non verbal communication n.
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Non Verbal Communication PowerPoint Presentation
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Non Verbal Communication

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Non Verbal Communication

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Non Verbal Communication

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  1. Non Verbal Communication Photo Steve LovegroveFotolia

  2. Nonverbal Communication cues reveal internal states (Samovar et al. 2007). on purpose not on purpose photo: Gunnisail photo: AzliJamil

  3. Nonverbal Communication cues are learned and bound to our culture(2007). Photo: mattress factory

  4. To communicate nonverbally, we work in hundreds of thousands of ways with the following: • Our body • Space and Time • Props • Silence • And we can put it all together for a big communication display. • (2007)

  5. Body behavior: Facial expressions 6 universal expressions: fear disgust happiness sadness anger and Surprise (2007) Artist: William H. Johnson

  6. Body behavior: we transform our bodies Appearance Attractiveness Beauty Youthfulness Body decoration To tell a story To convey a message Photo: Smithsonian Institution

  7. Body behavior: Eye contact Photo:geromespov

  8. Body behavior: Kinesics this is movement we use to express ourselves, consciously and unconsciously. (2007) Photo: Leslie Bayona

  9. Body behavior: Gestures: Deliberate signals we make to speak for us. (2007) Photo: lisainy

  10. Body behavior: Touch: Rules of touch are culturally learned. (2007) Photo: Chris Goldberg

  11. Time/Space: We are moving through space. Our communication is rooted in our perception of time (2007): Pace Punctuality Past Present Future Even Hawaiian time Photo: odddutch

  12. Time/Space: Proxemics Personal space Intimate spacing Stranger spacing Photo: James Arnold

  13. Time/Space: Arrangement of Space communicates messages (2007). dominance subordination inclusion exclusion respect Photo: Gabrielle Giffords

  14. Time/SpaceFurniture tells us what we are to do. Photo: sundaebest

  15. Props We use props to communicate our message and our attitude. Photo: Bigfathairyted

  16. Props: Jewelry Photo: Loupiote(oldschool)

  17. Props: Costumes Photo: hownowdesign

  18. Props: Weapons Photo: Associated Press

  19. Silence:A deliberate absence of words sends many different messages:Here it says, “I’m listening and I’m interested.” Photo: disneymike

  20. Silence Western societies use silence atrest time to convey that a rest time is happening. Photo: burlingamebarley

  21. Silence can be a sign of wisdom and spiritual health. Photo: WilfredoPascual

  22. Beyond Our Daily Usage of Non Verbal Communication, we orchestrate non verbal communication into meaningful, large, cultural markers. Photo: Images of Joy

  23. In Political Messages Photo: Teacher Dude’s BBQ

  24. In Art Photo: Stefano di Prima

  25. In Dance Photo: SparkyLeigh

  26. In Ceremonies Photo: Jean Wang

  27. In Food, Feasts and Sharing Photo: Julia Ray

  28. Photo: Fahd Murtaza We can study non verbal communication of other cultures and learn their nonverbal “languages.” Some cues we already know!

  29. References Samovar, Larry A., Porter Richard E., McDaniel Edwin R. (2007) Communication between cultures. Boston: Wadsworth.