteers make a World of DIFFERENCE

  14. Dress Appropriately Notification of Absence Check-In Procedures Break areas/times Telephone etiquette Volunteer Etiquette

  15. 100 Years from now… it will not matter what my bank account was, the type of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove… but the world will be different because I was a VOLUNTEER! Thank You for being a USAG Vicenza Volunteer!!!