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Making the Most of Summer Vacation PowerPoint Presentation
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Making the Most of Summer Vacation

Making the Most of Summer Vacation

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Making the Most of Summer Vacation

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  1. Making the Most of Summer Vacation A guide to a productive summer

  2. Options for Summer • A summer job • Career exploration • Summer study • Community service • Travel • Language immersion • Prep for college admissions/ applications

  3. Summer Employment • Earn money • Experience the world of work • Get a first-hand look at a possible career area • Gain responsibility • Possible recommendation letter from employers

  4. Career Exploration • Internships in field of interest • Opportunities to learn more through unpaid experiences • Students should contact appropriate venues well before summer vacation begins: • TV or film production companies • Advertising agencies • City Hall/ law offices • Hospitals/ Drs offices/ Veterinarians

  5. Career Exploration • Research Experiences • Field research – Archeological dig, environmental studies, marine biology, paleontology Dinosaur Academy, WY Students at Crow Canyon, CO Newfound Harbor Marine Institute, FL

  6. Lab research with a university professor HS Summer Program Northwestern University, IL Physics/astronomy Student at Baylor, TX HS Summer Science Research Program Research Mentorship Program at UCSB Some programs offer students a stipend; others charge fees

  7. Check with local theatrecompanies, art schools, symphonies and musical groups. • Apprenticeship Programs in the visual and performing arts La Jolla Playhouse Summer Conservatory

  8. Summer Study • At local community colleges through dual enrollment programs – often free but high school students have lowest priority in selecting classes • Take regular college courses at area universities – these courses are more likely to be accepted for credit by more selective colleges.

  9. Residential Summer Study • Gain a first-hand look at the life of a college student • Take one or two introductory-level college classes • Get a head start on college credits • Learn to manage time and physical needs • Live in a residence hall with other high school students supervised by resident advisors chosen to work with this group. Engage in planned activities.

  10. Types of Residential Programs • College Prep: students take one or two college courses in a program designed for high school students Northwestern University College Prep Program Harvard Secondary School Program Cornell Summer College

  11. Specialized Programs on College Campuses • Introduction to engineering Introduction to Engineering Program at The University of Notre Dame University of Dayton Women in Engineering Summer Camp These programs provide a look at the different fields of engineering. Most include lab work, field trips, speakers

  12. Architecture programs - provide insight into careers in architecture - students may work on portfolios to supplement their college application - visits to work sites, talks by practicing architects, hands-on studio experiences Architecture Design Camp at Auburn University Exploration of Architecture at USC

  13. Mathematics programs • Allows students to immerse themselves in mathematical study PROMYS at Boston University Hampshire College’s Summer Study In Mathematics Program

  14. What do kids say about spending a summer studying math? These comments about the Summer institute in Math at the University of Washington: (a free program) "SIMUW was simply an amazing experience. The program isn't about covering hardcore college topics, but rather about skimming through topics and promoting mathematical thinking. I personally had the best summer of my life. No one who has ever attended SIMUW has regretted it.“ "Without a doubt, SIMUW was one of the most rewarding experience that I have ever had. People may think that math is the only thing that we do at math camp, but it is not true. The counselors organized numerous activities, and I vastly enjoyed my time at the UW. I learned a lot of abstract math that are not taught in high school, and the friendship that forms among the participants and counselors is remarkable. Also, spending 2 months at a university itself is a wonderful experience. The 6 weeks absolutely flew by, and at the end, I wished I didn't have to go home."

  15. Visual and Performing Arts Programs • Permit intense study in desired area • Meet with working artists to learn more about their field • Compile an art or design portfolio/audition tape/ student film • Gain technical experience not possible in a high school setting • Experience specialized educational setting such as an art institute/ conservatory

  16. InnerSpark (Cal State Summer School for the Arts) Music Dance animation Visual arts Film & video

  17. Intros to Cadet Life • Students considering application to one of the military academies should plan on attending their summer program during the summer after junior year • These programs provide a look at life as a military cadet as well as introduction to the subjects emphasized at military academies. • Summer Leaders Seminar at West Point; Summer Seminar at the U.S. Naval Academy; Summer Seminar at the Air Force Academy.

  18. Community Service Options • Work for organizations in your community • Homeless shelters/ food programs • Parks and recreation • Religious organizations • Hospitals • Habitat for Humanity • Schools

  19. Take Part in an Organized Service-Learning Program • Opportunities available throughout the U.S. and abroad • International programs may involve home-stay experiences, language instruction, cultural exchange • Some are free, while others (especially international programs) require a financial commitment.

  20. Community Service Opportunities Landmark Volunteers Student Conservation Association

  21. FromFree & Almost Free Adventures For Teenagers

  22. Service-Learning Abroad Lifeworks International Visions Service Adventures

  23. Travel • Organized travel provides a taste of life in other countries • Living abroad for an extended period of time enhances the experience

  24. Language Immersion Programs • Enhance language skills • Allow students to experience what life is like in another culture • Programs available in U.S. restrict participants to using foreign language only and attempt to recreate life as lived in the country selected

  25. Language Immersion Programs without leaving the U.S. • Concordia Language Villages Spanish FLIP at Oswego Middlebury-Monterey Language Academy

  26. Language/ Cultural Immersion Abroad • Large variety of programs to choose from centered in the country where language is spoken • Many programs provide cultural immersion through home-stay experiences with local families in addition to intensive language instruction • Programs often include a community service component

  27. AIFS Summer Study in Nanjing, China Brighton Study Abroad in Costa Rica Learning Programs International in Spain Nova Language Adventure In France

  28. Search for summer programs at • Free searches for Enrichment Programs • Over 350 programs listed with more being added daily • Many include reviews by former participants, parent, educators • The site also includes gap year and school year opportunities

  29. Additional sites to search for summer enrichment programs: • formerly called Science Service – now the Society for Science • Sloan Career Cornerstone Center – links to science, technology, engineering and math • - Engineering programs • - math programs

  30. Prepare for the College Search and Application Process • SAT/ACT Prep • Visit College Campuses – either with your family or on a group tour • Finalize your college list • Download applications / work on Common Application • Begin writing essays/ personal statements

  31. SAT/ACT Prep • Take a group or individual course • Books and guides • Use online prep: • Free: • Free: $ $

  32. Visit College Campuses • Get there for an info session • Take the student-led tour • Eat lunch/dinner at a dining hall • Visit the library • Check out the residence halls • Speak with current students • Sit in on a class • Some offer on-campus interviews

  33. Finalize Your College List • Reaches • Probables • Safeties

  34. Begin Work on Applications • Download application from college website • Check if your schools are on the common application or the universal application • Look for in-state public group applications such as or

  35. Begin Working on Essays/Personal Statements Brainstormideas, rough draft, review, revise, repeat

  36. Make this summer the best one ever!