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Pixilation/ Time lapse PowerPoint Presentation
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Pixilation/ Time lapse

Pixilation/ Time lapse

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Pixilation/ Time lapse

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  1. Pixilation/ Time lapse

  2. Time Lapse and Pixilation Ch6, Time Lapse Time lapse takes an event that occurs over a long period of time, such as a tree growing or decomposition, and allows the viewer to see it in a very short amount of time ( see a years worth of time in a few seconds). Images are taken at certain intervals such as one a day, one per hour or one every minute. Then the sequence of images are played back to reveal the event occurring over a shorter time. Time as a design element rather than the simple linear medium we work in - as an element of design, time used by an artist can be cut it, moved , looped, skipped it, reversed, etc Time lapse examples: decomposing fruits Dandelion time lapse

  3. Time lapse / Pixilation Pixillation, coined by Norman McLaren A method of animating people by recording occasional frames of some specific natural motion. The effect produces an unnatural movement. Also known as “trick film.” Also a way to extend and exaggerate a natural motion. Shooting on two’s: We will “stretch” our image sequences with the computer to make each image last two frames of time. That way one second of animation will only take 15 images. This is what the traditional animators found worked well for cartoons. They could save time and the movement was not changed significantly. SCREENING Neighbors, Norman McLaren, 1952 Credited as film to introduce pixillation Why did McLaren choose pixilation to record human movement in Neighbors? McLaren was able to extend and heighten human emotions. For example, the a punch with pixilation repels the neighbor farther and with more impact than a normal punch. A Chairy Tale, Norman McLaren The inspiration for our project 2 Pay attention to the simplicity of the environment and objects. Strong contrast and clear exaggerated poses are critical for clear visual interpretation of ideas. Sledgehammer, Peter Gabriel, Stephen Johnson Pixillation and object animation to music Food, Jan svankmeyer Pixillation and object animation

  4. Time lapse / Pixilation Assignment simple short films: Choose one to do and bring to next class Time Lapse film: Create you own time-lapse film by capturing a slow occurring event over time and playing it back over a shorter amount of time. Pixilation Film: Experiment with creative mobility. make yourself slide, or float or bounce.. Remember animation is not supposed to reflect real life, but exaggerate it. Let it be a fun and unexpected expression of reality.