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SAT essay section PowerPoint Presentation
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SAT essay section

SAT essay section

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SAT essay section

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  1. By: The Kitty Kats SAT essay section

  2. About the SAT essay • You will have 25 minutes to plan and write an essay. • The essay prompt is always based on one or two quotations from literature or scholarly writing.

  3. About the SAT essay • There is no one correct answer to the prompt. The prompts are written so there can be more than one response to the issue. • You will have neither time nor opportunity to do research. Instead, you must draw on your own experiences and what you have learned in school to support your point of view.

  4. About the SAT essay • Essays are scored by experienced high school teachers and college faculty, not computers. Keep in mind that the scorers are professionals. They are not easily impressed, but they will appreciate your logical thinking and clear handwriting. Essays are scored on a scale of 1 to 6 (6 is highest) be 2 scorers. Their combined scores will yield a final score anywhere from 2 to 12

  5. Strategies

  6. 1. Read the prompt carefully • After you have read the prompt then you can identify the issue and decide on your view point. • Most prompts simply include a pair of quotations that address to a similar idea or issue which helps you make connections between those two quotations. (this is normally the prompts for the SAT)

  7. Read the prompt carefully • Other prompts include a short paragraph instead of quotations. The prompt restates an idea from the original text • Both types of prompts will give you the source of ideas for your essay. This source of information comes in handy because it gives your ideas, and after it is read it gets you thinking and helps you make connections for your writing piece.

  8. Read the prompt carefully • There is a difference between the quotes and the topic. It is that the quotes or the little excerpt that you read in the beginning of the paper is simply for reference, and to help you think of ideas. The actual topic or directions usually follows the excerpt, and it tells you simply what to do.

  9. 2. Write a thesis • Brainstorming, making lists, or drawing a web diagram are way that can help you organize your ideas in a short amount of time. • Think of your point of view on the issue, and what side you want to take. • Think about your reasons, supporting evidence, facts, and then gather and organize it and create your thesis statement. • A thesis is the main sentence that explains your idea or opinion of that specific topic.

  10. 3. Prepare an outline • Normally essays that are persuasive contain three main points or ideas. For the SAT, to receive a good score, it is better to only have one main point that you focus on. This is so your position isn’t vague, and you are firm and no questionable on your position. • Write your point down next to the topic so you can look back and make sure you remember your reason, and stay on topic.

  11. Prepare an outline • Underneath your reason you can write specific details you would want to cover in that specific paragraph but remember don’t take too long to do this part because you only have 25 min to plan AND write.

  12. 4. Sum it all up • The final paragraph is the place where you pull all your ideas together on e last time. This is your chance to leave a lasting impression. • Restate and review your strongest points, and it will help show how well you supported your point of view.

  13. 5. Know how your essay will be scored. • The scorers are appointed by the SAT and reach a core based on their experiences as teachers and writers and on clear guidelines provided by SAT makers.

  14. Know how your essay will be scored. • Essays that do not address the topic receive a score of zero. So stick to the subject! Another way you can earn a zero is if you don’t pick a side. IT IS IMPORTANT TO PICK ONE SIDE! A final way you can receive a zero is if you don’t write anything.

  15. Know how your essay will be scored. • If two scorers do not agree on two scores, for example, one scores a six and another scores a four. A third reader must read it, and then they average out the three scores. For example, the third reader scores a five. The score is now 15, and then it is averaged out so the final score the essay will receive is a five.