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  1. NATIONAL HOME BUILDERS REGISTRATION COUNCIL Presented by - K Mahlobo Acting Chief Executive Officer Budget Vote 26 Strategic Plan 2009/10 12 June 2009

  2. VISION • To be a world class organization that protects consumers of the built environment and regulates the built industry

  3. MISSION • Provide world excellent customer care and support service. • Provide excellent consumer services. • Provide and sustain a warranty fund that protects consumers. • Provide a new range of cutting edge services and products in the built environment. • Empower the youth, women, unemployed and people with disabilities, emerging builders through Education, Training and Development.

  4. MISSION cont.. • Partner strategically with stakeholders. • Promote quality and innovative building products and processes. • Educate consumers about their rights, duties and obligations. • Promote and maintain ethical standards in the built environment. • Promote and support sustainable human settlement policies and initiatives. • Promote technical excellence in the built industry through research and development

  5. VALUE STATEMENTS • Customer service excellence • Good corporate governance • Research and innovation • Learning and caring organization • Commitment and moral integrity • Promoting technical excellence

  6. MOTTO • Quality is Our Priority

  7. STRATEGY • To improve visibility and accessibility in the market while enhancing interaction with our stakeholders. • To position the NHBRC as a leader in knowledge creation, technical and technological building solutions through strategic partnerships. • To provide diversified services and products in line with changing building requirements and needs

  8. THEME • Visible, Responsive and Accountable.

  9. COMMITMENT • Serving you is our business

  10. Objects of Council • To regulate the home building industry. • To provide protection to housing consumers in respect of the failure of home builders to comply with their obligations in terms of the Act. • To establish and promote ethical and technical standards in the home building industry. • To improve structural quality in the interest of housing consumers and the home building industry. • To represent the interests of housing consumers by providing warranty protection against defects in new homes. • To promote housing consumer rights and to provide housing consumer information. • To communicate with and to assist home builders to register in terms of the Act. • To assist home builders, through training and inspections, to achieve and maintain satisfactory technical standards of home building • To regulate insurers as contemplated in section 23(9)(a) of the Act; and • In particular, to achieve the stated object of this section in the subsidy housing sector.

  11. STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES • To develop a 1 stop shop business model for stakeholders and customers • To provide optimal service delivery within approved timeframes • To lead in supporting government in meeting its subsidy housing business initiative. • To enhance corporate image and identity in line with organizational vision

  12. STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES • To strategically and effectively manage the VFP’s of Council • To establish and maintain strategic partnership with all relevant stakeholders • To become a market leader in knowledge management in the homebuilding industry • To grow and sustain the warranty fund

  13. STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES • To ensure Optimal compliance with legislative framework • To ensure Efficient and effective Resource management • To ensure implementation of optimal corporate governance • To provide strategic leadership and effective management

  14. STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES • To create internal capacity to deliver on the objectives of Council • To ensure effective Human Resources Management and work ethics • To expand products and services of NHBRC through Research and Development. • To build capacity of builders with specific focus on youth, women, unemployed and people with disabilities in the built environment • To Educate and Capacitate Consumers in the built Environment

  15. Valuable Final Product

  16. Valuable Final Product

  17. Chart on Performance vs Target

  18. Remedial work 2008/9

  19. Comparison on performance between 2007/8 and 2008/9

  20. Chart on comparison of performance for 2007/8 and 2008/9

  21. Training per Province 2008/9

  22. Chart for Training of Homebuilders 2008/9 financial year

  23. Comparison between male and female per module

  24. Chart on Male and Female homebuilders trained per module

  25. Priorities for the MTEF Period • Training and education of homebuilders (Women, youth and Historically Disadvantaged Individual's) • Housing consumer awareness; • Increased interaction and support of the Minister’s vision of the Sustainable and Integrated Human Settlements; • Promotion of Housing Innovative Technologies and quality standards in the homebuilding industry; • Facilitation of the Strategic sourcing of building materials and products; • Sourcing of Technical Staff(Scarce skills)

  26. Provincial Operations The NHBRC has nine provincial offices spread across the Country • We have ten Operational Satellites Offices: • EC (George and East London) • FS (Bethlehem) • GP (Pretoria) • KZN (New Castle and Port Shepstone) • MP (Witbank) • LP (Tzaneen and Bela-Bela) • NW (Klerksdorp) • NC (None) • WC (None) NB: Satellite Offices are a duplication of Provincial Offices as we want people to access all services at one point.

  27. Key Risk Areas • Lack of appropriate strategic relationships • Constraint as a result of legislation • Non risk based enrolment fee structure • Poor marketing and communication strategy • Increased staff turnover (Scarce skills) • Unenrolled homes by registered homebuilders • Understatement of enrolment value • Liquidation or bankruptcy of registered homebuilders

  28. PROVINCIAL INVOLVEMENT • Assist PHDs in Geotechnical investigations • Assist in Forensic Investigation • Assist in Rectification Programmes • Engage provinces in training of youth, women, unemployed and people with disabilities • Proactive enrolment of projects based on provincial 2009/10 multi year development plan





  33. BUDGETS ( 2009/10-2011/12)

  34. BUDGET (2009 / 10 - 2011 / 12)

  35. Revenue

  36. Insurance Accounting - Annual Financial Statements • Fair presentation of financial statements • The Housing Consumers Protection Measures Act (Act No. 95 of 1998). • The Public Finance Management Act (Act No. 1 of 1999). • Standards of Generally Accepted Accounting Practice; and • South African Statements of Generally Accepted Accounting Practice. • International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS 4)

  37. Conventional Accounting – Management Reporting • Fair presentation of financial statements • The Housing Consumers Protection Measures Act (Act No. 95 of 1998). • The Public Finance Management Act (Act No. 1 of 1999). • Standards of Generally Accepted Accounting Practice; and • South African Statements of Generally Accepted Accounting Practice.

  38. Technical Liabilities

  39. Revenue Assumptions Non-Subsidy

  40. Enrolment Distribution Non-Subsidy

  41. Budget Revenue 2010/11

  42. Revenue Variance R’ Million

  43. Revenue Assumptions Subsidy Housing

  44. Enrolment Distribution Subsidy Housing

  45. Revenue Subsidy

  46. Revenue Variance R’ Million

  47. Revenue VarianceR’ Million