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Sixth Form PowerPoint Presentation

Sixth Form

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Sixth Form

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  1. Sixth Form

  2. It’s all about ‘YOU’ Whilst in Sixth Form we would like you to develop the following attributes. These will be required of you to become the leaders of tomorrow…

  3. Sixth Form Students • Integrity • Veracity and honesty • Flexibility • Motivation and commitment • Empathy and being non-judgemental • Develop your Communication Skills • Show potential for leadership Adapted from Medicine Undergrad Prospectus, Sch of Medicine and Dentistry Plymouth University Peninsula

  4. What are we looking for? • Demonstrate an insight into your future career • Ability to be a team player • Ability to deal with stress appropriately • Problem solving skills • Knowing your limitations and weaknesses • Reflectiveness • Students who demonstrate a suitable approach to life and to people Adapted from Medicine Undergrad Prospectus, Sch of Medicine and Dentistry Plymouth University Peninsula

  5. Opportunities • LLA, community service, Young Enterprise, Peer Listeners Programme, D of E, fieldtrips, Raleigh International, Tall Ships…. “For probably the first time in your school career, you will have responsibility for planning your own work schedules and private study, and your achievements on leaving us will largely depend on your personal commitment throughout your Sixth Form studies”

  6. Expectations – for success Role Models to younger students/community – leaders of tomorrow! Dress Code pride in your school and its excellent reputation Assessment ownership of your progress Attendance and punctuality 10 minutes per day = 6.33 school days !

  7. Make the right start… Important reading and preparation for your AS courses of study The Sixth Form Handbook detailing all information to being a member of the Royal Latin Sixth Form and effective study Information relating to GCSE results day Find out about the exciting enrichment activities in September Important notices and information

  8. Key Dates… • GCSE Results Day Thursday 21 August • Enrichment Days Friday 5 and Monday 8 September • Lessons begin Tuesday 9September

  9. To Do… Make sure you have submitted your Sixth Form Enrolment forms New students – check on website on 4thSep to see which form you are in (which day you are going to Caldecotteetc)

  10. Enrichment Day(s) The money covers cost of enrichment activities including CaldecotteXperience and is subsidised by school. This money needs to be submitted to Mrs Wilkins or Mrs Street. Any problems with payment please see Mr Skyrme