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  1. NRIpress.comInc. NRI

  2. Introduction • For the past 10 years (under the umbrella of Globex Tech Inc.) has been running a non-stop operation of NRI News. • In 2004, Inc was registered as an internet domain. • In 2007, after an overwhelming response from our sponsors, readers, founders and drawn by technology trends of electronic media, Globex Tech’s management decided to set up an all new corporation for this great opportunity to run and expand the current business model worldwide and in an efficient way so it reaches our NRI community. • After the incorporation, common stocks were issues worldwide. • In 2009, operation of NRI news through Independent web site and its worldwide expansion started. • Our mega project of incorporating multiple NRI domain names such as has been a great success.

  3. Worldwide Expansion

  4. Each country will be linked to major city/state For e.g. will be further linked to New York, Chicago, California etc. Each city/state will be run by local entrepreneurs who will be given access to update news and the advertisement. 1. (except UK)5. east6. (except India)8. America

  5. Multiple NRI Domains

  6. These prime domains have been added and linked with great success on • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

  7. NRI Tube – Video Project

  8. Why video is important to NRI Targeted Internet Marketing??? Video on the web is hot – there is an unprecedented opportunity to be the first or one of the first on the market to have a video appear in relevant searches. Video optimization is becoming more important as a mainstream aspect of search engine optimization. • More Traffic and visibility etc. • Dynamic Presentation. • Establish a personal connection, establish credibility and makes it easier to gain reader’s trust. • Who is not on the web these days? • Revenue – Adding live interviews of NRI politicians, NRI shows, NRI entertainment and also advertisement’s clips to generate revenue. • As soon as our mega project’s web sites are linked and revenue is in progress, our next big project will be to develop video on…stay tuned.

  9. Estimated Revenue Worldwide

  10. Revenue from one website – Adv. Box #1 - $200/Year (own webpage) Adv. Box #3 - $150/month Adv. Box #2 - $200/month Adv. Box #4 – 20 boxes * $100 each box • Adv#1 Membership $200/year (50 restaurants each zone * 4 Zones) • = 200 Restaurants * $200 / year $40,000 • Adv#2 and 3 $350/month ($350*12) $ 4,200 • Adv#4 $100/month * 20 Business * 12 months $24,000 • Total Revenue of for one year in USA$68,200

  11. Total Revenues in USA : 30 websites like, and • Revenue from 20 Websites ($68,000 *20) $ 1,360,000 • Revenue from • From Home Page / Top Box Advertisement ($500 * 12 months) $ 6,000 • From Home Page / Right Hand Column ($250 * 20 boxes * 12 months) $ 60,000 • Revenue from • From Home Page / Top Box Advertisement ($500 * 12 months) $ 6,000 • From Home Page / Right Hand Column ($250 * 12 months) $ 60,000 • Revenue from Advertisement on Video Project $ ??? • Revenue from Advertisement on Home Page and their extension news pages $ ??? • Total Revenue of Advertisements for one year in USA$ 1,492,000

  12. Total Revenue • Revenue worldwide from Advertisements • USA: Total Estimated Revenue per year ($ 2625000 x 12) $ 31,500,000 • India: Total Estimated Revenue per year $ ??? (can be added+20%) • Canada: Total Estimated Revenue per year $ ??? (can be added+20%) • Europe (U.K., Germany etc.): Total Estimated Revenue per year $ ??? (can be added+20%) • Asia (Singapore, Malaysia etc.): Total Estimated Revenue per year $ ??? (can be added+20%) • Middle East & Africa: Total Estimated Revenue per year $ ??? (can be added+20%) • Revenue from Advertisement on Video Project (depends on no. of video projects) $ ??? • Revenue from selling rights for each country/state • (minimum ¼ million for one state like California or BC/ONT) $ ??? • Estimated Total Revenue$ ??? • Note: Above information is very simple to understand. Our staff is working to prepare revenue in details and with graphs. If any questions/inquires, please feel free to email Karen at


  14. Company’s Shares Distribution As per 2009 amendment, we are able to issue 50,000,000 common shares worldwide, such as: • US Accredited Investors • Non-US Subscribers Above shares distribution by categories ($1.00/share) • As of Dec 31, 2008, all 20 shareholders as listed, have agreed to get their shares on the basis of their investment, services and founders/issues (Subject to approval of their services) $30,000,000 • 2009 plan of options to purchase up to 10 million shares of common stock $10,000,000 • Stock option granted to consultants up to 10 million shares of common stock $10,000,000 Total Shares $50,000,000 2009 Plan of options to purchase and 2009 Stock Incentive plan (20 million shares) shall be available as follows:

  15. Company’s Shares Distribution (Cont.) 2009 Plan of options to purchase and 2009 Stock Incentive plan (20 million shares) will be divided as follows in 4 zones:

  16. Operations Jan – June 2009 • started an independent operation. • Globex Tech Inc. as a share holder company, started to work as a management company to set up the whole operation worldwide until any further notice by Board of Directors. • Inc.’s bank account had been established. July 2009 – July 2010 • We got a great success worldwide by adding entrepreneurs / columnists and advisors in our network. • Our IT Web site development of all our websites started in India, which unfortunately was not executed as planned. Aug 2010 – Dec 2010 • New contract was provided for IT, • website was established with a new look. • 22 Websites were developed in time and had been linked before end of 2010. • More than 100 news added everyday. • More people were trained worldwide to update these web sites. 2. More Entrepreneurs and advisors added. Jan 2011 – Ongoing efforts • Marketing started to generated revenue. • Worldwide Expansion – Opportunities added.

  17. Opportunities Since 2000, We have injected capital and quality professional time totaling over 1.5 million dollars our business. Opportunities For Entrepreneurs: 1) Exclusive Rights to Run Your Own News Media Web site in your City/State/Country: • We are in the process of seeking entrepreneurs/or companies to run media organization in City/State/Country by obtaining rights (just like franchise). For example:;;;;;;;…….so on (More to see in application) • WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN OUR NETWORK? • You will run NRI news media in your City/State/Country…..( supported by our news room) • You will share revenue from all advertisements • You will encourage talented columnists/contributors within your jurisdiction to have their article on • You will promote business investment from NRIs in your jurisdiction. • You will run NRI business association in your City/State/Country through membership/seminars ( our association will support)

  18. Opportunities Opportunities For Entrepreneurs: 1) Exclusive Rights to Run Your Own News Media Web site in your City/State/Country (Continue…): Proposal 1 : Exclusive rights on the basis of City or State or Country Revenue shares: • 35% go to Exclusive rights owners.* • 35% go to management companies: IT- web site development, continuous maintenance of web sites, news manage and updating.* • 30% go to, Inc.* * Subject to be approved by the board of directors

  19. Opportunities For Entrepreneurs (Continue ….) Proposal 1 : Exclusive rights on the basis of City or State or Country

  20. Opportunities For Entrepreneurs (Continue ….) Proposal 1 : Exclusive rights on the basis of City or State or Country

  21. Opportunities For Entrepreneurs:1) Exclusive Rights to Run Your Own News Media Web site in your City/State/Country (Continue…): Proposal 2 : 30 web sites- Mega Project: (Ex:,,, so on. .. • Exclusive rights for each web site in one State or one Country

  22. Opportunities Opportunities For Entrepreneurs (continue…): 2) Sales, Advertising and Marketing To help our local Exclusive Right owners, we need individuals or companies who, as partners, can: • Sell rights for City/State/Country. • Generate revenue worldwide. • Expand media network in each city. 3) News Area Expansion: To help our local Exclusive Right owners: We are looking at least one news paper/ or news website specialist owner who can be a part of our network for mutual benefits. All News and press release will be controlled by our central News office 4) Entertainment Companies: Bollywood is the biggest film industry in the world, producing 800-1000 films a year. NRIs/PIOs like to learn more about Bollywood films through Web site reviews (73.7%). We are looking for companies or entertainment web site owners who have a knowledge of Bollywood industry worldwide. For mutual benefits, you can be a partner of our entertainment division.

  23. Opportunities Opportunities For Entrepreneurs (continue…): 5) Columnists/ Contributors: is expanding in various areas such as bloggers, comments and other community services to it's readers. We are looking columnists and contributors in all the fields they feel comfortable. 6) Job and Placement : We have entity which is involved in the NRI job placement services for the past 17 years. You might aware that international companies in India as well as in other countries need skilled professionals. We are looking existing placement companies in India which can be a part of our expansion 7) NRIpress Seminars: Why we need Seminars:? We should have NRI Seminars at least once a year in each major city of India and as well as other countries where NRI population is concentrated because it will: a) Help us to establish our strong NRI Network. b) Encourage NRIs to become members of NRI Network c) Help to local city/State rights owners to get more revenue and & expansion in all fields. d) Promote NRI Business owners to get mutual benefits. e) Encourage 2nd young generation to involve in seminars f) Allow us to invite politician’ bureaucrats / entrepreneurs/ scholars... as speakers. Also invite entertainers/ actors/ actresses g) Allow us to set up "Award Ceremony" in recognition of scientist-technologist, entrepreneur, inventor, educator and men and women of the year.

  24. Opportunities Opportunities For Entrepreneurs (continue…): 8) Establishment of NRI Associations: Now NRIs worldwide need/ or should have its own one voice to be heard because: Discrimination worldwide at jobs/ private sector/political/govt./ and judicial system In India: Their properties grabbed/ need to protect their rights/ visa travel problems. (A) To accomplish this we need to establish: 1. NRI Network in each city/state/country 2. Seminar at least once a year in the major city/state/country , where NRI population is concentrated 3. Hot Line to help NRIs by 24/7: Worldwide and also in India 4. News Letter: monthly or weekly by email to all NRIs worldwide: NRI problems, events, current issues ... 5.To help 2nd generation:- in job placement, education, financial support and encourage them to involve in- politics, Media and business seminars. ( B ) Also more benefits to members and business owners. 1. Insurance discount package- for cars, home and family 2. Special discounts to buy cars/ airline tickets/ Indian shows 3. Share accommodation in major cities. 4. Mutual benefits to business owners: We will encourage to NRI members and readers: To buy product from our own people such as: cars, groceries, jewelry…. Get services from our doctors/dentists, insurance, Real estate, Mortgage….. see all web sites left column on Note: Your voice will be heard worldwide in seconds through

  25. Advertisement (Reach NRIs through NRIPress) Why advertisement with NRIPress? Benefits unlimited: • NRIPress’s Websites are one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to promote your products and services to NRIs worldwide • Business can reach millions of NRI readers in NRI community local and worldwide. Our readers are increasing 20-25% every year. • You can target customers in our NRI community: We will customize your e-mail addresses. • Build a NRI Global Network of Success Develop valuable contacts all over the world. As a partner with our NRI global marketing team, you will associate with NRI professionals, and businesses. Ex: NRIPress has 30 web sites (, on) and 4 member sponsored each web site= 140 members in big cities like New York or Toronto. These members or associates will give business each other or refer each other. • News Papers Advertisement cost can be reduced up to 70%. Ex: Through, all associate realtors can be networked and get one advertisement for all agents in low cost.

  26. Advertisement (Reach NRIs through NRIPress) Why advertisement with NRIPress (Continue…): • Website Promotion: NRIPress can help you make of your Web Site as a link from NRIPress’ websites, which will get you more business opportunities. • A Family Business with Tax and Inheritance Benefits. Your family can work with you . Allowing you tax deductions on help from your children and plus deductions for travel, publications, seminars, gas, phone, electricity bills, etc. Save money. • Tap the Exploding NRI Global Market of the Internet. The Internet is global Worldwide and exploding. USA TODAY recently reported that over 170,000 new people are getting online every 24 hours. Many smart business people are becoming millionaires on the Internet. And this is just the beginning! • The Lowest Cost Way to Earn Income Online. Thanks to the Internet, your business expenses are minimal. You can contact millions on the Internet via e-mail, search engines, directories, free ads, etc.

  27. Share holders in, Inc. Most of the Company Individuals are the official shareholders/advisors/contributors of, Inc.. Our Lawyers are still working on approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission. 1. Global Tech, Inc., A. Grewal, President, MS. Engineering/CAD, CAM, Michigan, USA. 2. Harpit Jande, MBA, CPA, Manager, NMI medicine PC, Michigan, USA. 3. Hardeep Grewal, MBA, Information Technology Analyst, Michigan, USA. 4. Swaran Dabgotra, President, Wonder USA & Lassac, California, USA. 5. Rajinder Grewal, President,, Inc. California, USA. 6. Mandeep Tung, MBA, Management Information Analyst, California, USA. 7. Mr. Gabhi, Engineer, Vice President, Mich Tech Inc., Ontario, Canada. 8. Sher Singh, President, Sunny Mushrooms, Ontario, Canada. 9. Balwinder Garcha, President, Ambala Cash & Carry and Bollywood Video, California, USA. 10. Jasminder Dhillon, Dashmesh Charities, California, USA. 11. Maninder Walia, Walvan Investment, Indiana, USA. 12. Hardev Grewal, University of Michigan, Michigan, USA. 13. Balbir Singh, Trusty, Gurwah Charitable Trust, New Delhi, India. 14. Gurmit Sandhu, President, Link-22 (mobile accessories and software), Chandigarh, India. 15. Vinod Gupta, MSc, Professor, PU, Chandigarh, India. * Pending services/contract agreement/ accounts of payments or to get approval from CPA or local lawyer's approval. According to corporation laws, we must follow the rules and regulation of the company.

  28. Share holders in, Inc. 16. Devender Gill, President, Overseas Company, New Delhi, India. 17. K. P. Singh, Engineer, Indiana, USA. 18. Dr. Devinder Chahil, Professor, Quebec, Canada. 19. Mohin Madan, Out Sourcing Company, New Delhi, India* 20. Jaspal Singh, MBA, New Delhi, India- web development* 21. Devinderpal Bhullar, Business Owner, California, USA. 22. Baljit Toor, MA, Entrepreneur & Columnist, California, USA. 23. Nachhatar S. Bhullar, Business Owner, California, USA. 24. Prime Time Shuttle, Built an Empire of over 200 vans. 25. Sam Sidhu, LA, CA, Owner of Real Estate/Restaurant and Grocery Store. 26. Tanu Singh, Punjab, India: Director of IT (WEB DEVELOPMENT) & Director of Market and expansion in Punjab 27. R. Sayed, Maharashtra, India: Director of News, IT & Marketing worldwide. 28. G. Suman, Punjab, India, Legal & Marketing Advisor. 29. Uka Solanki, Los Angeles, California, Advisor. 30. Inder Singh, Los Angeles, California, Advisor. 31. S. Agarwal, Los Angeles, California : Director of IT & Expansion worldwide * Pending services/contract agreement/ accounts of payments or to get approval from CPA or local lawyer's approval. According to corporation laws, we must follow the rules and regulation of the company.

  29. Share holders in, Inc. 32. Dr. M. Mukherjee, Calcutta, India, IPS, PhD in Law, Legal Advisor & Business Expansion. 33. H. Samra, MS Economics, Advisor & Business Expansion. 34. Ravinder Grewal (Ravi), MS. Agriculture, Successful Entrepreneur in Chain Stores, Real Estate, Advisor & Business Expansion. 35. Ms. Vasu Pawar, MS English Literature, BS Computer Science, Worked as a Finance Controller, USA. With Inc., she will work as a Marketing Director, and Director of NRI California Business Seminars, California, USA. 36. Mr. Amit Kumar, MS in Computer, New Delhi: Director of IT, Web development 37. Mr. V. Sharma, Graduated from N.R.E.C. College, Khurja (C. C. S. University)- Director of IT (Interface Design Director - Web) * Pending services/contract agreement/ accounts of payments or to get approval from CPA or local lawyer's approval. According to corporation laws, we must follow the rules and regulation of the company.

  30. Our Advisors Local and Worldwide Advisors List (Most of whom are shareholders) 1. Mr. Gary Singh (Garewal) Michigan USA News, Marketing, Expansion Worldwide 2. Mr. Uka Solanki, Engineer, and a very Successful Entrepreneur, owns 17 stores with revenue of approximately 100 Million per year. 3. Mr. Inder Singh, Gopio Chairman, Founder of many organizations, and very well connected worldwide through community services. 4. Mr. Harbhajan Samra, MS in Economics, Entrepreneur, running big farms and is commonly known as “OKRA KING”. 5. Dr. Sukhminder Singh, PhD in Civil Engineering, well known Professor and involved in community Services. 6. Mr. A. Monga, King of Perfume Business, with annual revenue of approximately 50 Million in the US. He also runs charity events in India (100 Crores). He is also very well connected with Politics and News Media. 7. Mrs. B. Toor, MA, Columnist/Entrepreneur. 8. Bhullar Brothers: Entrepreneurs 9. R Sayed, Maharashtra India, News, Marketing and Expansions Worldwide 10. Mr. Mukherjee, IPS (ret), Calcutta, Our Founder’s good friend and runs Charities. His son is a Top Scientist, IT and Servers in USA. 11. Mr. N. Rattan, IAS (ret.) Punjab, India, past 35 years of acquaintance. 12. Mr. S. Agarwal, IT Administrator for WORLDWIDE operations. 13. Tanu Singh, IT professional, India, (with staff of 15 people).

  31. Our Advisors Worldwide Legal Advisor 1. SHIV GREWAL: LLM, senior corporate partner with the law firm of Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth, which has over 100 lawyers. Specializes in Corporate and Security Laws; including general Corporate representation, venture capital financing, initial public offerings, corporate reorganizations & Joint Ventures, Co-founder, HealthScribe, Inc. and FirstRing, Inc. 2. Mr. G. Suman: Appointed as a Company Lawyer in India. Mr. Suman belongs to a family hailing in Judicial System. His father is a retired Judge, and his brother is also currently a Judge in India. 3. Dr. S. Mukherjee (IPS retired) PhD, will coordinate with, and support Mr. Suman

  32. The Slides Starting Henceforth have been Developed for World Wide Expansion Purpose Only

  33. Inc., California • Inc. Team to Support NRIpress- Club worldwide Expansion • (division of Inc., California) • Gary Singh, President • S. CALIFORNIA • PRESIDENT • N. CALIFORNIA • ADVISORS • UKA SOLANKI • S. CALIFORNIA - ADVISORS • N. CALIFORNIA (IN PROCESS) • H. SAMRA • Harish Dhurv • Mohansing pending • DILIP SETHI • Ravi Grewal • Rizwan • Admin • Ashraf Yash Singh- VP, Marketing • Sam Sidhu - • VP, Marketing • Sunil Agarwal • VP, IT Operation • Gary Singh • DR. S. BAATH • Web Sites • IT Specialist • - IT Sale Exp • -Administration • - News Worldwide • - Interviews • - Marketing • - Train other Associates • - Web Sites • - IT Expansion • - Power Point • - charts • - Projector and video • - Revenue • - News Local • - News Update • - Video/photos • - Expansion in PB • - Revenue Management, Support to Gary Singh • Seminars • - Revenue • Expansion Worldwide • Management • Dr. Nagra • LEHMBER WRAICH • Col. Sohi • NARESH SOLANKI NRIpress –Club , Southern California • Sarabjit Singh • ALAN DESAI • CHARANJIT BAATH • Associations • Orange County • South Los Angeles County - Artesia etc. • Riverside County • North LA County • NRI-YOUTH (S. CALIFORNIA) • NRI-PRESS (PHOTOGRAPHERS) • NRI-PRESS (VIDEOGRAPHERS) • NEWS MEDIA Kewal Kanda (VP Marketing) Leader 1. Team Members Marketing: i. Balvinder Garcha ii. AJ Dudheker iii. Vinod Dudheker iv. Jaspal Maju v. Baljinder Tahim vi. Joy Dhokia vii. Ashok Madan viii. Anil Parekh ix. Col. Raj Sohi x. Sunny Chauhan xi. Ajmer Singh 2. Team Members IT: i. Yash Pall Singh ii. Yadi Kalsi 3. Team Covering Events: i. Photography and Video Dept ii. Paul Sukhwal iii. Raj Srinivasan iv. Ajmer Singh 4. Event Writers: i. Raj Srinivasan ii. Kewal Kanda iii. Kamini Khare iv. Anil Parekh Dilip Butani, VP News, (Cerritos ) - Leader i. -R. Ramani ii. -P. Pancholi iii. -R. Bhatt iv. -S. Pathak v. -Lal Thakrar • JOE RATTAN • Yash Singh VP- ,Marketing River Side • N. Bhullar VP Marketing • - Dr. D. Nagra, VP Association • - V. Arora, VP Marketing • - Yadi Kalsi • - D. Bhullar • -- - - - - - - • - Baldev Kang • - L. Wraich • - JP Singh • - Harbhajan Samra • - - - - - - - - - - - - - - • - Dr. R. Salwan • - J. Dhillon • - Baljit Toor • - D. Sethi • - Col Grewal • - N. Chandi • NIRAJ AGNIHOTRI (UFICA)x 4 • Sam Sidhu, VP, LA County • - S. Agarwal, VP-IT • - Ravi Grewal , VP Marketing • - Iqbal Samra , VP Associations • - Sarabjit Singh • - Avtar Chadda • - Raman,Chadha • - Surinder Sambhi • - Jaswant Dhillon • - Pritam Singh • DEV SINGH • Sagoo Video • R. Srivasan • N. Chandi • APARNA HANDE (FIASC)x 4 • MS. CHANEL • SURENDRA PRAKASH • V. Pawar • S Dabgotra • IALA • Kumar x 4 • MS. WADHWA • SUKHWAL PAUL • DOCTORS • RUPINDER SINGH • Inder Singh • DENTISTS • Dilip Bhutani • Kamini K hare • Kewal Kanda

  34. NRIpress-Club, Southern California (Model) We have 4-NRIpress-Clubs under Southern California Model viz. South LA County, North LA County, Orange County and Riverside County. This model will be implemented worldwide and every local NRIpress-Club will have the following duties and functions: • To cover NRI News/videos/photos of all events in their areas. • To hold NRI seminar : All local clubs participate to organize one Seminar every year under NRI business Association umbrella • To partnership with NRI Business Community by promoting their Business locally and worldwide • To encourage our NRI Second Generation to become involved with the events and seminars pertaining to our community and recognizing their chances of enhancement professionally and culturally in the society. • To generate revenue from by getting local advertisement on all 30 web sites by promoting

  35. Revenue Sharing proposal From advertisements/ sponsors/ investment/and selling rights such as…Canada, LA etc... • If targeted  $100, 000 in 2013:  25,000 share or 10% cash will be provided by company, in addition to your share.

  36. Why Should You Join Us (Membership Benefit): • You will run NRI news media in your City/State/Country…..(supported by our news room) • If you own the business: • You will get 50% discount for your business advertisement • The following year you can earn free advertisement if you bring three advertisements on same page or home page. • You will share revenue from advertisements you refer above three advertisements mentioned in 2 or start immediately if you have no business advertisement related to our 30 web sites mega project • You will promote your business and get popular in your community • Internet Presence and being a member of Association • Networking Opportunities at Respective Events • Cross Business referrals: Member can increase their business from annual directory of our members and by attending our functions • Referral Incentive by joining individual web-site network: For example Real estate. • You will run NRI business association in your City/State/Country through membership/seminars (our association will support) • You will promote your/family sons or daughters in seminars - We will encourage them to control this project and enable them to have direct contact with CEOs/ Politicians and Entrepreneurs • As soon as we have 500 members, our plan is to negotiate for reduced rates with: • Insurance Companies: Life, Retirement, health, Real Estate, and Auto Insurance • Car Dealerships or Companies with special rebate • Hotel Discounts, Rental Cars & Holidays package • Private Share Accommodation Worldwide • Loan Facilities, or Own Banking and Credit Cards to members • Hot Line Help

  37. Requirements and optionals: • Resident of LA area: If you live within 100 miles of the LA area, you are eligible to participate in this project • Essential Computer Knowledge: the basic computer knowledge is essential for this project • Two advertisement are required within 3 months after joining our NRIpres-Club network. • Advertisement on  30 Web sites, on home pages of,  sponsors for news, sponsors for seminars and monthly meetings • You can participate as a group from your network or by writing article of individual • Positions as Vice President and President: NRIpress-Club member  can not hold other Association same position the same time (except existing members in 2013) • NRIpress-Club Monthly Meeting: Every member of the NRIpress-Club is strongly encouraged to attend our monthly meetings. Members shall attend at least three meetings per year and not miss four consecutive meetings. • Dinner or  Lunch shall be paid by our advertisement revenue pool • Press Coverage of each Event: In monthly meeting, it will be decided-who will make coverage of any event, entertainment shows and press release within 24 hours • Set up your own city web site: for example—> or on.For example—> • Automatic LA news/event announcement will be updated • Add news of local events by giving permission of passwords • Advertisement will be added and revenue will be shared • Seminar update and Planning: Our LA SEMINAR will be hot issue all the time • Increase Revenue of NBAC & Individuals • Expansion of News media and community services seminars • Each member must be prepared to bring NRI Second generation to control our network within 2-3 years- AND be willing to devote time to community services

  38. Joint Venture Partnership With Special Groups: • Effective Jan 01, 2013, we have started ‘JOINT VENTURE PARTNERSHIP” with all associations for mutual benefits: • NRI Individuals and NRI Businesses: • a)      Your Advertisement will be free once you provide 3 Advertisements to b)      Reserve Table at big Events: • i)         Privilege to Invite 10 people and they get 30-50% discount on Table Tickets. Also an opportunity to get an Advertisement from prospective clients. ii)       Invite Business Owners as guests for future advertisements or business expansion. • c)       Generate Revenue from Advertisements • You will receive 20% commission for referrals. • d)      As Press Media Owner: • i)         You can create your own network ii)       Your business will flourish • e)      Advertisement Discounts in other “NEWS MEDIA”.

  39. Joint Venture Partnership With Special Groups: • 2. Associations: • Community Association: FIA/ India Association/UFICA/ ILA/ NRI Telugu Assoc./ NRI Bengali Assoc./ etc. • Professionals Associations– NRI Doctors NRI Dentists /NRI Pharmacists etc. • Charities, religious, women and Senior Citizens • Exclusive Photographer and 100s photographs next day delivery and Press release within 24 hours with all names written on photos • Website: or FIA- save hosting cost/ update 24/7 service/ worldwide popularity • Mutual advertisement share revenue • Individuals or their business promotion on • is an organization with a focus on your company, your product, your features, your situation, your needs, your objectives and your benefits. We are a solution to your problems and a solution to your upgrade. Our intention is to turn your problems into an objective that identifies a mutual benefit and a mutual goal. • NOTE: We will continue to make changes as NRIpress-Club member’s suggestions.

  40. Questions ?