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How to Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a passive income source. It is highly competitive it is true but still it may be so easy to make money online with affiliate marketing if you learn contact on: 91-7835865141 Mail<br>on: ecoursepro@gmail.com. For more information visits on: https://ecoursepro.blogspot.com/2020/06/how-to-earn-money-with-affiliate.html<br>

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How to Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing?

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  1. HOW TO EARN MONEY WITH AFFILIATE MARKETING ? Do you want to earn while you are sleeping? Do you want to earn passive income? Who don’t want to, who don’t want to earn money while they are sleeping, It is most of the persons dream to print bills while they are sleeping. That is what affiliate marketing is all about. Affiliate marketing is the idea where you get paid or earn money for promoting other’s goods and services if people end up buying the product, all thanks to your marketing and promoting of the product. The best definition of Affiliate Marketing can be- Affiliate marketing is a method of income, earning commission by promoting or marketing other people’s products. You find a product you think it has value and will have demand in public you go and promote and earn commission. CORE PLAYERS OF THE AFFILIATING MARKET INDUSTRY-

  2. If we study in detail there are 4 core players of the marketing industry •The Merchant- the main creator of the product, retailer, brand or the person who wants to sell the product. •The Network- platform where the affiliates are chosen from the options and the payments are taken care of the affiliates. •The Affiliate- person who promotes the products in order to earn commission if the product is sold by his promotion. The affiliate can also be known as the publisher. •The Customer- person who buys the product. But in actual affiliate marketing the only main players in the affiliate marketing are the merchant, affiliate and the customer. A.The merchant can be an individual or can be a multinational company, who are the creator or manufacturer or retailer of the product. Any person creating a products and want to sell can be known as merchant. Affiliate marketing is no risk to their business as there are no expenses on their side they only have to pay commission to the affiliates when there is a result. Only after sale of the product they have to pay commission. B.The affiliate can also be an individual or a team with large numbers or also can be a website. An affiliate can earn from few hundreds to millions in a month. An affiliate is where all the marketing and promoting of the product happens, it is up to the affiliate potential , capability and strategy how to promote the product and sell them to earn commission. The strategy and approach should be attracting to attract the customers towards the product.

  3. C.Customers, without customers there is no point of doing the whole affiliate marketing operation as there would be no commission or products if there are no consumers. As said customers are the kings of the markets, there would be no income to any business without customers. The affiliate will try various techniques to approach customers, they will track and study the customer behaviour. An affiliate cannot charge more for the product from the customer as their part of commission is already decided in the retail price. D.The Network can also be somewhere useful in the affiliate marketing as it also provides platform to the affiliates. It works as the intermediate between the merchant and affiliate as it manages the payments and affiliate networks can also help in promoting of the products. As the market is grown in competition, the requirement of the key players are now more than ever, affiliate marketing help both the merchant and affiliates in the era of competition and modern ways are required to remain at top. Affiliate management agencies, third party vendors and all other ways are needed by the business. In affiliate marketing there is not only scope as being a affiliate or publisher but also as a merchant one can also be a merchant as they both have benefits in their respected field. BENEFITS AS A MERCHANT- ❖PERFORMANCE BASED- The affiliate program is performance based as they are paid on commission for promoting and selling through targeted customers which will drive them to focus better on marketing. As a result a merchant will gain more demand for the product. ❖BROAD AUDIENCE- Affiliates can be found for any product category whether for handcraft or any other products. Affiliates are linked with

  4. many partnerships with broad audience which will help a merchant to approach large audience and new markets for the sale of their product. ❖BOOSTING REPUTATION- By linking with well reputed and skilled affiliates which has numerous contacts with trusted websites and markets which will as a result boost the merchant’s reputation through their quality products. ❖COST EFFECTIVE- A merchant doesn’t have to add expenses of the affiliate without the selling of the products through the affiliate. The commission is only paid if there are results of sale through the affiliate. However recruiting of the affiliate is also cost effective as using his services. Read more: Digital Marketing Course

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