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1. examples. dosing. opening. static seeking. balancing. Technology transfer in new markets?. 2. TRAINING TOOL 3: ANALOGY OUT OF DOMAIN. Your Product. OTHER DOMAINS. FUNCTIONS. PROPERTIES. YOUR PRODUCT. WHAT IT IS. WHAT IT DOES.

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  1. 1 examples dosing opening static seeking balancing Technology transfer in new markets?

  2. 2 TRAINING TOOL 3: ANALOGY OUT OF DOMAIN Your Product OTHER DOMAINS FUNCTIONS PROPERTIES YOUR PRODUCT WHAT IT IS WHAT IT DOES 1. introduction | 2. value | 3. resources | 4. nine windows | 5. analogy | 6. patents | 7. properties | 8.conflicts | 9. product dna | 10. appendix

  3. OTHER DOMAINS FUNCTIONS to contain brittle PROPERTIES to stand porous rigid to nest conical round to hold transparent surface to indicate to grip to self clean to heat


  5. 5 BIBLIOGRAPHIC TEXT ANALYSIS BIBLIOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS IPC analysis: Analyse which are the most popular IPC codes in a set op documents Player analysis: Find out who are the main players in the set of patent documents Technology analysis: Analyse which fields and technological areas are used most DomainIPC analysis: Clusters patents in domains via IPC code and analyses which companies are active in those domains TEXT ANALYSIS Product DNA analysis: Discover which fields are used the most in the patent texts Keyphrase analysis: Find often occuring phrases in the patent texts

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