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G r adua te S t uden t O ri en t a ti o n De par t m e n t o f P la n t S c i e n c es Chair , Chri s v a n K essel PowerPoint Presentation
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G r adua te S t uden t O ri en t a ti o n De par t m e n t o f P la n t S c i e n c es Chair , Chri s v a n K essel

G r adua te S t uden t O ri en t a ti o n De par t m e n t o f P la n t S c i e n c es Chair , Chri s v a n K essel

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G r adua te S t uden t O ri en t a ti o n De par t m e n t o f P la n t S c i e n c es Chair , Chri s v a n K essel

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  1. GraduateStudent Orientation Department ofPlantSciences Chair, ChrisvanKessel • CAO: DMadderra2-2683; • MainOfficeLocation: 1210PES Bldg. - Officehours: 8AM–5PM(ClosedNoon-1PM) • HumanResourcesPersonnel and Accountants areassignedtospecific faculty, pleasecheckthe following link: • MelanieGreenleaf, • CindySalazar, 4-6148cmsalazar@ucdavis.eduKristy Badger-Geer,2-9102kgeer@ucdavis.eduBaljitNijjar, • HumanResources Receptionist, Travel/Entertainmentand Chair’s Assistant: Najwa Marrush, • Graduate/UndergraduateStudentAdvisors: • Lisa Brown,GraduateAdvisor,1224PES, • TheresaCosta, UndergraduateAdvisor, 1220PES, • TheHR UnitforPlantSciencesoversees thebelowfunctions: Mail distribution/Mailboxes • Maintains thePS listdirectory Keysforall buildings • Academic/Staff/StudentEmployment Payroll • Workers Compensation Teaching • Mail distribution/Mailboxes. Receives allthemail forthe Plant&Environmental Sciences Bldg. (PES), Mail Stop1. This unitservesas thedefault ifmailis incorrectly labeled;thereforepleasebesureto indicatetheappropriatemailstopcodewith thebuildingyour located in.

  2. PerUC policy, you shouldnotbeusingyour UCmailaddress for incoming personalmail nor placeyour personalmail intheoutgoingmail boxes. For personalmail,thereis aUS Postal servicelocated attheMU. • Mailboxes: In general graduatestudents share mailboxeswiththelaboratoryassociated withtheassigned facultymember • Maintains thePS listdirectory. Pleasebesurewhenyoumovefromabuildingto notify your HRassistantORNajwa Marrush sowecan appropriatelyupdatethelistandavoid delayinyoureceivingyourcampusmail. Also, incaseof anemergencywecanlocate you ASAP. • Keys. Toobtain building/labkeys you needtofillouta keyauthorizationform, obtain appropriatesignatures (PI),and returnthecompletedformtothekey. • SeeNajwaMarrush • Academic/Staff/Student Employment • Workingas a GraduateStudentResearcher, TeachingAssistant,or AssociateIn isa good wayto gain professionalexperienceand advance yourcareer, aswellasearna paycheckandobtain feeremissions. ToobtainaGSRand/orTA position,thebestway tostartis toinquirewithinyourowngraduategroupor department. GraduateStudies alsohasa partial listingofavailableTA, Reader, andGSR positionsontheirwebsite, under Financial Support. • A minimumof3.0 GPAis requiredtohold an academicappointment. GSR appointments, above25%and notexceeding50%time, providefull remissionof in-statefeesand nonresidentfees. Option: Whenthequarter hasended in June, youmayworkupto100%through Sept.of course,this is atthediscretionof your supervisor. (Also,somegraduategroups restrictthepercentageofsummer employment). • As a graduatestudentyoumayworka totalof15 quarters asa GraduateStudent Researcher andatotalof 15quartersas aTeaching Assistant,or AssociateIn_.You may beappointed upto18 quarters ineithercategoryexceptionto policy. The 18- quarter limitis absoluteand noexceptionswill begranted. • Teaching Assistant • TAship appointments,above25%and notexceeding50%time, providepartial remissionof in-statefees. • Teachingtitles suchas TA,Reader, AssociateIn, andTutor receiveafull remissionof their health insurance/studentservices health fee, registration,and educationalfees. Localfees, including GSA fee, MemorialUnionfee,facilitiesandcampusenhancement fee, andstudentservices safety fee,arenotincludedin thefee remission.

  3. Each departmenthas its own applicationsforTeaching Assistantpositions, which youshould filloutquarterly/annuallyif you areinterested inaTA positionplease seeLisa Brown, 1224PESBldg. Deadlinesand application proceduresvary. • Payroll: Paidoncea monthandonthefollowing firstof themonth(workSeptember, paidOctober1st) you receiveyourpayCheck. You areencouragedtosign upfordirect deposit insteadofobtaininga monthlypayroll check. If youelecttoreceivea check, pleaseseeNajwaMarrush,1210PES Bldg. Youwillneedto bringaPhotoIDcardto obtainyour check. • Workers Compensation/Safety: • If youencounter a workrelated injury,pleasereportthis injurytoyour supervisor who will instruct youor takeyoutotheStudentHealthCenter or Occupational Health Center. Ifan injuryshouldhappen after5:00 pm and/oronweekends then pleasegoto StudentHealthCenterandthen reporttheinjuryASAPtosupervisor sowecan completetheinjuryreport.An Injuryreportformmustbecompletedwithin24hoursof workrelated injury. Further informationonWC: • Buildingevacuation procedures: Theevacuationmapfor each building is located inthefoyerineach building;please makesureyoutakea momentto reviewthe plansoyou arepreparedwhenthefirealarms gooff. • PlantSciences Polo Shirts/T-Shirts/Hats. Ifyou interested in purchasing: PoloShirt ($20.00);T-Shirt($12.50);Outbackhat($15.00); Baseball cap($12.00), pleasesee Najwa.

  4. BusinessUnit: HeatherKawakamiManager, • BusinessUnit staff generaloverviewof servicesprovided:(noteonlyprimary functionsare listed) • AccountManagement(extramural, general funded, giftRevenueaccounts) Set up, monitorandcloseoutof Accounts • EffortReporting&CostSharing • Contractand GrantSubmissions (Business Unitstaff will reviewbudget,budget justifications, completeSF424forms prior tosubmissions throughsponsored programsand granting agencies. PrepareInternal documentsrequired by SponsoredPrograms) • PleasenotethatthePI submitting proposalis responsibleforall other documents/fontsizeetcwithintheproposal.Youmustsubmitall your grants throughtheBusiness Unitprior tosendingtoSPO forsubmission. • GiftAcceptance • Sub awardcontractsonextramural Grants (preparedocumentationtoSPO) • Cash Collections • JastroShieldsaccounts • For informationon UCaccountingsystem/SponsoredPrograms, whattoexpect;howtosubmit a grantproposal; howtoreview your accountinformation, pleasecontactyourassigned account managerorthebusinessunit manager. • If youwould likedirectaccess toyouraccountinformationon line, pleasesee: HeatherKawakamihekawakami@ucdavis.eduat 530-754-7968.

  5. Purchasing/OfficeAssistant Unit Staff: Each facultymemberisassigneda purchasing assistant. If your assigned purchasingassistant isout of theofficeyoucancontactanyof thePurchasing Unitstaff to answer yourquestions ortheBusinessUnitManager. • PurchasingUnitstaff generaloverviewofservicesprovided:(noteonlyprimary functionsare listed) • Purchasing: Includingpurchaseof furniture,infoonUCdiscountsthrough certaincompanies. Ordersneedto be placeonouronlinePSorderingpage withthe exceptionof purchasesmade directlybyyou and/or yourlabonthe UCDBuysystem(*seeinformation below) • UCDCampusPurchasinginformationsuch as,purchasing agreements,sole sourcejustifications, vendorperformancereporting andother campus purchasinginformation pleasevisit: • Equipment Inventory: for informationonDispositionof Equipment pleasevisit the equipment management siteat: • All equipment disposalsmust gothroughourPurchasing unit,pleasecontact yourassigned purchasing person. • Equipment Management informationcan belocated at : • • BookstoreAccounts(Maincontact:SharonAdams) • *UCDBuysystem:Youcanorderitemsdirectlythrough FisherScientific, Storehouse,and VWR. Youwill first needtoset upyour customerprofile. Pleasevisitthe followingwebsiteformoreinformation and profilesetup: • Vet MedCentralStorehouse:Youcanorderitemsdirectlyfrom vet med centralstorehouseviathefollowingwebsite: • Forfurtherinformationonthe purchasing,etcyoucanvisitthe following website:

  6. LAB/SAFETY AND FACILITIES: • KatyPinney 752-8499 • Plant SciencesSafetyCoordinator • RonLane 752-0397 • FieldSafety • SueDiTomaso754-7333 • PRBBuildingONLY • Bart Warren 400-4096 • Plant SciencesFacilitiesCoordinatorall buildingsunderPLS • Lab/Safetyand Facilitiesgeneraloverviewof services:(noteonly primary functionsarelisted) • Lab and FieldSafety • BUA,RUAapplications,CUPAreportsandcertifications • SharedLab Facilities • Facilitymovesand/orproblems • Telephones • ForMoreinformationon FacilitiesandCampussafety,pleasevisit the followingwebsites: • EnvironmentalHealth andSafety • • CampusFacilitiesOperation and Maintenance(WorkOrderdesk #752-1655) • • RiskManagement: • • FireDepartment: • • PoliceDepartment: •

  7. TRAVEL andENTERTAINMENTINFORMATION: Travel–MyTravel Asa first timeuserof MyTravel, youmustgotohttps://mytravel.ucdavis.edutosetupyour personal profile(e-mail address, deptaddress),expensepreferences (routingnotification preference), delegates(a list of departmentstaff whomayprocess your travel)pleaseincludeNajwaMarrushandD Madderra as your delegates whenyouaresetting upand personalvehicleinformation. This is a ONE TIME INITIAL SETUPunless youwishtomakechanges inthefuture. Tosetupyourprofile, clickthefirsticononthetop righthandcornerofthe MyTravel page. If you havequestions regardingsetupor travel,pleasecontactNajwaMarrush, FormoreTravelInformation/guidelines and policies pleasevisitthis site: UCCorporateTravelCard– Toreduceout-of-pocketexpenses whentraveling, itissuggestedyouapplyfor theUCDTravel CorporateCard. Pleasevisitthiswebsitetoapplyforatravel corporatecard: Clickon US BANKVISA CorporateCard Applicationto apply CTSTravelAgencies(AIRLINETICKETS ONLY): UC hasagreementswithsome of theTravel Agencies inour area. Youcan usetheseagenciesto purchaseyour airlineticketsandchargethe costdirectlytoyourUC account. Thiscan bedoneviatheconnexxusprogramat Youmayalsouse othertravelagencies, pay fortheticketyourself and bereimbursed later. Please visitthiswebsiteforcurrentUC agreementTravel Agencies: RentalCar Agreements:UC has agreementswithcertain rental caragencies. Please visit this sitefor rental caragreements. Itisimportantthat you usetheUC ratecodewhen reservinga rental car. Rentalinsuranceis alwayspartof theagreementandyoushould never payforthe additional insuranceor youmaynotbereimbursedforthis portion. Fleet ServicesVehicles(UCD Campus) UCFleet Servicesalsooffers vehicles for usedaily and/orassigned. For further information, pleasevisitthewebsitebelowfor pricing,etc. Youwill needa letterof authorizationtocheck outavehiclethrough fleetservices, pleasedownloadtheform andcomplete,theformwill need thechair and/ordesigneesignaturebeforesendingtoFleetServices if you havequestions you CampusFleet Serviceswebsite information:

  8. CampusTransportation andParking: TravelInsurance: Comprehensiveinformation aboutthisserviceis found at, contact Najwa Marrush754-5677or GraduateStudentsintheDepartment of Plant Sciences,Application forTravel Fundsto participateinProfessionalmeetings: TheDepartmenthas fundstoprovidepartial supportfor your participation ina professional meeting. Toapplyfor thetravel funds, completetheonlineformalongwithacopyoftheacceptanceletter for your paper. Only oneDepartmental award is allowedper year (12 months). Also, youmustapplyatleasttwoweeks beforethe meeting begins. Application Guidelines *All applications require acopy of the acceptance letterforyour paper. Only graduate studentswhose supervisorisafacultymemberinPlant Sciencesqualify. Before beginningthe online application process,please have anelectronic copy ofyourdocumentavailable. Pleaseupload only filesof type PDF orMSWord, withthe usual associatedextension(.pdf, .docx or.doc). Pleasemake surefilesare 10MBsor less. *Maximumaward amountsarebased ontravel destination: (a) Within California - $800; (b)Outside of California(US) -$1,000; (c) International - $1,500 You can apply on line at ReimbursementPayments: You are urgedtosign upfordirect deposit of allyourreimbursement checksthat are non- payrollrelated. Visitthewebsite at apply. Whenthe department receiveschecksyouwillbe notified bye-mailtocome and pickthemup fromMain Officestaff at 1210PES duringnormalbusinesshours.

  9. General Information and otherresources: PlantSciences website: Miscellaneoussuppliessuch as pens, paperclips, tape maybe taken from the supplycabinetin the Main Officesin Wickson and PES. Items thatare available canbe viewed atourwebsite underthe department membersonlytab and clickingAdministrative SupplyList. Greenhouse Facilities(ContactGarryPearson gwpearson@ucdavis.edu752-2152) FieldFacilities:(Contact James Jackson, jmjackson@ucdavis.edu752-2173) PlantSciencesResearch and Information Centers: Seed Biotech Center: StudentFarm: Foundation Seed Program: StableIsotope Facilities:(Contact Joy Matthews, jamatthews@ucdavis.edu752-8100) UC DavisHome Page: College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences: CampusMap: Office of the President: Graduate Studies: Genome Center: