what s new in the cvs eep data entry database n.
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What's New in the CVS-EEP Data Entry Database PowerPoint Presentation
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What's New in the CVS-EEP Data Entry Database

What's New in the CVS-EEP Data Entry Database

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What's New in the CVS-EEP Data Entry Database

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  1. What's New in the CVS-EEP Data Entry Database This document helps point out some the new features and improvements we've made in recent versions. versions 2.0.3-2.0.4 by Michael Lee February 5, 2007

  2. 2.0.3Picklists: Selecting Multiple Items • For some picklists in the Plot Data form, you can select more than one option. • Soil Drainage, Plot Placement, Salinity, Topography, Hydrology, Homogeneity, Stand Size, Season, Physiognomy • Initially, double click in the picklist or select [multiple]. • Then in a pop-up white box, use ctrl on your keyboard and click any number of values. • Press Escape on your keyboard to cancel. • Press Enter, Tab, or click another field to save selected values. • The field will show [multiple] after you are finished entering, but if you double click that field again, it will show you which values are selected.

  3. 2.0.4 Upgrade your old Entry DB • You can upgrade your old CVS-EEP Entry Database by importing data into a new database (version 2.0.4 or later) • Useful if you have data in an older format and want to use the new functionality • Start at the Main Menu | Options Tab • Then press "Advanced Features" • Scroll down to "Import data into this db..." • Browse for the old file (put it in the same folder as the new one for ease of finding it) • This will DELETE everything in the new database and replace it with the data in your old database!

  4. 2.0.4 Faster Cover Data Entry (level 5) • Space bar moves to next field (easier than tab) • Often, you want to skip to the next module: • Ctrl-Space or Ctrl-(right arrow) or Ctrl-tab move to next MODULE • Ctrl-(left arrow) or Ctrl-Shift-Tab move to previous MODULE

  5. 2.0.4 Faster Natural Stem Entry • Space bar moves to next field (easier than tab) • Often, there is just one size category, or the smaller categories are absent • To jump to a particular size: • Press and hold ctrl, then enter the size of the stem class (lower bound, e.g. 30 or 45), then release ctrl • Or, press + or =, then the size, then + or = • If you enter a size less than 40cm, the default of 1 stem is filled in (you can change the number if not 1) • If you enter a size of 40cm or greater, that size is entered in the first box for stems at least 40cm

  6. Improved 2.0.4 Error Checking • You can check a plot for errors after entering data (plot data form, cover form, stems forms) by pressing the "(Re)Check for Errors" button in the upper right • You can check all plots for errors by pressing the "Check For Errors" button on the Data Entry Tab of the Main Menu.

  7. 2.0.4 Reports by Project • In earlier versions of this database, you could only get quick reports based on all plots. • Now, you can get a report based on a project, or whichever plots you like. • Start at the Main Menu, Reports Tab • Then select Customizable Statistics... • Then select plots you want in step 1 • Then push the button in step 2b (skipping 2a)

  8. 2.0.4 More Excel Stability • A few users had problems getting their CVS-EEP Entry Database to work well with Excel. • Stability bugs were discovered and fixed dealing with Visual Basic references to Excel libraries.