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Contact Info

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  1. Contact Info YouTube: MagicGatheringStrat Twitter: @MagicGathStrat Web Page: Twitchtv: FB: Subscribe and Like please. It helps.

  2. The Pauper Gauntlet A wholearmy of Pauper decksruns the Gaunlet! Who willsurvive the longest? Start Date: Whenpuremtgopublishes the article (probablyJuly 29th)

  3. Are you a spike? I am a spiketoo. This is rathercasual, though Though I willhave to mind my win rate and not doinginjustice to the morecomplicateddecks

  4. Howdodecks get eliminated? Decks play in the tournamentpracticeroom. The opponent is the first person that joins As soon as a deckloses a match, it is gone No matterwhathappens, the resultcount (i.e timeouts, people that leaveetc) All decks are played by me (or otherMagicGatheringStratpeople) Matches, 30 min Yes, this is a competitionbetweendecks, not people.

  5. Whichdeckscanrun? All tier one and tier two decks Any deck featured on MagicGatheringStrat or mtgostrat (BorosKitty, Illusory Tricks, PoDragons etc) Viewers can submit decks or propose decks (on puremtgo) The only way to submit a deck is to comment on this article on puremtgo with a registered puremtgo user Submissions end 12 days after this article is published on puremtgo When you submit a deck, link to any Daily Event results with the deck, a deck list and also try to motivate why this deck should run. I have final say about which decks get to run the Gauntlet The list of competeting decks in the Gauntlet will be published on puremtgo on August 12th.

  6. Howcan you follow this? All the matcheswill be posted on Every video will be titled Pauper Gauntlet Round X Deck vs Deck, for example: ”Pauper Gauntlet Round 3 Delver vs Stompy” Note that only the first deck in the title is the competitor, the opponents are random and does not affect that deck’schances in anyway @MagicGathStratwilltweetwhenever a video is published Some play sessions (several Pauper Gauntletmatcheswill be streamed on Sunday the 18th of August will be ”Pauper GauntletTier One Day” where the tieronedecksrun the Gauntlet (for round one). This will be streamed, starting at 11 a.m. GMT and will be going on for at leastsevenhours. Deckswill be featured on Minor updateswillalso be made on Summaries of every round will be posted on The winningdeckwill be announced on PuremtgoearlyJanuary 2014 and its road to victorydiscussed You will be able to guesswhichdeckwillwin in the August 12 puremtgoarticle. One of the luckywinnerswill get a play set of SteamVents after the competition is over and the option of beinginterviewedabout the deck that won. Morerulesabout this in the August 12 article. This linkwillhave lots of info on the Gauntlet: (everythingpublished on mtgostrat)

  7. Howmanymatches? Between 40 and 100 decks I expect to win 60% of matches in the tournamentpracticeroom. Lets play with the idea of 50 decks. 50 matches first round 30 matches second round 18 matchesthird round 10 matchesfourth round 6 matchesfifth round 4 matchessixth round Approximately 120 matches. 3 matches a day = 4 months I will finish this before the end of 2013!

  8. Contact Info YouTube: MagicGatheringStrat (subscribe!) Twitter: @MagicGathStrat Web Page: Twitchtv: FB: Subscribe and Like please. It helps.