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Advertising Campaigns

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Advertising Campaigns

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Advertising Campaigns

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  1. Advertising Campaigns Dippin’ Dots- User-generated Contest Mozilla- Promoting usage of Firefox Microsoft

  2. Mozes A free experimental service that allows bands to reach their fans and potential fans via mobile phone.

  3. Mozes connects you to the things you love through your mobile phone and the Web. Specifically targeting the music industry, promoting its Web-based platform as a free tool that bands can use to connect with fans on their mobile phones Join to get updates and content from your favorite bands sent directly your mobile phone. Create your own “Mob.” Who Is Mozes?

  4. Pros for Advertisers: Mobile is the next big thing Be the first to experiment Cost: Free advertisements with Mozes Target Marketing Ability to cut through sales pitches Directly target one consumer Pros and Consfor both Businesses and Consumers

  5. Pros: Consumers Get exactly what we want Easy to opt out or cancel -Federal Communications Commission Choices and Ease The ultimate personal touch

  6. Cons: Advertisers Costs Fear of consumer privacy; leery Too many messages turns customers away Cons: Consumers Privacy rights Behavioral and geographic targeting fears

  7. “Simply by sending a text message to a number she saw on a Las Vegas billboard in February, Miller gave Adidas and a marketing outfit, MOVO, all the information they needed to hawk basketball shoes to her over the phone. They knew Miller was in Vegas, since she responded to the billboard offering information about National Basketball Assn. All-Star game events nearby. Her phone number gave away her hometown, indicating an allegiance to the East Coast All-Star team. The payoff came when Adidas sent Miller a text message about the sale of 200 pairs of limited-edition All-Star basketball shoes. Tipped off, Miller lined up outside an Adidas store in Vegas with hundreds of others. "We got there really early with our big ol' cup of coffee," says Miller, "and of course the line was out the door." She bought two pair for her eldest boys.” (Sell-Phone Revolution, Business Week)

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