best hair transplantation clinic in delhi n.
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Best Hair Transplant Clinic In Delhi PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Hair Transplant Clinic In Delhi

Best Hair Transplant Clinic In Delhi

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Best Hair Transplant Clinic In Delhi

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  1. Best Hair Transplantation Clinic In Delhi Dr.Miglani has a well known Dental and Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi, providing the best cosmetic and dental solution, your health is their prime concern.

  2. Hair Transplant Clinic In Delhi Dr.Miglani clinic is a well known hair transplant clinic in Delhi, provide you the best hair transplant treatment with latest equipments in affordable price.

  3. What is Hair Transplant Hair Transplant is a surgical procedure that re - position the actual hair follicles from donor area to bland area, So you can get natural looking hair.

  4. Techniques Of Hair Transplant There are two primary techniques of using hair transplant. • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE ) • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT )

  5. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) in this procedure a small area almost (1.00) diameters is used to make small circular around the follicles unit. These follicles are plucked from scalp and then new procedure disallows the liner incision at the back and side of the scalp with the certain scar that is produced. The plucked follicles are than transplant into reducing patch scalp and perfectly placed to meet the hair arrangements of the rest normal hair.

  6. Benefits of Follicular Unit Extraction Benefits of FUE • Natural looking hair • No scars • Permantely restore hair • Quick healing • Minimal discomfort And this technique can apply on both man or women

  7. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT ) Follicular Unit Transplantation is also knownas strip harvesting, in this process a removing small piece of tissue from the back of the head from which donor hair follicles area will be extracted, and then hair follicles are harvested by the skilled clinical team. This method is mostly used in cases of advanced hair loss.

  8. Everyone wants to look beautiful and young, but the problem of hair fall is increasing speedily to anyone and as we all know, hair adds beauty in our looks, so many people looking for hair transplant clinics.

  9. About Us Dr.Miglani clinic is one of the well known clinic in Delhi giving you the best dental and cosmetic treatment. We have skilled clinical team who use latest technology in your treatment in hygienic way, and also give tips to stay healthy. Our motive is to provide best treatment in reasonable price.

  10. Address AG-592, Shalimar Bagh Delhi-110088 Contact+91 9999920000, 9811509654, 9811586862 Email, Website