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Film Questionnaire and Results PowerPoint Presentation
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Film Questionnaire and Results

Film Questionnaire and Results

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Film Questionnaire and Results

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  1. Film Questionnaire and Results CRACKED

  2. The first question asked the people completing the questionnaire to place a number of aspects of the film into rank order. The aspects of the film were: Narrative, camera work, mise en scene, editing, sound, music, creativity and script. We gathered our results by making the viewer rank each category from 1 to 8, 1 being the highest score and 8 being the lowest possible score. We calculated the average score by using the mean method, therefore getting a more accurate result. From the results I can see that camera work scored the best marks, followed by editing then narrative. What do you think were the strengths in the film?

  3. There were a range of positive comments received, regarding the film ‘Cracked’. “shots and theme created were well done/presented.” “I liked the blackout followed by footsteps and heavy breathing” “The use of music is strong and links well” “The montage was good, great camerawork!” “Really good variety of shots” “sound was really well done” “good story line” “The editing was good” From these comments we can see we excelled in camera work and editing. ‘In this box praise some details of the film?’

  4. There were a range of comments in regards to the improvement of the film ‘Cracked’. “I found the story line confusing” “Try to add a realistic toy gun before it fades into black” “sharpen the slow-motions as it appears to be ‘laggy’. Maybe take the text out too (present day etc..)” “Try make the narrative more clear, maybe work on the bullying?” “In the common room scene you could make the sound louder” “try get some more dialogue” “maybe consider some different fonts for the text in the film.” From these comments we can see our film needed improvements on the dialogue, clarity of the narrative and maybe the quality of the film in some parts. ‘In this box outline some of the improvements which could be made?’