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WFP Plant Growth PowerPoint Presentation
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WFP Plant Growth

WFP Plant Growth

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WFP Plant Growth

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  1. WFP Plant Growth By: Liz Kubis Madeline Kulp Ben Devlin Zach Cagni

  2. Variables we Controlled • Amount of fertilizer • Amount of light • Amount of water • Amount of space

  3. Problem Willpurple food coloring in the plant’s water change the color of the plant?

  4. Procedure We experimented the variable by putting 5 drops of purple dye into the water in16 plants and plain water in the other16 plants.

  5. Hypothesis If we put our experiment plants on a watering system with purple dye and our control plants on a normal water system we will agree witch will grow more.

  6. Seeds • This graph shows the average number of seeds of the control and experimental plants.

  7. Plant Height • This graph shows the average height of the control and experimental plant height over time.

  8. Leaves • This graph show the average number of leaves on the experimental and control plants.

  9. Conclusion We thought that if we put our experimental plants on a watering system with purple dye and our control plants on a normal watering system, then our experimental plants will stay the same, but their leaves and flowers will turn purplish. We found out that the purple food coloring made the plants grown just the same. Our data showed that the experimental plants had a total of 22 less leaves then the control plants, 11 more flowers, 57 more seeds, 14 less seed pods and the control plants were 1.4 cm taller than the experimental plants. We think that because some of our plants go hit with a folder and other plants were left off the watering system, our results may have been thrown off. In the future, we would like to put plants in water mixed with paint to see if the paint will effect the plants.