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Buddy. By Katie. Short Summary.

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  1. Buddy By Katie

  2. Short Summary • Ty has always wanted a dog. When he finds a stray dog on the streets he realizes it’s the dog of his dreams. Ty will do anything to keep Buddy (his new dog) Happy and healthy. Then when a Hurricane is coming Ty has to leave Buddy behind. Will Ty ever find his dog again? Read the book to find out.

  3. R (letter to the author) • Dear M.H. Herlins, I am a 6th grader in Michigan, and I just got done reading your book “Buddy”. I thought this book was very good. I have a few questions about the book. First of all is this book a true story? If not was it based on a few parts of your childhood? Did you ever have a dog like Buddy? Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Katie

  4. E For my E I compared two books that I read. Buddy Racing in the rain

  5. Similarities Differences Both books are about a dog and their life. In both books the dogs impact each character more than you would think. In each boom the family doesn’t exept the dogs at first but then they learn to love them. In each book something happens to the family and prevents them from getting along and the dogs help the families to get back together In Racing in the rain the dog tells the story. In Buddy he was a stray but in racing in the rain he wasn’t. In racing in the rain the dog is not a mutt but in buddy the dog is a mutt. In buddy only the boy wanted him but in racing in the rain the whole family wanted him.

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