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Steve Ives Green Deal Team PowerPoint Presentation
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Steve Ives Green Deal Team

Steve Ives Green Deal Team

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Steve Ives Green Deal Team

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  1. Steve IvesGreen Deal Team The Green Deal

  2. What is the Green Deal? The Green Deal helps people pay for improvements like insulation through savings on their energy bills.

  3. How does the Green Deal work? Example: domestic owner occupier Can happen at the same visit Customer interest Assessment Quote Accept quote Installation & after Customers choose what work they want done Quotes are personal and include subsidies impartial assessors work out what households need Installers Costs charged to electricity bill Stays with home if move 3

  4. Approval and the Green Deal Quality Mark DECC Oversight Body BSI PAS Installer Standard / Advisor Standard Green Deal Code of Practice UKAS Accrediting standards (Accredited) Certification Bodies Issues Quality Mark Approved (Certified) Advisors & Installers

  5. A variety of business models are emerging so small and large companies can enter the new market The business models that emerge will be driven by what customers want. Possibilities include: • Local trades people are the face of the Green Deal with a Green Deal Providers financing behind the scenes (Providers are emerging with specific purpose of financing work for SMEs) • A national brand of energy company is the contact point for customers, but the all the delivery functions are contracted out to other firms • Local authorities driving large-scale projects (as a Provider) contracting local supply chains to do the work. • Green Deal Providers offer a one-stop-shop service and employ the supply chain • There must always be: • A property assessment • A Green Deal Provider

  6. Where can you go for further information? Visit DECC’s website Speak to the Oversight and Registration Body 090 1031