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Driving Lessons - L PowerPoint Presentation
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Driving Lessons - L

Driving Lessons - L

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Driving Lessons - L

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  1. Driving Lessons - L Question 1. Your are driving your vehicle and arrive at a T intersection. You need to turn right. What should you do? Continue on and turn right because you have the right of way Stop even if there is no traffic on the road you are joining. Give way to any traffic from both directions and to any traffic turning from the T intersection.

  2. You do not have the right of way at a intersection. Make another choice. Back

  3. You only need to stop if you need to give way to traffic on the road you are joining. Make another choice. Back

  4. Correct. Vehicles joining a T intersection must have right to vehicles on both lanes of the road they are joining and any vehicles turning from the top of the T intersection. Next question

  5. Driving Lessons - L Question 2. As you continue along the road, it begins to rain. The vehicles ahead of and behind you continue to drive at a speed that is 10 kph over the speed limit. You… Keep up with the other drivers and match their speed. Flash your lights and beep your horn to get the driver ahead of you to slow down. Adjust your speed to a legal and safe speed for the road conditions.

  6. This is dangerous driving for the road conditions. Back

  7. This is dangerous action and can result in the driver ahead losing concentration on the road scene. Back

  8. Correct. The speed limit is a guide. You should adjust your speed to suit the weather and traffic conditions. Finish

  9. Congratulations you have finished the driving lessons. Start again?