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  1. HOCKEY By TausonPfeifle

  2. Table Of Contents • What Is Hockey? • Hockey On Live TV. • What Refs Do. • A Power Play. • The Forwards. • Rules.

  3. What Is Hockey? Guess what hockey is? Oh, fine, I’ll tell you. Hockey has mostly been played in Canada. There are six people on the ice at one time. The first ice rink was made in 1876 in Chelsea, London. An NHL hockey rink is 200 feet long and 85 feet wide. There are a lot of teams, most teams are NHL teams. Field hockey was invented because of hockey. Hockey is when you have a jersey, a puck and a team. There are a lot of teams, including the NY Rangers and the Boston Bruins. This goalie is ready for his game.

  4. Hockey on Live TV Did you know time out happens at 6 10 and 14 minutes of play for commercials? Hockey has been on tv in the U.S since the 1950s, but was in Canada first. NHL owns a tv network. They own 2 versions; one for Canada and one for the U.S. These are all the NHL teams .

  5. What do Referees Do? Refs are there for a lot of reasons. Let me tell you some. Refs are there to see who gets the goals and who does the penalty. They watch to see who has a neck guard. If you do not have a neck guard, they will kick you out so you have to go get one. In NHL hockey there are four refs; two refs to see who gets the penalty and two refs to see who gets the goals. The refs will break up a fight when some one falls to the ground.

  6. A Power Play • Guess what a power play is? Oh fine I’ll tell you. A power play is when a person gets a penalty so it is 5 on 6. If the other team ices the puck that is when you shoot the puck up the ice behind the red line. If no one touches the puck then that would be an icing. If the other team scores, then the person from the penalty box gets out. This picture shows a player taking a shot to the net to try to score .

  7. The Forwards There are three players who are on the ice that are called forwards. There is a left wing, center and right wing. Their jobs are to pass and shoot the puck at the net in the other team’s zone. In their zone they help keep the puck away from their goalie. When it is one on one, it is called a break away. This is a faceoff that is when a ref drops the puck in the center .

  8. Rules If you trip someone, you go in the penalty box for how long the refs tell you to . If the goalie trips someone, then the coach gets to pick someone who goes in the penalty box. It has to be someone that was on the ice at that time. The ref puts his or her hand up straight in the air so people know there is a penalty. A fight is a minor penalty is 4 minutes If you are in the center it will be a penalty.

  9. Glossary • Brake away is when it is one on one. • Forwards is a position that a hockey player plays. • Penalty is when someone gets a fine on the ice so they go in the penalty boxes . • Power play is when it is 5 0n 6 . • NHL is a major hockey program. • Score is a goal but said in a different way