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Jeff Hastings

Jeff Hastings

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Jeff Hastings

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  1. 4K is Here, Now How Do You Sell It? Jeff Hastings

  2. Agenda Understanding the 4K Ecosystem Smart TV Walls in Retail Requirements for success Features that add “smarts” to TV walls

  3. Understanding the 4K ECOSYSTEM Playback standards for true native 4K content on a 4K display Encoding: 4K content must be encoded using H.265 to achieve playback at 60 fps with about the same file size and data rate as HD content at H.264 Decoding: Player must be able to decode an H.265 4K encoded file at a data rate of 60 fps Output: Only 4K players and displays supporting the new HDMI 2.0 output can support 60 fps playback

  4. Smart TV Walls in Retail Requirements for smart TV wall solutions Future-proofing - as 4K playback systems will become available in stages Support for both 4K and HD content - CE TV video walls often contain a mix of products Synchronized content across multiple screens for easy comparison Interactivity and networking for content updates On-screen displays tailored to each TV’s specifications and merchandising High reliability and easy integration Affordability

  5. Smart TV Walls in Retail Seize available technology to build smart solutions Utilize existing Full HD content and upscale it to 4K when native 4K content is unavailable Employ semi-transparent on-screen displays tailored to each TV’s specifications, pricing and merchandising Tap into the store’s database to pull & display specifications and pricing unique to each TV model – even competitor’s online pricing!

  6. Smart TV Walls in Retail Seize available technology to build smart solutions - continued Control each screen individually from mobile devices – switch video sources, adjust pricing and merchandising messaging Schedule automatic shut-off TV's power at night to save on electricity

  7. Introducing The BrightSign 4K Player Ultra HD. Ultra Reliable. Commercial 4K digital signage media player that employs leading technology for true 4K playback Ultra-reliable, fan-less and solid-state Plays native 4K, H.265, 10 bit video at 60 fps via HDMI 2.0 Priced at under $1,000 BrightSign 4K will be shipping later this year* * Can’t wait? BrightSign XD players can upscale HD content to 4K resolution