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Kodak C7 1000 fps CCD

high precision (25 nm) translation stage. high speed digital camera. imaging data. Computer control. high resolution imaging optics. Pulsed Nd:YAG laser (not shown). particles for flow visualization. Kodak C7 1000 fps CCD. beam shaping optics. rotating chamber. IBM FLC

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Kodak C7 1000 fps CCD

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  1. high precision (25 nm) translation stage high speed digital camera imaging data Computer control high resolution imaging optics Pulsed Nd:YAG laser (not shown) particles for flow visualization Kodak C7 1000 fps CCD beam shaping optics rotating chamber IBM FLC 1000 fps SLM Pulsed Nd:YAG laser laser sheet for visualization Double Fourier transform imaging high-speed air-bearing spindle visualization volume Synchronization electronics Optical shaft encoder precision laser shaft encoder photopolymer disk/ chamber with rotating fluids PIV using holographic disk platform high speed spindle TURBULENCE in ROTATING and ACCELERATING FLOWS • Basic invariant, scaling and spectral properties of turbulence in accelerating and rotating fluids are essentially non-Kolmogorov • New concept, the invariance of the rate of momentum loss, can be applied for these flows • Experiments should analyze the spatio-temporal characteristics of the transports of momentum, angular momentum, and energy New experimental platform for accelerated turbulent mixing and turbulence in rotating fluids at high Reynolds numbers • Sergei S. Orlov • Solid State and Photonics Lab, Stanford • Snezhana I. Abarzhi • FLASH Center, University of Chicago MOTIVATION FLUID DYNAMICS EXPERIMENTS • Rayleigh-Taylor Instability in large, spatially non-uniform, time-varying gravity fields • Accelerated mixing and turbulence in rotating fluids at high Reynolds numbers and at high rotation rate: scaling and statistics • Compressible fluids: simultaneous, correlated high-resolution measurements of the velocity and density, using PIV and interferometry • Convection, combustion, MHD • Laboratory astrophysics: stellar and magneto- convection, shock-induced turbulent mixing, supernovae, accretion disks … STANFORD HOLOGRAPHIC DISK SYSTEM • Accelerated turbulent mixing and turbulence in rotating fluids governs a wide variety of astrophysical phenomena: • stellar convection and turbulent dynamo • shock-induced turbulent mixing in supernovae • accretion and proto-stellar disks • swirling flows and jets • formation of planets and stars … • Background: • $52M 6-year long • DARPA HDSS program • Final deliverable: • 1 Gb/s holographic disk • storage system (Stanford) • 10 Gb/s optical data rate • (fastest optical storage • device ever built) • State-of-the-art • technology: optics, • mechanics, electronics • Capabilities: • Rotation rate 0-10,000 RPM • Max g: 12,000g • Reynolds number >107 • Timing accuracy <10 ns • Position accuracy < 1.5 mm • Chamber size ~Ø40  30 cm • Spatial resolution < 10mm • Frame rate 103 (upto 104) fps • Frame size upto 2 Mpixels • References: • S. S. Orlov, W. Phillips, E. Bjornson, P. Sundaram, Y. Takashima, L. Hesselink, R. Okas, D. Kwan, R. Snyder, Appl. Opt. 43, 4902 (2004) • S. I. Abarzhi et. al., Phys. Fluids 17, 081705 (2005) • S. I. Abarzhi, Scaling and spectral properties of the accelerated turbulent mixing, in preparation Acknowledgements: The work was supported by DARPA/NSIC HDSS and PRISM consortia, DOE/ASC contract N B523820, and NRL

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