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  1. Miguel Uy Kevin Tan Pentecost Tim Tiu by Group 7 Marcus Ng Uy Chao-Cheng Chou

  2. What is Pentecost? • Also known as Whitsunday, it is a Christian feast that celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit. • It is celebrated on the Sunday 50 days after Easter. • It is regarded as the birthday of the Christian church and the start of the church mission to the world.

  3. Why did the Pentecost happen? • It was the promise of Jesus Christ that led to Pentecost. • He promised to put upon the Holy Spirit as our guide while He is not around.

  4. What happened during the coming of the Holy Spirit? • After the death of Jesus, the Apostles and a few disciples of Jesus went into hiding. On the day of the Pentecost, they were all together in one place. Suddenly, a rush of violent winds burst into the scene. Then from the heavens, tongues of fire started to rest upon Apostles, and soon they heard themselves speaking in different languages. They went out of their hiding place and started to preach the word of God.

  5. The coming of the Holy Spirit

  6. What is the importance of Pentecost? • The apostles needed the Holy Spirit so they would be ready to tell the world about Jesus and the Kingdom of God. • The Holy Spirit helped the Apostles continue the work of Jesus. The Holy Spirit also protected, guided, and gave them the strength and courage so that the church will grow.

  7. The Apostles preaching the word of God

  8. How do people nowadays celebrate Pentecost? • They decorate churches with lots of white and red (Red is the color of the Holy Spirit. White is for goodness). • New Christians used to wear white robes to be baptized in Pentecost so people also call it Whit/White Sunday. • People also sing lots of songs about the Holy Spirit.

  9. People celebrating Pentecost

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