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Controls Overview B. Dalesio PowerPoint Presentation
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Controls Overview B. Dalesio

Controls Overview B. Dalesio

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Controls Overview B. Dalesio

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  1. Controls OverviewB. Dalesio • Outline • System Design • Organization Chart • ES&H • CPR Issues • Schedule • Risk Registry and mitigation • Response to Previous Review • Next 6 months • Breakout Sessions • Conclusions

  2. System Design EPICS W/S Distributed Applications EPICS W/S Distributed Applications SLC Alpha Apps EPICS W/S Distributed Applications Xterm Xterm EPICS W/S Distributed Applications Xterm EPICS WS Distributed High Level Applications Xterm Fast Feedback over Ethernet? SLC-Net over Ethernet Channel Access Vacuum Ctrl EVR Pwr Supply Ctrl C P U E VG EVR LLRF EVR Diag C P U HPRF I/O Boards C P U C P U IOC IOC IOC 16 triggers 16 triggers Single Bunch Beam Dumper Drive Laser Off Machine Protection Beam Code + EPICS Time + EPICS Events

  3. Organization Chart John Galayda – Project Director Mark Reichanadter – Chief Engineer ----------------------------------------------------- Steve Milton – ANL Project Director Richard Bionta – LLNL Project Director Helen O’Donnell – Administration Jeff Chan – Finance/Cost/Budget/Schedule Michael Scharfenstein – ES&H D. McGiven - Procurement E-Beam Dave Shultz Conventional Facilities David Saenz Photon-Beam John Arthur Controls Manager Hamid Shoaee 1.2.2 Controls Hamid Shoaee 1.3.2 Controls Hamid Shoaee 1.4.2 Controls Joshua Stein 1.5.2 Controls Steve Lewis 1.6.2 Controls Bob Dalesio* 1.9.2 Controls Mario Ortega 1.5 X-Ray ODT Manager Richard Bionta 1.4 Undulator Manager Steve Milton 1.2 Injector Manager Eric Bong 1.3 LINAC Manager Eric Bong 1.6 End Station Stephan Mueller 1.9 CF D. Saenz Shared Budget Authority in control system implementation

  4. Control System Staff Control Group Leader - Hamid Shoaee Laser Control - Sheng Peng (Contractor) Conventional Facilities - Mario Ortega (LCLS) / Support (CPE) Undulator Control - Josh Stein (ANL) XTOD Control - Steve Lewis (LLNL) End Station Control - Bob Dalesio (Contractor) Timing/RF - Dayle Kotturi (LCLS) / Ron Akre & Co. (Klystron) Vacuum -Stephen Schuh (LCLS) / Steve Lewis (LLNL), Tom Porter & Co. (CPE) BPM -Till Straumann (SSRL) / Steve Smith & Co. (CPE) Wire Scanners - Doug Murray (Contractor) / Tom Porter (CPE) PPS - Mike Saleski (LCLS) / Patrick Bong (CPE) / Arturo Alarcon (LCLS) Power Supplies - Kristi Luchini (LCLS) / Paul Bellomo & Co. (CPE) MPS - Stephen Norum (LCLS) / Arturo Alarcon (LCLS) Fast Feedback - Stephanie Allison (SSRL) Position Control/ Image Acquisition- Josh Stein (ANL), Steve Lewis (LLNL), Sheng Peng (Contractor) High Level Applications - Diane Fairley (CPE), Debbie Rogind (CPE), Sergei Chevtsov (LCLS), Mike Zelazny (CPE) Relational Database Support - Andrea Chan and company (Based on PEP RDB) Network - Doug Murray (Contractor)/Terry Lahey (CPE) Fred Hooker (SCCS)

  5. LCLS Control System ES&H • PPS for the Laser is designed and external review in February. • PPS for Injector is designed. External review being organized for May. Citizen Review is in June. Approval for PLC use is in new safety guidelines that are not yet approved. • Internal design review of wiring, racks, and AC distribution are being done for existing and new designs to determine safety and noise issues. • All personnel has up to date safety training for required work.

  6. CPR - SPA

  7. CPR - Variances • BCR changed scheduled purchases to occur later – within schedule float • Non-recurring Costs SPI ($4K) – fine except • PPS (65K) SPI • Providing additional support to get back on schedule • Bringing someone in from Argonne to help and opening a position • Timing (36K) SPI • Providing additional support to get back on schedule • Injector SPI ($16K) – fine except • Power Supplies and cables ($66K) • BCR was completed to make all power supplies hit the books on delivery • Request for bids on wiring going out now • LINAC SPI ($298K) • Power Supplies and cables(275K) - Schedule Issue • BCR written for $350K cost variance – mostly a change in scope • Power supplies for the 06 installation are all ordered • Request for bids on wiring going out now.

  8. First Article Delivery Dates October 2005 – Test at FFTB was not executed Cavity BPMs will be tested at Argonne Strip-line BPM electronics will be tested on the SLC April 2006 Operation of the Drive Laser Wiring installation for Laser and portions of the injector Newport Motor Controls Video diagnostics 120 Hz triggers November 2006 – Operation of Injector and L1/BC1 Wiring installation for LINAC and network installed to sector 20 Gateway operational from Alpha to EPICS for high level applications Personnel Protection – Injector Area and L1 LCLS Timing System integrated with SLC timing Bunch Length Measurement Strip-line BPMs Wire Scanners Toroids Vacuum Integration of CF and water control for RF phase through CF Power Supply Controls – preliminary intermediate PS controller Preliminary MPS – running in a PLC with one mitigation device Faraday Cup and stopper control

  9. First Article Delivery Dates November 2007 - First Beam on Linac Axis Integration of Thales Drive Laser Controls into EPICS Personnel Protection – L2 and L3 Final Intermediate Power Supply Controllers Machine Protection System fully operational August 2008 - Start Undulator Commissioning Personnel Protection – LTU and Undulator Area Undulator Position Control

  10. LCLS Control System Risks

  11. Response to Previous Review - 1 • Acquire adequate EE help through direct hires PCE has provided excellent support for most of our EE needs and we have hired Michael Cecere into LCLS. BPM system – Steve Smith and the diagnostics group Vacuum, Wire Scanners, Stoppers, - Tom Porter and his group Power Supplies – Paul Bellomo and the Power Conversion Group Wiring – Mario working with PCE experts MPS – Steve Norum PPS – Continues to be Patrick Bong and his group in PCE with Mike Saleski (LCLS) LLRF – Ron Akre and the RF group continues to provide support. • Control Group Leader and WBS 1.6.2 Hamid Shoaee started as the LCLS Control System Group Leader 1/23 Bob Dalesio will work for the 1.6.2 Controls for X-Ray End Station Controls

  12. Revisit previous issues • Use of FFTB. It was decided that we would not use FFTB as it was going to be removed in February. Stripline BPMs can be tested on SLC. Cavity BPMs will be done at Argonne. Bunch Length Measurement and wire scanners will be tested inline at then end of 2006. • Commercial Power supplies The PSI power supplies were deemed too expensive and the requirements were de-scoped from 6 ppm to 1 part in 10K. It was decided to use the COTS MCOR power supplies for all but those requiring external regulation. These will initially be done with the Spear type controllers and may be replaced with embedded controllers during the LINAC installation in 07. • Timing The EVG/EVR 200 hardware is in and the driver is in progress. End to end timing is not yet demonstrated. • SLC-aware IOC Test have been operational since October of 2005. It still has a few kinks but most have been worked out and it runs reliably except for when the server is rebooted.

  13. Previous 6 months • WBS reorganization completed in all areas except 1.6.2 which is not yet needed • Complete detailed designs per subsystem – • Prototypes in progress • Formal reviews needed • Costs appear in line (Power Supplies over $300k was well within contingency) • Hardware ordering for LLRF and diagnostics are at odds with P3 – needs analysis • Still Need to Integrate the Experimental Hall into the control system. • Complete the SLC-Aware IOC - completed • Integrate Laser Control – plan for Thales portion planned, other equipment is in progress • Review Wiring, AC Distribution, and Racks for safety and noise considerations. – in progress • Review of the PPS for the Laser – scheduled for February • Review of the PPS for the Injector – scheduled for May

  14. Previous 6 months • Complete evaluation/test of • PNet - Done • Timing – 75% done • Vacuum – 75% done • LLRF – 50% done • PPS – 50% done • BPM – 50% done • Wire Scanner and collimators – 50% done • 120 Hz Control – just started – and not needed until 07 • MPS – in progress - not needed until 07 • Motion Control – 50% done • Image Taking – 65% done

  15. CONTROLS Breakout • Feb 7th B048 Redwood • 2:15pm- LCLS Global Controls B. Dalesio • breakout • 4:00 pm Controls Overview B. Dalesio • 4:10 pm XTOD Controls S. Lewis • 4:30 pm Vacuum Control S. Schuh • 4:50 pm Power Supplies K. Luchini

  16. CONTROLS Breakout – Feb 8th • 8:00 Racks, Wiring, Cable Plant M. Ortega • 8:20 Personnel Protection Systems M. Saleski • 8:40 Machine Protection Systems S. Norum • 9:00 Wire Scanners D. Murray • 9:30 Bunch Length Monitor & FB J. Wu (go to Madrone) • 10:30 Undulator Cavity B R. Lill (go to Redwood B) • 11:00 Beam Position Monitors T. Straumann • 11:20 Toroids S Peng • 11:40 Timing D Koturri • 1:00 LLRF System R Akre (go to Madrone) • 1:30pm High Level Applications D Fairley

  17. Conclusions • The entire team is in place: Group leader, project engineers, hardware support, and RDB support. • The SLC-aware IOC has been operational since October.. • Prototypes are in progress for timing, strip line BPMs, cavity BPMs, LLRF, vacuum, power supplies, wire scanners, profile monitors, mirror controls, PPS, and MPS. These are behind the WBS schedule but within schedule float. Attention is needed. • High level applications requirements and approach are identified and in progress. SLC applications provide much of the initial functionality. Emittance applications are needed.