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Year 12 the Road to Success at Minster Sixth Form 2013-2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Year 12 the Road to Success at Minster Sixth Form 2013-2014

Year 12 the Road to Success at Minster Sixth Form 2013-2014

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Year 12 the Road to Success at Minster Sixth Form 2013-2014

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  1. Year 12 the Road to Success at Minster Sixth Form 2013-2014

  2. The way ahead means choices and new responsibility for Year 12 Choosing the right pathway can be difficult

  3. Making the partnership between Student, Tutor and Parent work - The essential need to know…….

  4. What is AS Level and why do students do 4 not 3 or 5?

  5. AS Level – Advanced Subsidiary Great GCSE results? Challenge and improvement for top AS grades. New challenges for everyone GCSE Grade C? Challenge and improvement to pass at AS Level grade E or higher. AS Level grades AS Level is much more challenging than GCSE and the grade standard is at a higher level. Staying the same you will succeed – students need to work differently and harder to improve and progress. A* A B C D E U A* A B C D E F G U GCSE Level grades

  6. Choice changes: A student’s curriculum is established for the year – we will not agree to a change unless it is in the student’s best interests and we will always inform parents. Minimum entry for Y13 Students need to be studying 3 subjects in Y13, so it is necessary for Y12 to get a minimum E grade pass in 3 out of their 4 subjects in order to progress into Y13.

  7. Cover arrangement for an absent members of staff: There will not usually be cover for a one-off staff absence for Sixth Formers but work will always be set for students to complete. Year 12 should us the 6thForm ICT suite, 6thForm Study rooms or the library and should always be on the school site, except for lunch time.

  8. Target Setting

  9. Academic Success – Targets to achieve potential in AS/A levels Minster school uses a national A level data set called LAT (Learning and Achievement Tracker) to assess students’ current potential from GCSE results at the beginning of Year 12. Chances graphs from a national cohort of A level students enables subject teachers to learn about our own students’ potential A level grades. Our teachers use this information and their personal knowledge of the student to develop A level targets.

  10. Students should challenge themselves to go as far as they can. Targets can be exceeded – they should not limit aspiration. Subject teachers set All Sixth Formers new targets To meet them means for Year 12 students…..

  11. Meeting all deadlines and handing work in on time. Part-time work outside of school is 10 hours or less and does not impact on time for study. Using information from (AP) Reviews to take action from staff concerns. Taking responsibility for own learning, including wider reading and private study. Seeking advice and guidance whenever needed.

  12. Monitoring processes for maximum success

  13. Year 12 students - initial interview with personal tutor during first half-term. Discuss any progress issues / other factors which might affect learning. • Late September - subject teachers will discuss target grades with students on an individual basis, using GCSE /other knowledge to form their judgements.

  14. November: First Assessment Point - parents receive an electronically generated summary, featuring student targets in attitude to learning, attainment and overall progress. Year 12 Parents evening is Tuesday 26th November 2013. • Second AP is February and have Third Assessment Point in April2014 (No January exam results in March) July - parents receive a detailed report of student progress in Year 12

  15. Assessment Point summary • Year 12 AP1 –- Sent home 22nd November– precedes the Year 12 Parents’ Evening 26 November 2013 • Year 12 AP2 – Sent home 28th Feb 2014 • Year 12 AP3 – Sent home 4th April 2014 • Year 12 Report (Main basis for UCAS reference) 18th July 2014 Reported Targets are for: Attainment – Attitude to learning - Progress

  16. Communication – Keeping parents/carers in the loop Subject teacher has a concern about progress Subject teacher informs Sixth Form tutor and Head of Department Subject teacher refers issue to Sixth Form tutor and parents/guardians are contacted Intervention to support student – no further action Head of Sixth Form notified/possibly involved Further escalation of student support means direct Head of Sixth Form involvement

  17. Teachers will not always set direct homework; AS Level is often about students learning for themselves to do extra, such as wider reading, checking and organising notes. Some Year 12 unwisely think they have ‘free periods’ but our successful students rightly see this as private study time.

  18. Our aim – Your aim – Working together Enrichment to develop the ‘whole student’ – taking opportunities, new skills, maturing…….. CSLA, Rotary Challenge, Associate Tutoring and more

  19. At Minster School Sixth Form students are not just here to attend lessons and pass an exam - “Why not?” Lots of students pass exams, but you need so much more to develop confidence, leadership, group skills, organisational skills and to learn more about yourself and what you can achieve in life.

  20. I have a range of skills and qualities that will get me up the career ladder or into a good uni! • Rotary Challenge • School Play/performance • CSLA • Basic First Aid • Music • Voluntary work • Sports Teams • Spanish Speaking • 6thForm Magazine • Duke of Edinburgh • Running an activity club • Y7-Y11 Subject support

  21. Smart Office Day Wear

  22. Rotary Challenge Presentational Competition winners 2013

  23. Our promise to students To provide excellent teaching and learning To treat students as individuals and young adults To provide guidance and advice when it’s needed To support students in their overall development

  24. P A R C H 5 success words for students to remember • Punctuality • Attendance • Reading • Classwork • Homework

  25. To university and beyond Students time in the Sixth Form goes very quickly We start to give information about university this year and from April to October 2014 students can go on Open days. The universities advertise these on their websites.

  26. Go to to find out more

  27. Please remind your son/daughter to: Check their school e mail once a day. Regularly empty their e mail inbox as it will refuse mail when full. Wear their identity badge at all times.

  28. What did former Year 12students say about us? • “Sixth Form has been really fun this year and I’ve loved making lots of new friends. Although it has been challenging it has been really good to get to know all of my year better and the year above too.” • “The change from Y11 to Y12 is massive in terms of learning, the work load is so much bigger! But, the whole Minster Sixth Form experience has made this manageable and the whole sixth form experience socially is great. I actually can’t wait for next year!” • “Sixth Form at the Minster has been such an enjoyable experience so far. There is such a great community feeling and I am so glad I joined the Minster. Hopefully next year will be just as enjoyable and I have no doubts it will be.”

  29. What did former Year 12students say about us? “Sixth Form has been an incredible experience so far. It’s an amazing community of friends, just remember to work hard!” “Sixth Form has been challenging but it has made me more of an independent person. I have loved every moment of my sixth form experience.” “Sixth Form has been a really enjoyable experience! It helps you meet new people and is a great stepping stone to your future. Remember to work hard!” “The change from Year 11 to Year 12 is really big, just remember that working hard is key otherwise you may trip up, but if you do, the Sixth Form staff/team are really helpful.” “Coming into 6th Form from a new school was a big change, there were only 36 people in year 11 at my old school. The minster has allowed me to grow in confidence and even though it is a lot of hard work I’ve had time to make new friends and everyone’s really welcoming.”

  30. At the end of two years of hard work it’s time to celebrate success

  31. Director of Post-16 Studies - Mr J R Samuels 01636 817388 Assistant Director of Post-16 Studies – Mr C Bowie Sixth Form Office – Miss R Toms 01636 817333