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Doug McClain Researcher PowerPoint Presentation
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Doug McClain Researcher

Doug McClain Researcher

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Doug McClain Researcher

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  1. Doug McClain Researcher Doug McClain is a researcher of unmet medical conditions and is currently working to find treatments that may alleviate pain associated with diseases such as cancer, diabetes, psoriasis and other autoimmune diseases. Since he began helping those in need through Living Word Ministries in the 1970's, McClain has realized the need to address not only a cure for these diseases but the comfort and treatment in disease related ailments.

  2. Doug McClain Christian Medical Researcher Doug McClain is a Christian researcher who has devoted his life to caring for others. As a young adult, McClain worked with Living Word Ministries spreading the gospel and helping those in need. Later in his career, McClain was able to turn his desire to help others into a passion for medical research and conducting clinical research in immunotherapy.

  3. Doug McClain Highly Successful Medical Researcher As a researcher who has been working on immunotherapy treatments since the 1990's, Doug McClain and his associates developed a small molecular weight amino acid that successfully led to a breakthrough in small molecular peptides for immune deficient diseases. His great success has led to several breakthroughs in immunotherapy treatment options for those suffering from chronic illnesses. McClain continues to work on these treatments and is currently conducting clinical research around the world.

  4. Doug McClain Advancing Immunotherapy Research Doug McClain has helped advance the field of immunotherapy through clinical research and providing much-needed education to fellow researchers regarding immunotherapy protocols. Throughout his career, McClain's research has led to the development of a small molecular weight amino acid for immune deficiency conditions and a breakthrough in small molecular peptides. McClain continues his work to find treatments and cures for these serious diseases.

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