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  1. PROJECT INFORMATION PUBLIC OUTREACH • Public involvement and public relations activities comprise a fundamentally important aspect of the process. Public participation and relations programs are integrated throughout the planning process to facilitate the distribution of information and to assure effective use of feedback. • Further information can be obtained on the project website:www.azcommerce.com/communityplanning/compatibility WHO IS INVOLVED? • State of Arizona, Department of Commerce • Department of Defense, Office of Economic Adjustment • Cities of Surprise and Glendale • Towns of Buckeye and Wickenburg • Maricopa County • Luke Air Force Base • Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) • Consultant Team (PARSONS) • Stakeholders and Public

  2. PROJECT OBJECTIVE AND GOALS PRIMARY PROJECT OBJECTIVE “This Project is an undertaking of statewide impact designed to find resolutions to land use compatibility and encroachment issues through collaborative effort and strong implementation.” • OVERALL PROJECT GOALS • Compile and analyze existing plans and studies to identify existing data, data needs, and points of consistency and conflict among the existing documentation in the area of encroachment prevention. • Identify uses that are compatible, acceptable, and feasible uses of land in the vicinity of military installations, airports, and ranges, including the noise and accident potential zones. • Provide for input by landowners, state, county and municipal governmental agencies, educational institutions, and other interested parties. • Develop a strong implementation plan to prevent encroachment by urban development and its resulting impacts on military missions and sustainability, by establishing solid compatibility criteria and strong policies that can be implemented by federal, state, and local governments. • Develop and/or identify land use planning and zoning tools, strategies, and techniques that fairly allocate impacts of the program with respect to federal, state and local governments, private landowners and the military community.

  3. PROJECT INFORMATION BACKGROUND • The Arizona Military Regional Compatibility Project is a statewide endeavor – military airports, installations, and the Barry M. Goldwater Range. • Luke Air Force Base Auxiliary Field # 1 Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) is the third phase of this statewide endeavor. • Funding is provided by the State of Arizona and a Department of Defense JLUS grant. • The State of Arizona’s role is to act as a convener to engage all parties. • The Study Area for the Luke AFB Auxiliary Field # 1 JLUS includes the areas within the Luke AFB Vicinity Box and is defined by the Auxiliary Field # 1 noise contours and flight paths.

  4. WORK PROGRAM • GUIDING PRINCIPLES • Feasible and Sustainable Solutions • Include in Municipal and County Plans • Openness to Varying Viewpoints • Focus on Fair and Equitable Solutions • Consistency and Continuity in Decision-Making • Achieve Consent • Solutions that Accommodate Development While Maintaining Military Mission • APPROACH • Use Available Data • Determine Areas of Highest Impact • Develop Alternatives • “Tool Kit” for Implementation • Collaborative Process

  5. STUDY DIRECTION / RECOMMENDATIONS • Surprise General Plan Amendment is basis for defining compatible land use around Auxiliary Field #1; City is proceeding with review / adoption of GP Amendment. • Luke Air Force Base will proceed with updated noise study for future Auxiliary Field #1 operations. • Recommend that State law be revised to allow counties to manage growth and development in the same way as cities. • Maricopa County to maintain current planned land use and zoning around Auxiliary Field #1 until annexed by City of Surprise or until County Comprehensive Plan and zoning revised to more compatible use. • Provide compatible land uses that will support Auxiliary Field #1 with successor aircraft, and recognize that mission may change, involving takeoffs / landings at the Field. • Define a “Vicinity Box” for Auxiliary Field #1, and recommend that notification be required consistent with provisions for other military airports. • Define APZs at both ends of the Auxiliary Field #1 runway. • Recommend that an ongoing body be designated to address ongoing land use coordination and implementation issues for Auxiliary Field #1 – possibly as a subcommittee of the Luke West Valley Council. • LANTIRN pattern is to be relocated no later than December ’04 to an unknown location; Luke Air Force Base LAFB to pursue analysis for LANTIRN operations as part of future studies.

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