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Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa

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Mother Teresa

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  1. Mother Teresa By: J.D. Research Paper

  2. MOTHER TERESA’S CHILDHOOD Mother Teresa grew up to be a very special woman. She was born in Macedonia in 1910 and her real name was Agnes Bojaxhiu.

  3. MOTHER TERESA’S FAMILY • Her mother's name was Drana. Agnes’s father died when she was only 8 years old. When she was 18 years old she joined the sisters of our lady of Loretta.

  4. GOOD TEACHING As a sister there taught at ST. Mary’s high school and later she became principal at ST. Mary's high school. She was principal there for a few years. She was a very good principal.

  5. THE MISSIONARIES OF LIFE Mother Teresa decided to start a congregation. A congregation is a place where sick and poor people can get help. Her congregation became known as the missionaries of life. It was in Calcutta, India.

  6. WALKS OF LIFE • It provided medication, food and shelter. It began with 13 members in Calcutta. Today it has more than 4,000 nuns in Calcutta. It isn’t just nuns who go there to help. There are people from all walks of life who go.

  7. AWARDS • Mother Teresa received a lot of awards because of the work at her congregation before her death.

  8. FUNERAL • She died in India in September of 1997. She was granted the state funeral in India. India did this because she helped so many people there receive food and shelter.

  9. A SAD MOMENT IN HISTORY • A lot of people came from all around the world. It was a very sad moment. A whole lot of people had tears in their eyes because of her death.

  10. THE HOLY SEE • The Holy See began the process of beautification. The process of beautification was a miracle from Mother Teresa.

  11. BEAUTIFICATION • It had been because of her that the Holy See had begun the process of beautification. That was a good thing. The Holy See had luck.

  12. INFLUENCE • After Mother Teresa died she gave a lot of people influence to help people in India. After she died lots of people started helping other people for example a person helping a neighbor.

  13. GENEROUS MOTHER TERESA • It kept spreading and people have been becoming more generous than usual because of Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa was very generous, loving and kind so now people are nice just like she was.

  14. MOTHER TERESA ROCK’S • She made one of the biggest influences in the world. She was a very special woman and she was very talented.