sales promotion and personal selling n.
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Sales Promotion and Personal Selling PowerPoint Presentation
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Sales Promotion and Personal Selling

Sales Promotion and Personal Selling

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Sales Promotion and Personal Selling

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  1. Sales Promotion and Personal Selling
  2. Lesson Objectives Define sales promotion and its purposes Trade promotions vs. consumer sales promotions Identify types of trade promotions and consumer sales promotions Define personal selling and its purposes Distinguish between order-takers and order-getters
  3. SALES PROMOTION strategies used to stimulate the customer to take action
  4. Sales Promotion uses marketing devices to: stimulate purchases inform customers about products create a positive business image increase business traffic.
  5. TRADE PROMOTIONS Sales promotion activities designed to gain support for a product from: manufacturers wholesalers retailers
  6. Types of Trade Promotions Slotting allowance – cash premium paid to retailer by manufacturer for cost of putting product on shelf Buying allowance – similar to quantity discount – encourages the purchase of more Trade shows and conventions Sales incentives – awards given for meeting quotas for certain products or product lines
  7. Consumer Sales Promotions

    Red tag sale 30% off Efforts designed to increase store traffic and to encourage product sales
  8. Consumer Sales Promotions Premiums: prizes or rewards for purchase Coupons (most popular) Factory packs: gifts in packages Trading stamps Rebates (with proof of purchase) Contests (games of skill) Sweepstakes (games of chance) Product samples (no purchase necessary) mail, door-to-door, stores, trade shows
  9. Other Consumer Sales Promotions Licensing – Organizations allow their logo, trademark, etc. to be used to promote another product Promotional tie-ins – Arrangements between retailers and mfrs to promote products
  11. Personal Selling is... Communicating with customers directly by making oral sales presentations. Completing the sale
  12. Types of Personal Selling Order-taking personnel Cashiers Counter clerks Sales associates Order-getting personnel Professional sales Industrial sales Extensive training involved Higher-priced items
  13. Let’s Review What is the purpose of sales promotion? How do trade promotions differ from consumer sales promotions? Give some examples of consumer sales promotions. What are the 2 types of personal selling? How do they differ?