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Team Green

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Team Green

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  1. Team Green Coral Ash James Harkins Stacya Contreras Larry Bloom

  2. Bright source energy • Google • Tesla(Roadster) • Chevy(volts) • Nissan(Leafs) • Ford • Intel • Harvest power • General Electric Coral Ash Big Companies Going Green

  3. Roboctopus • Soft robotic arms • No disturbing or damaging underwater ecosystems • Hunt for signs of climate change • Less invasive sea floor exploration

  4. Educate Employees on Going Green • Educate new hires • Reach employees where they work • Inspire creativity and competition • Celebrate Success

  5. Green Technology Is A very Important Factor Architects have to incorporate into designing a building • Government provides grants to help for buildings to go green such as the LEED program. • American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. James Harkins Original work

  6. Hidden Cost of Going Green • Going green saves money but also costs money to install • Typical Solar Panel installation costs about $24,000 • Insulating homes saves more energy • More insulations means more money

  7. Ways To Become More Green • Install Solar Panels • Use Windmills • Better insulations ratings • Use recycled materials • Air-to-air recirculation

  8. Ford Fusion hybrids are estimated to save $610 a year in gas, but its price is more than $5,000 higher than a comparable gas-powered Fusion • Nearly two thirds of hybrid owners — 65 percent — who bought a new car last year chose a gasoline-powered model instead this year. Stacya Contreras Hybrid Motor Vehicles

  9. Data Centers Using Less Power • Services that rely on Data Centers, such as cloud computing and streaming music and movies, have become popular over recent time periods. • Data Centers are also used to process e-mail and conduct web searches and online transactions, as well as banking transactions and corporate sales reports • The amount of computer servers declined over the last 5 years showing that people are reducing the amount of technology there using actually going green or becoming environmentally friendly helping the world and our existence in the future.

  10. Green Insurance • Is green insurance worth the price? • “According to the Insurance Information Institute, as of last December, 22 companies offered 39 products and services specifically aimed at new green buildings or green upgrades for existing buildings, adding to the wide array of eco-friendly incentives tied to mortgages, taxes and more.”

  11. More than 4,000 fixtures with be replaced with higher efficiency fluorescent lighting and will save nearly 8.5 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually, which is the same amount of energy needed to power close to 800 homes. • The new fixtures has the latest technology in building lighting which enables the building and plants to optimize lighting to various specified tasks and reduces lighting during non-production hours. Larry Bloom GM Going Green with New Lighting Fixtures

  12. Transportation: GM Goes Green, Gets Green • once synonymous with the gas-guzzling SUVs that eventually helped sink its business—has reemerged as a smarter, leaner and more environmentally friendly car company. • The projects will be varied—from promoting smart sensors and solar panels to contributing to forestry projects around the country—and they’ll be carried out over the next three to five years. • the Chevy Volt—the company’s long-awaited plug-in electric car—was named 2011 Green Car of the Year, narrowly edging out the all-electric Nissan Leaf, which is also just hitting the streets.

  13. GM: We’re Going Green! No, Really, We Are… • GM knows it’ll be tough competing against environmental darlings Toyota and Honda. But it’s betting the marketing blitz being launched at the L.A. Auto Show will convince consumers it is dedicated to improving fuel efficiency, embracing hybrids and developing electric and hydrogen vehicles. GM plans to one day offer green versions of virtually every model it builds,