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How the Grinch Stole Christmas PowerPoint Presentation
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How the Grinch Stole Christmas

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

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How the Grinch Stole Christmas

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  1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas By Caroline Kellner

  2. Once upon a time, in the mountain village of Whoville, there lived many who-people of all sizes and colors. Christmas was nearing, and everyone was happy and excited to celebrate it.

  3. His heart was said to be two sizes too small. He wondered why everyone was so happy except for him. That is, everyone except for the Grinch. He lived all by himself in a cave near the top of Mt. Crumpit.

  4. One day, he heard the Who’s singing Christmas songs. He became very annoyed and angry that they were so cheerful. He thought up a nasty plan to make them sad.

  5. The Grinch set off to work preparing for his nasty little plan. He sewed up two red Santa coats, and two pairs of black Santa boots. Then, the Grinch built a giant sled.

  6. That Christmas Eve, when all of the Who’s down in Whoville were getting ready to go bed, the Grinch trekked up to the tippy top of Mount Crumpit. He positioned the sled so that its weight was equally distributed on each side of the mountain. Then, he jumped onto the center of the sled.

  7. The Grinch jumped so exactly onto the center of the sled, that the gravity pulled him down equally on each side. He began to feel a splitting sensation in the middle of his body, like it was being pulled to right and left at the same time. Then it happened. The Grinch, as well as the sled, split into two exact copies. Each Grinch and his sled began to slide down Mount Crumpet in a different direction. They each flew down the mountain. “This is perfect!” thought one Grinch. “With two of me, now I can spread evil more quickly to Who-ville!” thought the other.

  8. When the Grinches reached the outskirts of the Whoville, they got ready to wreck havoc. They stole every present and Christmas decoration in the entire town of Who-ville. When they were finished, the Grinches retreated to their cave on the top of Mount Crumpet and fell asleep.

  9. They were awakened the next morning by the singing of the Who’s down in the valley. “How can this be?” one Grinch asked the other. “How can they still be happy with out all of their Christmas trees, teddy bears and brand new bio text books?” The other Grinch was just as shocked. “How can they still be celebrating Christmas?” They suddenly understood the true meaning of Christmas. They began to feel really bad and guilty about stealing every present and decoration in Who-ville. At that moment, their hearts that were two sizes too small each grew three sizes. With a plan to make things right in their minds, the Grinches worked all day repairing all of the broken toys and Christmas trees.

  10. Then, the Grinches hiked up to the tippy top of Mount Crumpet where the two sleds were positioned with all of the stolen Christmas items. Each Grinch felt the gravity pulling at the sides of his heart.

  11. Suddenly, the Grinches realized what they had to do. Then each of their their huge hearts split into two equal-sized hearts. The Grinches were filled with joy, happiness, generosity, and a new love for biology.

  12. Quickly, the Grinches sledded down the mountains. They handed out all of the toys and Christmas trees and presents. The who’s welcomed them into their singing and celebrations.

  13. And so, the Grinches lived happily ever after, in two separate bodies each with two separate hearts. They dedicated the rest of their lives to studying biology so that thee could help cells go through the same wonderful process that changed their lives.

  14. THE END

  15. Meiosis I

  16. Meiosis II

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