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Accept additional security prompt PowerPoint Presentation
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Accept additional security prompt

Accept additional security prompt

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Accept additional security prompt

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Example on how to use this data visualization tool.Eg. Compare ANC between Indian and Brooktrout over time

  2. Accept additional security prompt

  3. Click button on top row to show field list

  4. Remove the pH data area

  5. Add ANC to the data area then right click on it, go to autocalc, go to average

  6. Click dropdown menu on Lake Name (category field) and select only Brooktrout

  7. Move Lake Name from category field to filter field

  8. Click on field list drop down next to Date by week and Drag years to the category field

  9. Click dropdown menu in the lake name (filter field) and select Indian as well

  10. Move lake name from filter field area to multiple chart area

  11. Compare pH over time between three lakes with a trend line on each

  12. Accept additional security prompt

  13. Select only Indian and Jockeybush from the Lake Name dropdown menu

  14. Move Lake Name from category field to multiple chart field

  15. Click on field list drop down next to Date by week and Drag years to the category field

  16. Right click in white area of chart space, and click the button that forces all scales to be the same range

  17. Click on the bars of the bar chart and the commands and option box will change to the chart series with an option to include a trend line with equation and r squared

  18. Trend lines and equations now appear on the chart

  19. Click on the axis and the command and options box will change to the axis options, go to second tab and and change the number from general to fixed to clean up the axis

  20. Note the axis now appears with just two significant digits

  21. Click dropdown menu next to lake name and select brooktrout as well to add it to this analysis

  22. Click on each of the legends and press Delete to remove them from the page