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Advantages of Fake Lawn PowerPoint Presentation
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Advantages of Fake Lawn

Advantages of Fake Lawn

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Advantages of Fake Lawn

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  1. Advantages of Fake Lawn By Simply Turf

  2. Outline • Introduction • Looks • Price • Environment Friendly • Warranty • Maintenance • Water Shortage • Conclusion • Contact Us

  3. Introduction Fake lawn is a new trend which becomes popular with the time due to its so many advantages over the natural lawn. It have some advantages like low price, environment friendly, low maintenance, etc. This makes it more useful.

  4. Looks Fake Grass looks damn good as natural one. It's also available in different ranges and colors which make it more popular than the natural turf.

  5. Price With improved in the technology the price of the artificial grass becomes lower. It's also useful to increase the efficiency of it.

  6. Environment Friendly When you have a natural lawn for your garden, you waste so much water in it and even worst you use some fertilizers and pesticides which are harmful for our environment. But if you choose fake one then you play an important role to save our environment.

  7. Warranty Due to improvement in the technology, manufacturer of the synthetic turf can give warranty up to 10 years to their customers.

  8. Maintenance If you use fake turf then it doesn’t require so much maintenance compare to real turf which saves your time and money.

  9. Water Shortage With passing time in some countries there is shortage of water may increase. At such critical stages they can’t waste water to maintain their natural lawn. At such time, Fake Lawn is the best solution for you. It doesn’t require water for its maintenance and save your water.

  10. Conclusion At Present to save our water and other resources of environment it is beneficial to use artificial grass instead of natural grass which also save your money and time.

  11. Contact Us Address:- Simply Turf, Unit E, Albion Dockside, Hanover Place, Bristol, BS1 6UT. Tel. No. :-0845 601 5011 E-mail:- Website:-