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Driving Lessons Calgary PowerPoint Presentation
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Driving Lessons Calgary

Driving Lessons Calgary

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Driving Lessons Calgary

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  1. Learn Best Driving Lessons at Driving101

  2. Driving 101 - driving school of choice • Driving101 is the best driving school in Calgary with experience of more than 25 years in teaching and training with the latest methods in driving education. We believe a confident driver is a good driver. We provide constructive feedback after every lesson, so you are fully aware of your strengths and understand clearly exactly what you have to work on.

  3. Experienced teachers and Best results • Our experienced instructors teach you the various skills needed to be a good defensive driver. We also teach parking skills. Many of our learners are very surprised at how quickly they learn to Parallel Park through us. We also offer winter driving skills like safe braking and how to regain control of your vehicle in a skid.

  4. Various road test for license program • We are dedicated to equipping you with great driving skills and preparing you to be a confident and courteous driver. You can finish your driving education in 10 short days, and then take your road test to acquire your license. Before a road test, we give you a mock test, so that you know exactly what to expect. We get you results, and our success rate is very high.

  5. What makes us Best • We ensure that our students adopt good driving habits from the very beginning of their learning and improve them with time. Driving 101 is a government certified driving school, and our instructors have many years of experience in teaching and drivers' education. We use the latest developments in driving education to produce truly excellent drivers who are confident and self-assured behind the wheel. Students at Driving 101 learn better and quicker than students of other driving schools.

  6. Various Courses Offered We offer wide range of Driving Lessons / Driving Courses to suit all needs. Driving 101 offers free pick-up and drop-off anywhere in the city. Driving Instructions at Driving 101 are well-designed and effective. Our courses are tried, tested and true.

  7. Learn Driving At Affordable Prices We have various driving courses and that too at very reasonable prices. Driving101 is a government approved driving school with 25 years of experience in driving instructions. We offer you different courses and give you special offers per program.

  8. Friendly and Comfortable leaning Learning at Driving101 is quick, efficient, and fun. As classrooms and in-car lessons at Driving101 are fun and interactive, this facilitates quicker and in-depth learning. We have a flexible schedule to suit your needs. We are available 7 days a week, including evening, weekends, and during the daytime.

  9. Learning with latest Cars and other modern Facilities At Driving101 we have state of the art driving facilities and latest cars for driving. You will enjoy driving a new model car, not a relic from the 80’s. Safety is our first priority. You will be driving a latest car, which is an excellent car with many safety features, including dual brakes for your safety.

  10. Contact Us Phone number : 403-460-9039 Driving101